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Even though he may be a bit long in the tooth (though not half bad for an almost 55-year-old dude), the teasers for the latest Tom Cruise modern day reboot of The Mummy kind of took me by surprise (how does he stay that buff). I found this PG meme which seemed to kind of play off the ‘other side’ part, with a smile for those who prefer to NOT be scared to pieces by CG monsters.

But…if you do feel compelled to have the living know-know-what scared out of you, watch the extended trailer here.

Do you like action-adventure horror films, Tom Cruise and remakes or do you just like a pleasant summer afternoon in a nicely air-conditioned theater with popcorn?

Happy mid-week.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

58 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. Oh earworm!!! I’m singing this version of the song now…Hello from the “otter” side… LOL! I’ll be singing that all day! So, I’m a huge fan of the old Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser, so at first, I thought, Tom Cruise?! Now way. Now, while I am a fan of TC’s action movies, I just could not wrap my mind around him in The Mummy movie (that I knew). Then, I saw the trailer! Wow! A very different approach – and yes, I’ll be watching (while trying to forget the old one)…and maybe I’ll be hiding a little behind that bucket of popcorn!

  2. I prefer the sweet little otter, no horror or gore, and watching movies at home on my own comfy couch with a dog by my side. 🙂
    Oh, and Tom Cruise never really did it for me. I prefer the more rugged outdoorsy types, like Harrison Ford. 🙂

  3. I do like horror and SciFi, but not of the mummy, walking dead sort. So, this is not on my list of must see movies. Tom Cruise – liked him in his earlier days. Loved Top Gun. Generally, when I go to the movies it is more for the popcorn that anything else. Is there anything better?

  4. Good old Tom Cruise, he just keeps on going. Love him or hate him, he does have a weird sort of shortarse appeal.

  5. The hubs and I like to watch action-adventure, but I’m not allowed to watch horror. (I have too active of an imagination!) Not a huge fan of TC, but I like some of his movies, and this one looks like it might be entertaining. But we never go to the movies… always wait for Netflix of HBO. (Funny… when I first saw this trailer a coupla weeks ago, I thought “boy, what happened to Brendan Fraser? How come he’s not in this?” And then the hubs and I were hate-watching season 3 of The Affair and I’m thinking, ‘wow, that guy looks a lot like an old, fat Brendan Fraser.” And it was an old, fat BF! It’s no wonder they got TC instead. Who is apparently in some sort of Dorian Gray deal to stay looking young forever!)

    1. Ha! Funny how that happens. Same thing happened to me…without the fame! LOL I suspect when you have a trainer 4 hours a day whipping you into shape, being a Dorian Gray type is much easier than shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. like normal peeps do. 😉

    1. Sounds like he plans to remake all of the Mummy movies. We’ll see. I saw an article today where the first one was panned. Not even that buff body and star power could save it. 🙂

      1. Well a friend said if the critics panned it, it must be good. It takes the Titanic or Avatar to get me out. But I’d watch it at home. 😎

  6. Otter slide! BOL! BOL! I don’t watch horror or sci-fi movies. I am looking forward to seeing some of the summer comedies and pig out on popcorn. ☺

  7. I hadn’t even heard of this yet, thanks for the heads up. It looks like a new twist on the Mummy story!

  8. Funny enough, many people think Tom Cruise and I have a lot in common. Except that he is good looking, wealthy, fit, popular, employed and generally pleasant. Oh, I’m not into Scientology either.

  9. Do not like horror movies!
    But I did love Top Gun and Tom Cruise did a great job in that! 🙂 Did you hear that they are coming out with a remake of that movie?

  10. Haha…Just saw a trailer for The Mummy when I was watching my new girl-crush Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman movie this weekend. Think I’ll pass on anything with Tom Cruise in it, although I like the idea of a female mummy.

  11. I was really offended when I initially heard they were remaking this movie, you know how I feel about him, and because I really liked the campy, humorous original, but after seeing the trailers last weekend at Guardians of The Galaxy 2, I was pumped about this remake. Should be a good suspense movie, but not horror.

  12. I’ve seen the ads for this, and it makes me wonder, WHY? The 1999 movie was good. Personally, I’m not a horror movie fan myself, but The 1999 Mummy movie really didn’t scare me like most horror movies do. The remake looks a lot scarier to me. I probably won’t see it at the theater, but will wait until it’s on demand or something.

  13. Don’t know. Not a great fan of Tom but I will reserve judgment until the movie is here and I have seen it. As for the cold from hell – well not quite the seventh circle, but close.

    1. Not a huge fan (he has such a weird personal life but then again many in the movies do) but his films seem to entertain and the teaser suggests loads of action. We’ll see. There’s always theater popcorn to enjoy, right? Stay warm!

  14. well I used to love tom cruise… then like a lot of people, I learned more about him lol. Well, he’s good to look at.

  15. I’m always curious when it comes to remakes , but they rarely are as good as the old stuff… maybe that’s because we got older and see it a different way now? we just had our fail with a remake, Phenny was a fan of the antique moby dick movie, he watched it and slept in… I bought a remake and he ignored it and didn’t fell asleep… sigh… maybe he was a 3 month old puppy and 6 month later he is too old for fishy ole movies?

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