Glue and Gratitude

More than a week has passed since my beloved Sam left this mortal world. We’re still in grief mode but are coming to grips with the harsh reality of life without our boy. The click, click, click of his dancing feet on the hardwood floors have been replaced by heavy footed Stormin’ Norman followed closely by the not-so delicate thumping of the Ninja’s paws. Who knew a Ninja would move about so loudly?

Sam was the subtle glue that sealed our pack together. I was never sure he fully comprehended that he was actually a dog and not some special hybrid kind of human with four feet. He taught Elsa how to be a dog and how to learn to trust peeps. Naturally she’s taken his loss particularly hard. Knowing Norman for only a month, the two brothers hadn’t bonded to quite the same level. Yet they all followed Sam’s lead. A doorbell ring demanded the canine security alarm system be activated. Passersby on walks required we stop for ear rubs, body leans, tail wags and a friendly hello. And the sound of crinkle packaging of any food meant cheese! It was the clarion call for sitting at my feet in front of the fridge in anticipation of a tasty treat being dispensed. Sam was my go-to muse for most of my posts. He was the obvious but quiet leader and the glue that kept us all functioning and now our daily happenings have us all walking out of step and out of rhythm. Our compass has disappeared and we are searching for a new evolutionary shift signaling a new ‘normal’ will be the benchmark. We will l get there with some time as new rituals are established.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn’t express my most heartfelt gratitude for all the calls, texts, emails, cards and comments from so many of you while we work through this evolutionary period. You have buoyed our spirits to such an extent and I want you all to know how much this has meant to me. Words however seem so inadequate but please know your loving support has meant so very much. From family members, neighbors, friends and you dear readers, you have all touched our hearts and I am ever so grateful for your kindness and support. You guys stepped in to fill in the gaps as the glue we need.

To my surprise this figurine appeared a couple of days ago without any card or note or attribution. I would love to acknowledge and thank the mystery benefactor so if it was you, please let me know; so that I may  thank you more personally. It’s a lovely piece from Joy of Giving and it truly touched my heart. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Sam's Angel

Live, love, bark! 🐾

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  1. My sincerest apologies accompany my condolences. I don’t know why I was out of touch with The Ranch during this monumental event.
    I hope you know, even by casual acquaintance, how much I admire your blog and loved and followed Sam and his cohorts, and how I wish my thoughts for the loved ones left behind was more timely.
    I invite you to visit the blog built as a legacy and memorial to my dear late friend Chuy, it is dedicated to all those who give their fragile hearts to loved ones of another species.

    Meanwhile, thoughts are with dear Norman, and hopes are sent your way for a speedy recovery.
    (And hugs.)

    Seek peace,


    1. That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much. Losing Sam has been rough but I’m grateful Elsa and Norman need my attention. It helps my battered soul. They’re all different in their personalities and special in their own ways.

      So sorry to hear of your loss of a Chuy. It’s a heartbreaking experience I can identify with and hope the special memories you shared are comforting to you in the loss. Peace and comfort to you, my friend. ☮️

  2. I left my condolences on a subsequent post. However, I thought I should let you know that Rosie has deposited a tennis ball on my desk and I’m sure she wants me to teleport it to you all to comfort you in your grief. That’s he canine equivalent of flowers.
    Humph! On second thoughts, she might not be so charitable with that ball. “Dumb human,” she says ears cocked. “When are you ever going to learn to thrown on command? So many distractions. You need to focus!”
    Take care Monika, Norman and Elsa.
    Rowena, Lady, Rosie and Zac

    1. Please toss that ball for sweet Rosie with an extra ear rub from us. The future is so uncertain; I was so grateful to have spent extra quality time with Sam the night before he passed.

      1. I have been thinking about him since I heard and I pictured this big woolly cloud up in the sky. I doodled something when I was at a trivia night in lead pencil but someone else could probably make a decent go of it.

      2. Sweet Rosie has now deposited fie balls on my desk. They’re such a motley crew of differnt types and in various stages of decay. Much to my surprise, two tennis balls are still largely intact.

  3. Such a heart felt and full post, Monika. We all want to virtually hug you three. The gift you received is a beautiful one and proof of how much you have touched people. Lots of love sent your way.

  4. A new normal is hard but it will happen in time. I understand Sam being the glue. When we get blessed with our once in a lifetime dog, we also get blessed so many wonderful memories to help ease the pain. Your tribute was beautiful.

    1. Thanks, M.K. Those wonderful memories are the comfortand remedy to the aching heart.

  5. Wow such a beautiful gift! Whenever I have to say goodbye to a beloved fur baby I always think of that George Eliot quote: The angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.

    1. She really is very special. I have been looking at that angel everyday and find it makes me smile.

  6. There is heart ache in your beautiful words, Monika. I think everyone who reads you has hugged their four legged family members a few extra times this week. Mr Speaker is probably sick of my kisses by now but oh well.

    That gift is further proof that angels truly are everywhere.

    1. Thanks, Marc. If Sam taught me anything, it was to always be loving to those who mean the most to you. The number of angels I’ve encountered the past 12 days has blown be away.

            1. Thanks; the pups and I are very touched by all the outpouring of support and know it is helping my heavy heart.

  7. oh Monika your way with words has me in tears…again. So beautiful …..another loving, beautiful tribute. That figurine? Beyond touching and perfect. So thoughtful. Incredible. (((hugs))) and much love!

    1. You’re too kind, Caren. Without the loving support of friends like you, I don’t know what I would have done. Despite this huge loss, I am very blessed. Love ya!

    1. It was incredibly thoughtful and a gift that will hold a special place at the Ranch and in my heart.

  8. I have thought of you often. It is so hard when such a special dog, so integral to your pack and such a big part of your heart, leaves this world. Sam was one of a kind… and I know how your heart must hurt.

    I love that piece too. It is perfect.

    1. I have been so blessed to have the loving support of the pet blogging community. You guys have sent me the healing energy to get through this loss, for which I thank you.

  9. Mom has that angel in her collection and it’s paws-down her favorite angel. The new normal won’t always be new. Take your time, feel the feels, and keep putting one foot (and paw) in front of the other.

    Love and licks,

  10. I sent it, Monika. It meant so much to me when I got one when Little Bit passed I thought you would love it too. I’m so glad you did.

    Big healing hug, honey. ♥

    1. You are such a jewel of a person. Thank you so much. It means all the more now that I know it was you! 💖

  11. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. <3
    Grief is a process that can be so overwhelming, esp. initially. The loss takes getting used to and I doubt the feeling ever completely leaves us. My reaction to a memory can trigger sadness, but I am trying to follow that with remembering the joy my precious one gave me. A gift I will never forget.
    Sending you healing love.

    1. Many thanks for the ongoing healing love. It helps as we navigate these unchartered waters.

  12. OK, so I was reading along ok until I saw the figurine. Now I’m crying. Maybe the giver meant for it to be all of us who loved Sam, from both near and far.

    1. It brought tears to my eyes as well. But I’m comforted by the loving gesture, just wish I knew who gifted it.

  13. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! Finding that new normal is so difficult…sometimes we just have to stumble along and hope we get there eventually, which I guess we do. I’m just glad you have Norman and Elsa to help you through. Sam’s legacy will live on through all he taught them. ♥

    1. It really was a sweet gesture. The new ‘normal’ will take some time getting to, I suspect. The dynamic duo seem malleable to getting there.

    2. A gift of comfort to say the least. You’re right, stumbling along is a pretty accurate description.

  14. Over the years my older son has bought his mother these figurines but to be honest I have never in many years seen anything like the beautiful gift you received. I am very much saddened by Sam’s passing yet I find my spirit is lifted each time I look at the photograph of your beautiful gift.It is a memorial that Sam would be proud of. Love and hugs to Stormin’ Norman and my favourite Ninja

    1. That figurine so aptly depicts what Sam means to me and I shall always hold him close to my heart. The dynamic duo send tail wags and bum wiggles of appreciation.

  15. A beautiful post for Sam. And oh yes indeed, what a kind and thoughtful gift from your mystery reader. So very, very nice.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

    1. The mystery continues; I hope I eventually find out who sent it. I just want to hug them for their thoughtful gesture.

  16. **sniffellss** Oh Miss Monika that staute iss so lovelee.
    Wee so furry sorry ’bout Sam; wee sorta still inn shock here at THE Purrfect Pad too! LadyMew furinally (got her act together) got out to get you a special card an it iss on itss’ way to you an Norman an Ninja.
    Pleese know wee are here fore all of yous’…
    **purrss** an <3 BellaDhrma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

    1. Ahh, that’s so sweet, BellaDharma. Appreciate the kindness more than words can convey.

        1. That’s a very kind offer, BellaDharma. We’ll be okay with enough time but I so appreciate everyone’s loving support.

  17. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. There are saints among us that we never see but represent in our lives….they are the quiet ones.

    When Kali passed I planted Phlox around her ashes in the garden. Phlox is my all time favourite perennial. I threw a Bleeding Heart bush in to keep her warm from any drafty winds. I talk with her when I’m out in the garden. She did so love the flowers.


    1. How sweet. I’m actually thinking of planting a tree in his honor. One I know he’d love to pee on multiple times a day.

  18. What a wonderful gesture from the mystery gift giver. We are all here for you! Sending you and the pooches hugs.

    1. Many thanks, Paulette. As you know, grieving the loss of a beloved pet is a long process; we’re taking it one day at a time.

  19. My heart has been there with you even if I can’t be physically. Callie was our “glue” and her loss was particularly hard, so Ducky and I empathize with you, Elsa, and Norman. We are here for you. ❤️ And, like you, I really love that figurine! It says it all.

    1. Thanks, Sue. Receiving that figurine was so touching to my wounded heart. I so want to be able to properly thank the person who sent it.

  20. Wishing you all the best as your grief turns to loving memories of Sam and satisfaction for all the good he did for so many. This figurine is lovely. I hope it brings you some comfort as you will always hold Sam in your loving arms. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Michael. It was such a lovely gesture; I can only hope to find out who sent it.

  21. Oops! I think I wrote the comment and forgot to push send. What a very precious gift! Like Kate said, it brought tears to my eyes. Willow Tree Angels have always been special to me, and this one shows so much love. <3 Hugs and love to you and Elsa and Norman!

    1. It brought tears to my eyes as well. It’s a lovely piece that will always have special meaning in my heart.

  22. That gift brought more tears here. It’s so perfect. I’ve had four friends, both blogging and in real life, loose their dog friends in the past month or so. Enough! For my niece’s beloved dog, her kids planted a tree in a state park. Animal lovers are the best people in the world. Continued hugs coming your way every day.

    1. There have been far too many passings of late. What a great thing your niece and her family did. I love the idea of planting a tree in memory of their beloved dog. I might have to do that myself (you can never have too many trees); what a great way to honor a pet’s life.

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