Monday Musings ~ February 21, 2022

Today marks a national federal holiday (Presidents’ Day) in the U.S., originally implemented by Congress in 1879 to honor George Washington, the first president and ‘father’ of the country on his birthday, February 22 but subsequently switched to the third Monday in February on January 1, 1971 by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, honoring both Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. Both Ranch Hands will tip their hats to the office of the presidency today so we may be somewhat late in responding to comments or reading your posts as Norman be visiting nurses and patients this week. As usual, I am merely the designated driver.

After a weekend filled with grooming, baths and more dog hair than I could have imagined, Norman is all fluffed and spic and span clean to mark Presidents’ Day at the same time Winter decided to reappear with a vengeance with snow and bitter cold temperatures for most of the week. Tomorrow’s HIGH is only expected to be in the single digits which makes today’s smile seem all too appropriate. Guess I’d better re-locate the extra warm gloves.


However you mark today’s holiday, we hope you’ll stay warm and snuggly. Here’s to a super Monday. And remember there’ll be no postal deliveries and bank’s will be closed.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

65 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ February 21, 2022

    1. He brought lots of smiles to folks yesterday and will do so again today. Such a sweet boy.

  1. I still checked the mail anyway…. no bills is always a good day.

    Illinois used to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday (Feb 12) instead of Presidents Day, but it seems they’ve reversed course since the days when I went to school…

    1. A bill-less day IS a good one. Funny thing, I caught myself automatically checking the mailbox too.

    1. Thanks girls. Will do. The trick will be staying warm enough-it’s zero this morning. 🥶

    1. The temps dropped like a rock today. I think this is a big front, though I suspect not much moisture in it. Just bloody cold 🥶

  2. We’re home today and I’m happy about that. We had a great cruise with our friends, but we’re so tired now. First cruise is always tiring. We are both bone tired.

    Love the funny. If the dog or cat has something it’s theirs for sure.

    Have a fabulous President’s Day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. Glad you had a good first cruise of the season. Today I may be wearing a snuggie-it’s currently 0ºF right now! Awk 🥶

    1. Family Day…I like THAT. Getting to hospital today will be interesting. It’s currently 0ºF and Norman has no interest in going outside.

    1. 0ºF this morning will leave Norman not as excited about going today. Or me either. 😉

  3. we put on Milo’s night sweater when it’s cold since we’re cold, but he might need a couple of them this week

    1. Nope and I’m right there with him. I certainly won’t fault Norman today, 0ºF is too bloody cold for me too.

    1. Most definitely. He doesn’t handle the cold very well. I’m stopping by a pet supply store to pick up a new puffer insulated jacket after our shift. #wimpybutsweet

        1. Bwahahaha! If 0ºF is the wimp benchmark, then I’m in the same camp. 🥶 #toodangcoldtoday

          1. 0ºF is rather cold… and, as much as I’m that tough Canadian used to cold and able to handle it? I am less and less enthusiastic about it. I’m rather done with the too dang cold!

            1. Afraid I’ve grown somewhat wimp-ish when this kind of cold lands, myself. Every winter we experience cold spells, but they sure take their toll anymore. I just looked outside, it’s now snowing. Sigh. I had hoped it was too cold to snow but…no. 😢

              1. What is up with that? I used to not even flinch at going out with Zeke in -30℃ (-22℉)… Once I have managed to get my arse out the door, it’s fine but it takes a lot of nagging on my own part! But, on the bright side, you guys need snow snow…

                    1. Once I see signs of spring, it’s hard to embrace multiple layers to stay warm. My hands never seem to get warm and the dogs don’t cooperate by relieving themselves in the yard. Walking them requires removing the gloves to pick up after them. Brrrr.

                    2. I guess I am lucky that there have been zero signs of spring here! And can I say that I don’t miss that part of having a dog? At all.

                    3. I have to chuckle about it. Especially when they insist on doing their business in the deepest snow. I just love picking up warm poop in ice cold snow piles.

    2. No doubt he’d enjoy one that plugs in. 😉 As it is, he seems to enjoy warmed towels after a bath.

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