Monday Musings ~ March 18, 2019


{Yawn-stretch} Happy Monday. Oh hi, it’s me, Elsa. We’re running a little slowly today (i.e. mom’s got writer’s block). We’re hoping the caffeine kibble kicks in soon. Not sure why Sam and I have to pick up the slack when mom’s not creative and I’m not saying there was too much paw-tying yesterday, but we could use a few more 💤

How was your St. Patrick’s Day weekend?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

71 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ March 18, 2019

    1. Not much ‘pawty-ing’ done here either. We just kind of laze around and then go for walks. Ugh…taxes…gotta do mine too. Good luck with yours!

        1. Mom’s evil twin takes over with taxes so she has someone else do it for her. Otherwise she’d be saying loads of HBO words or ugly crying. Probably both!

  1. We are running late because Mom kept the grandbabies all day! It’s fun but crunches blogging time.

  2. Elsa, I am FUREVER bailing Ma out of her creative slumps! I thinks it’s just what we puppers are suppose to do. sigh. I have to admit to have one or 10 too many margaritas yesterday. Ma said I should have stopped at two, butts what does she know! Nows, I have to sleeps it off and Ma keeps waking me up with the vacuum. rude.
    Have a good snooze my furiend!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Oh to have enjoyed some of your ‘ritas , Ruby. Tell your ma not to work so hard. 😍

  3. We’ve been experiencing some of that lately too….barely pulling it together at the last minute! I think it’s all that waiting for spring. When it really gets here, hopefully we’re all more motivated and energized!!

    1. They say misery loves company-so thank you for saying that. 😍I did see a clump of blooming miniature daffodils on our walk this afternoon. That’s a very welcome sign.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Our day was just a regular nothing special day but the barometric pressure seems to keep us all sluggish. Hope things get better for you throughout the week.

    1. Rest is always important, whether you’re Sam or…in this case, Elsa. 🙃

  4. Elsa … Because the two of you picked up Mom’s slack, seems extra treats are in order. (Pssst … then offer her a beer.) … Out St. Paddy’s weekend was full … keeping busy. Seems I was always on the run.

    1. We all seemed to think extra treats are in order. The dogs noshed on chicken jerky and me on some sinfully extra chocolately brownies made with buttermilk. Talk about rich? During Lent I’m (mostly) off beer. Which is why I’m probably sluggish and not too creative. LOL

    1. Elsa takes lounging very seriously-right now she’s napping on the sofa. That dog and her ability to snooze cracks me up.

    1. Bwahaha…it sure used to be that way when I was working. Hope you had a great weekend and the rest of the week starts percolating.

  5. Happy Monday, Elsa. We had a great St. Pattys Day weekend. We hope you had a fun one too. Good thing you are there when mom has writer’s block. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

    1. Oh dear…we are morning peeps/pups and feel like the day is getting away from us when we’re this sluggish. 😇

    1. Im sure they would easily ‘convince’ authorities it was in their best interests. 😊

  6. Hi Elsa. You sure do have long legs, longer even than Lucy. Thanks for taking over for your mom today. Mom and Dad had Saint Patrick’s day libations, but me Lucy got nothing. XOX Xena

    1. Oh Xena…I’m sure your sister gave you best Irish wishes (and maybe a few clues on finding that pot of gold). Mom says I’m the Nicole Kidman of poodles. {snorf}

  7. Awww, you’re adorable Elsa. Tell your mom to link this post to Awww Mondays. There can’t be much any more awww than you.

    Have a woof woof day, Elsa. My best to your mom. ♥

    1. That’s really nice of you. I’ll have mum do that. Maybe if she looks at other’s posts, the creative bug will bite her. Some days I’m too tired to bail her out. Happy Monday, happy week. 💜

    1. High barometric pressure levels always weigh us down. Let’s pray we bounce back soon. 😊Hugs and tails wags (( ))

    1. We’re all a bit sluggish today. Must be the high barometric pressure today. 😕

    1. Rain would be a good excuse to go back to bed. Here’s to a more springlike week. 🌷

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