It’s baaaack

It’s that time of year again where we arbitrarily move toward insanity spring forward. Yup, time for a Ranch PSA to let you know that Daylight Savings Time arrives this weekend for the majority of the US this Sunday. Regardless of the pending calamity adjustment, we hope your weekend arrives with the promise of fun and some rejuvenation. Enjoy your weekend and for those of you lucky enough to not have to yet start this bi-annual catastrophe, we at the Ranch are quite jealous. Happy weekend!

Any big plans on tap beyond dreading the change?

Live, love, bark! <3

53 thoughts on “It’s baaaack

  1. The reasoning behind DST is mute now – has been for decades – so I’m with Maxine all the way. Though I have less trouble going forward than I do back, but still. Either way, it’s a pain in the derrière.

      1. I wish the entire country would ash-can it! It’s so ridiculous! It was already starting to get light a little earlier and stay light a little longer in the evening down here over a week ago.

        1. I agree. It’s usefulness (if there was any) has log been outlived. A lot of kids have to walk to school in the dark and their rigid parents’ bio-rhythms are disrupted for days on end. Dogs don’t understand the meal-time shift and especially are discombobulated when it returns in November. Apparently grousing loudly to politicians can produce some positive results. 🙂

      1. I think I’ve been blessed with a dog whose schedule isn’t too rigid – she wants her things to go in the right order in the morning, but so long as that happens, we have several hours worth of leeway.

  2. Ugh, this is not going to be a good weekend or week ahead. We are getting below zero wind chills all weekend, and then add in the time change on top of that, and I am completely out of sorts! I’ll be tired all week, and on top of that they’re predicting a huge snow storm too!
    I think I’ll just stay in bed until it’s all over. 🙂

    1. Snow is preferred over the damn wind in my books. The beauty of spring snow storms are they usually arrive with a force but leave fairly quickly. Stay warm but ‘chill’ out this weekend.

  3. Lexi hated the fall change, as she had to wait for her supper. I would try to feed her “early” and gradually work her forward to our new time.

  4. It sounds like I’m a minority, but I like DST. Hate the change, but prefer it to be lighter later in the day. In the winter, I’m ready for bed at 6pm! (I don’t go, but I’m ready. LOL) It is confusing when not everyone changes. I traveled cross country many years ago and stopped for the night at the Grand Canyon. We asked the hotel desk what time sunrise was and set our alarm clocks to get up. Of course, they hadn’t changed time and we got up and hour late!!!! At least, it was cloudy that day, so we didn’t really miss the sunrise. I would have really been upset if I had.

  5. Ha! Ha! You should commiserate with my husband. I adore Daylight Savings Time. If we could have it all year long, I’d be thrilled.

    I’m so sorry that it makes you sad. The only part of it that makes me sad is that I have to change the time on every single one of my trail cameras (and that’s a lot!). There will be a few weeks now when some of my cams are still one hour behind…

    1. It disrupts the bio-rhythms of the dogs especially when it switches back in late autumn. It makes me have to think hard about what time it is in another time zone when arranging multiple phone calls. It’s a nightmare if one participant is in a state where they don’t observe it.

  6. Oh yes we change clocks – but I’m not sure when it is – I think it’s sometime this month – as for the car clock – forget it.

  7. Insanity is right Monika! I just get nicely adjusted to the Winter time & my body works better on that schedule. The problem with DST is that sunrise comes earlier & earlier & that gets Siddhartha Henry worked up & he wants me up @ 5 A.M. I literally have to lock him out of bedroom so I can sleep til 8-9 A.M. I even had to buy black-out drapes. *sighs*
    In olden days the farmers used DST so they could start chores & farming earlier…made sense….then with WWII there was time changing to bring darkness on earlier (not that we were being bombed on North American continent).
    And now it is just standard for no apparent reason. In all of Canada there is one Province Saskatchewan that DOES NOT switch back & forth…some days I wish I were there, lol……
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  8. I agree…enough of the Daylight Savings Time…darkness again in the early morning…Ugh…but we’ll take the 75 degree daytime temps in March in NM. 🙂

    its sticking to the ground. we will get very little but still… it was in the 60’s all week. trees and flower gardens have bloomed.
    i realize its March and was expecting more days of cold. but not snow.
    now D.S.T. well at least evening walks with lily plus hubby can take place again.

  10. I have no idea what purpose the time change serves other than royally confusing everyone. Even worse, the few states that don’t observe the change confuse the rest of us even more (though I envy them as well!).

  11. One of the rants on my blog I’m most proud of was the post I did on DST last March, and I’m thinking of reblogging it this weekend. It’s such a crock, and yet the powers that be refuse to acknowledge it. And as much fun as it is for those who have to lose an hour of sleep, it’s even more annoying for those of us who are punching a time clock that night that has no idea how long we worked that night!

  12. We stay on Mountain Standard time all year. No clock changing for us but we do have to adjust our thinking. You’re no longer going to be the same time but an hour ahead.

  13. I like having more daylight for evening walks. I wish they’d just leave it at the daylight time all the time. Time is so relative. We visited the West, and one stated didn’t change so we missed getting into a park because it was so confusing.

  14. I’m the deadly enemy of time changes, but meanwhile I’m happy when we change to dst… I’m not able to change the clock in the elephant skate, so it was always confusing… but now I have the right time till october :o)))

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