West Pines Wednesday ~ October 23, 2019

As October quickly advances toward Halloween, we’re enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather. Today we’re headed for West Pines (if you’re not familiar with WP, you can read more about West Pines in the link). Sam really enjoys visiting with the folks at this facility located just south of the hospital. From the staff to the residents, he is extra calm, patient and sweet to those whose hurts are invisible.


The outdoor grounds make for a nice place to contemplate what burdens some folks carry in their hearts and minds. So today, we raise a paw to those brave patients trying to improve their lot and to the people who help them on their journey.

We’re halfway through the week. It that Friday I hear beckoning us?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Not Nearly Wordless Wednesday

As we dread anticipate the arrival of an Arctic cold front set to arrive later this evening, we plan on enjoying the upper side of a 60 degree swing between now and Thursday. Today’s high is expected to hover near a comfortable 80 F degrees while tomorrow’s low is set to plummet somewhere in the mid-to upper-teens. It shouldn’t be a long lasting front as the weekend is slated to return toward the 60’s through most of next week but it will be a shock to the system that’s grown accustomed to warm days.

So before Ol’ Man Winter does his harsh drive-by, how ’bout a few more images from my recent trip to Vail to remind us how fabulous this time of year really is?

Bristlecone Pine, Betty Ford Alpine Garden
Betty Ford Alpine Garden
Vail, Colorado

Happy Hump Day.

Live, love, bark! 🐾


On-Call Wednesday

Now that I got the call, I’m all spiffed up, ready and raring to go visit my friends at hospital and hospice for the next couple of days so please forgive mom if she’s a little slow in reading and responding (I think she’s forgotten how to deal with more than just leashes). We’ll plan on seeing you guys again soon once I’ve managed to make patients and nurses smile. Loads of tail wags from me, Dogtor Knucklehead.

Dogtor Sam

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Wandering Wednesday ~ August 28, 2019

SamHi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to West Pines we go.🎶 After many patient and staff visits (and more than a few ‘dates with nurses’) at hospital yesterday, Sam is off to West Pines this morning. We had loads of interaction with all sorts of folks yesterday from two year olds to eighty plus year olds including a surprising number of visits at hospice. Since it was the first time this summer that Sam has been back, I wasn’t sure how he’d do. But my boy proved he’s still got game and was only slightly off kilter. I tried to make yesterday’s shift as easy as possible and he seemed to enjoy the lighter duty. His hospital friends we always visit were very happy to see his sweet face. When I saw the smiles he put on people’s faces, I know he was back in his element despite being tuckered out once we returned home. Visits normally take a lot of energy out of him, but after a good night’s sleep, he’s raring to go today and ran toward the garage before our morning constitution.

SamHappy mid-week. May the slide toward the weekend be an easy one for you.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ August 7, 2019

On a day when the forecast is calling for temperatures in the upper 90’s, I wish I were back at Blaue Haus Café , a charming 100 year old house located in Oberstaufen, Germany (Bavaria) where the folkart was whimsical, the coffee and cake delicious and the garden charming and peaceful. How about you?

GermanyLive, love, bark! 🐾

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday ~ July 24, 2019


Are you looking for the weekend? We’ve got our eyes on it.

Live, love, bark! 🐾