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    1. It cracked me up when I first saw it but seemed especially poignant this week. Have a wonderful weekend and give Ducky an extra ear rub from us.

  1. I hopes it’s the last of the snow storms for you guys! Just like we are sick of the rain, I’m sure you have had it up to your tails with the snow! Here’s hoping for some warm Spring weather!
    Ruby ♥

    1. I really don’t mind the snow, but the wind…well that’s a whole nutter story. 😊

  2. Uh oh! Those are the swords of serious swordsmen! ;p
    Spring will be here before you know it!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Yes Please!!!! Just when the sun was shining it came back, please go away winter
    Hazel & Mabel

    1. Poor snowman? Ha-he left 10″ of white stuff, stole our power yesterday; he’s lucky we don’t take a hair dryer to him.

  4. My sentiments exactly. It started out cold this morning but we will get up to nearly 70 today! Yee-haw. It will not last however, as rain and temps back down to 30’s-40’s move in tomorrow through most of next week. Still, The Poodle and me are happy as can be for a hot day today! 😛

    1. Enjoy it. We’re digging out from snowmageddon and trying to resume a normal life after yesterday’s 8-12″ cyclone bomb. Despite the storm, I saw the climber rose has fresh shoots on it. Nature sure is funny. Enjoy the warm day.

  5. We lost power a few weeks ago during a very hot spell – Just as bad , really as being in the cold without power. Can’t remember when I drank so much cold water

    1. Wait till I post blizzard photos. That snowman is lucky he wasn’t nuked. The weather service is calling it a “cyclone bomb.” As many as 133K have been without power. The city is pretty much shutdown.

          1. I saw the forecast. Yipes. Time to don the snuggie, pick a nice wine, start the fire and make it a 2 dog night. At least the Spoos will contrast nicely with the snow when on their late night pee run.

            1. Even they are far more content to stay indoors. Glad they’ve been wimps all day long. The bribes to go outside have been legendary today. 😂

  6. Awww. Poor little snowman. It’s not his fault that he’s made out of that cold, white stuff. 😉 Hope your power didn’t stay off very long. That’s the pits when it’s cold outside. Hang in there. Hopefully it will warm up soon. (BTW, it was 72 F here today….just to give you a little hope.)

    1. It was 42 early morning but it’s 15 with the windchill now. Plus there’s easily between 10-12 inches of snow now. Power has been restored for now. Luckily I have warm pups and wool blankets with the sketchy WiFi 😇

      1. It looked really bad on the news. I hope the worst has passed and it warms up soon. Glad you have the pups and wool blankets to keep you warm!

        1. It was bad, but we managed to get through it. Poodles, wine and wool-it doesn’t get much better especially when there’s no power. 🤣

    1. The real surprise has been realizing the forecasters got it right-we’re having a blizzard! They’ve gotten every storm wrong this winter but now they decided to get it right. 😲

    1. Sorry. I’ll remember that for next time. I’m shuddering and trembling myself with the howling wind 💨 and snow ❄️

    1. I think so. It’s a full blown blizzard right now and the power just went out 🥶

    1. So over this yo-yo weather. We’re in the midst of a blizzard right now and the power went out 20 minutes ago. Gonna be a very long day 🥶

    1. Only today’s blizzard is helping that snowman. And the power just went out. 😳

  7. I’m not normally a violent person but I will make an exception here. We are so waterlogged and the drought is long over.

  8. well, it was rain at 6, sleet at 7 and now it’s snow. When I was growing up, we always thought of March, April May as Spring months. That’s not real… especially where there is only a couple weeks of Spring in some places. The snowman doesn’t have to die, but he should move on before tar and feathers come out.

    1. Good for you. We’re in that yo-yo cycle. Cold one day, 60 the next. Sunny, then snow. Mother Nature is confused here-must be the altitude. 🤪

    1. Amen. We are supposed to have a blizzard today with 8-12 inches of the white stuff.

    1. Especially appropriate on a day where 8-12″ of snow is predicted with blizzard like conditions.

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