Nature Friday ~ June 9, 2023

Aloha signAloha, it’s me, Norman (along with his Ninja sister Elsa) to welcome you to the latest edition of Nature Friday, hosted by our pals Rosy and Sunny from Adventures of the LLB Gang. Our Mum finally returned from granddaughter Hailey’s wedding in Hawaii and I for one couldn’t be happier. I’ve been wiggling my bum and shadowing her everywhere so she can’t possibly get away from me again. Mum came home with a treasure trove of pics (to go with her major case of jet lag-she says she hoping she’ll get caught up by the end of the weekend and hopes people will be patient with her). She’s been napping as much as me these past couple of days but Elsa and I agreed we would break up these Nature Friday posts over multiple weeks so as to be able to share some of the beauty from our 50th state. We may even include a pic or two from the wedding. Let’s get started, shall we?

Elsa: For some odd reason, Mom took a lot of pics of the clouds from the plane on the trip. I didn’t get it but she assured me they were a pretty fascinating view from 36,000 ft. They look different from when you’re looking up at them from the ground. In the sky she was looking down on them and it was a whole ‘nother world. This first one is somewhere over the Rockies not too far from Denver. Notice there was some snow still on the peaks.

Snow over the Rockies

Norman: Blimey, just look at those valleys. Makes me dizzy just looking at them.

Elsa: You’re dizzy anyway-not because you’re looking down at snow covered peaks, pal.

Norman: Ahem…well I see the personal digs have started early on. Sigh. Moving along, let’s take a look at when the skies became soupy with clouds.


Elsa: Hey, there’s a crack in the clouds! What’s that blue stuff?

Norman: That, little sister is the Pacific Ocean. Blue skies and blue ocean. That’s rather something, isn’t it?

Elsa: Meh…I dunno. Blue is blue. I still don’t see what the big deal is about looking down from 36,000 feet above the ground.

Norman: {eyes rolling} I doubt I can explain it to you. Just trust me when I say it’s quite the sight and takes on a whole different perspective from when we’re looking up at clouds.

Elsa: Perspective, schmective. I wanna check out something that’s actually interesting.

Norman: When you’re looking out a plane window and see  Mother Nature’s slushy, THAT little one is something interesting, trust me. Between looking like something between a slushy and an iceberg field, it made Mum wonder a lot about perspective.


Elsa: Looks like a partly cloudy day when she landed in Kailua-Kona. The pics she took as the plane moved toward the airport sure have some color to them. Hey, I think I see some tiny wind turbines in this pic below.


Norman: From the airplane, everything looks like a quilt but you’re right, I see those wind turbines in the center of that pic along with the shoreline surf. They look like tiny crosses. Mum told me she didn’t swim in the ocean and I said that’s good, you never know what lurks in that wet stuff.


Elsa: Yeah, you couldn’t pay me to swim in that stuff. The salt would likely bother my skin, I’m afraid. Besides, there’s a whole lot of fascinating stuff to check out from the shore. I heard Mom nearly tripped over a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) at sunset. Hawaiians call those things “Honu.” Pretty cool beans, eh?

Norman: {eyes wide-open} Blimey mate, it matches the surrounding sand, no wonder she nearly stepped on it! Glad she didn’t. It’s a no-no to touch the Honu. Did you know their heads don’t retract like freshwater turtles? Mum said they can grow to between 3 and 4 ft. and may weigh as much as 300-350 pounds?

Elsa: Whoa…that’s a whole lotta turtle soup! Mom told me they are found in subtropical and tropical ocean waters, nesting in some 80 countries. In the U.S. they nest in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Florida. Hmm, that makes me wonder if they are as tasty as the tortoise shelled reading glasses I munched one time.

Sea Turtle

Norman: Only you would wonder something like that.

Elsa:  Hey you’re the hungry hippo around the Ranch, I was just wondering out loud. It’s not like I’d actually try to eat one that was alive. Although I think I could take it on. If nothing else, I’d definitely run circles around it. They’re pretty slow moving.

Norman: You are not a tiger shark, the Honu’s main predator. Although…come to think of it…

Elsa: Hey, knock that off, bozo. You want me to rat you out to Mom?

Norman: Mum knows how sweet I am, she’d never believe I’d ever say anything so provocative…

Elsa: Why, I have a good mind to…

Norman: Now, now, calm down little one. We’re supposed to be sharing some of the Hawaiian nature, not quibbling about who’s the fiercest predator, ok? We all know who that is.

Elsa: You’re just lucky I’m so easy going. So tell me brother, what was the first thing Mom did when they arrived on the Big Island?

Norman: Well anyone who knows Mum knows that’s easy, and because they had to wait until a few hours until the villa was ready for them to check in, they made a stop at a favorite watering hole, the Kona Brewing Company. While it wasn’t too hot (mostly around 75-80ºF the entirety of the trip), a nice cold one was most welcome. She saw some geckos scurrying about the tables but those little green things were just too quick to photograph this trip. She did however capture them in a previous trip to the Big Island that you can see here.

Kona Brewing Co.

Elsa: Yup, I can see Mom enjoying those frosty suds. Nice way to start out the week. After she showed me the place she stayed at in Waikoloa Beach, I almost wish she’d have taken us along. Just think of all the critters I could have chased on the grounds!

Waikoloa Beach

Norman: Umm…I don’t think you’d find the critters of Hawaii to your liking. Mum told me she saw her first mongoose from the patio. Can you believe it?


Elsa: Mom said they were lightening fast. I kept asking her about the two in the upper left background but she blushed and said for me not to worry about what they were doing. Something about mating season. As a former puppy mill survivor, I could tell them a few things about that! Anyway, the view from Mom’s bedroom window was pretty amazing. It shows the lava fields of Kohala, Hawaii’s oldest but extinct volcano (hidden behind those clouds). Mom said she already misses that view.

Norman: The views were definitely something to write home about. Well that’s all the time we have for this week’s Nature Friday post. We hope you enjoyed seeing pics from Mum’s trip. Next week we’ll share more flora and fauna. So tell me sister, what exciting plans do you have this weekend?

Elsa: Nothing too exciting. I’m mostly just making sure Mom doesn’t leave the house without us. Even when it rains. Mom says we should be grateful for it-it’s not like Colorado is a tropical wonderland like Hawaii is.

Norman: I hear you on that, Ninja. I think a good nap for all 3 of us should top our agenda after we celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Mum told me my first Mum told her recently when I was born. You ready to party, sis? Then again, what do you say, you on the left side and me on Mum’s right side after we have a birthday party?

Elsa: Works for me brother. Whatever you guys do, just make sure you get outside and enjoy the wonders Nature provides us.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ Memorial Day 2023

Monday smile

Memorial DayToday may be the last Monday of the week (and month) but it’s also the day we celebrate Memorial Day in the U.S. (we encourage you to click on the link for historical background on how Memorial Day came into being). Today is also special for another reason around the Ranch.

Today is my youngest granddaughter’s birthday. It’s hard to believe this young, gifted woman turns 15 today. It seems like just yesterday when she was just a wee tyke who charmed everyone she encountered. Where did the time gone? Happy birthday, sweetie.  From a little cutie to a talented, incredibly caring and beautiful young woman, you continue to impress all who know you.  Love you, L.



The Head Ranch Wrangler will be leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days to celebrate the wedding of my oldest granddaughter to the love of her life so posts/comments may be sporadic but I will do my best to visit your websites as WiFi and time permits.

All of us at the Ranch wish each and everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day Monday and hope you spend a moment thanking those who paid the ultimate price so that you can remain free.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ May 26, 2023

Blimey, is it really the last Friday of May? Norman here along with the Ninja…

Elsa: {Interrupting} Hey, I thought I was going open this week’s  edition of Nature Friday. What the dog!?

Norman: Oops, sorry mate. My bad. By all means get us going but make sure you include the opening, ok?Nature FridayElsa: Pfft…as if I need a reminder. Do you know who you’re dealing with here? I’m the world-renowned professional correspondent, not some rube. But {switching to a horrible British accent} to satisfy your ‘unconventional British’  eccentricities…but for the record, we’re joining our pals, Rosy and Sunny from the LLB Life. Don’t forget to click on the link to see what others have shared. There, are you happy now?

Norman: I think it’s good to be proper though I’m not sure where you came up with that accent. For the record, that’s not a very good imitation of Hermione Granger. There’s nothing wrong with following protocol.

Elsa: Yeah, whatever…but I ‘for the record’ I thought I did a superb Hermione Granger but let’s get this show on the road. I ain’t got all day, I got squirrels to harass monitor, okay?!

Norman: Mum’s not going to be thrilled to hear you’re planning to ‘monitor’ the local rodents. So…what do you have to share?

Elsa: The irises in our neighborhood are really coming into their own now and our Mom likes those that are atypical. Just check out this purple/red and orange one, called “Supreme Sultan.” Don’t think I’ve seen one like that before.


Norman: Golly, talk about a gobsmacking beauty!

Elsa: Gobsmacking?! Well aren’t you just a “cheeky bugger”? {eyes rolling} Good lord, do you British dudes always talk like that?

Norman: Ahem…{indignantly} I beg your pardon. Moving right along. It looks like the oriental poppies are also starting to bloom. Mum really likes the pinkish ones. The ones in our garden are the classic orange variety so whenever she sees one, she always has to photograph it.


Elsa: Ooh, ooh, that’s pretty but did you see these anemones? I even saw one with a ginormous flying raisin I love to catch, otherwise known as a Miller Moth. They look like they’re made from crepe paper, don’t they?



Norman: Flying raisin’s? “Miller moths” are migrating to the mountains right now and there sure are a lot of them on the Front Range, and their stay has been extended with all the smoke drifting down from the Alberta fires. Did you know they aren’t even a moth…they are the adult stage of the Army cutworm who annual migrate from the Eastern Plains toward the mountains. They’re going through the city much like every other vacationer on their way to the high country and provide a good food source for bats, birds and beetles. Those anemones we found along our walk are quite posh. But then we saw this next plant along our walk: Columbine, Aquilegia Columbine (often referred to as granny’s bonnet though that was a new one for Mum). Did you know they come in lots of different colors.



Elsa: I sure did, we’ve seen white/cream, yellow, red, purple and of course my favorite, the blue ones. The Blue Columbine is Colorado’s state flower, you know. I sure can see why it was chosen. It’s mighty attractive. Columbine nectar provides a good food source for butterflies and moths and according to the online sources I found, Native Americans used very small amounts of columbine to treat ulcers. Good thing, too since the seeds and roots are super toxic if eaten. I think I’ll pass on them as an appetizer.

Norman: That’s quite fascinating, sister. What did you uncover about our next flower, this peony?


Elsa: Easy, peasy. That one is called Red Charm and it’s an award-winning beaut. Just check out those fully double scarlet blossoms that stand tall on sturdy, green stems.

Norman: It’s very showy, that’s for sure. I loved the rose-like scent and read that it’s quite heat tolerant too.

Elsa: Well I know Mom was smitten. She immediately checked our peonies when we got home to see if any of them are getting ready to bloom because it’s her favorite garden flower. Because of our big shade trees, ours are a bit slow in blooming, but they are budding up nicely. With the potential for hail in the forecast, she’s hoping they’ll remain safe.

Norman: I heard there was pea sized hail in other parts of the city but we were spared. But will you look at yesterday’s sky? We received a little shower and lots of thunder again, but we were sure lucky the hail missed us.


Elsa: You’re right on our good fortune for dodging the hail bullet. Mom also discovered she actually didn’t lose one of her Bleeding Heart plants, it was just slow in recovering from a tough winter. Yesterday she noticed it was beginning to bloom but she was bummed the one in the front garden didn’t survive apparently. Isn’t it a pretty thing?

Bleeding Hearts

Norman: It sure is. I just want to kiss those cuties.

Elsa: Awk…I’m positive they wouldn’t appreciate your dog slobber, so best if you just appreciate them from afar.

Norman: I didn’t really mean I’d actually kiss them, it was just an metaphorical analogy. Hopefully one of these days you’ll actually understand me.

Elsa: That’s likely very doubtful. I’m a literal dog, when you say something, I think you actually mean it. I just don’t get you British dogs. I’d like to but, nah…you’re just too complicated for me.

Norman: {eyes rolling} You’re not reading my body language, sister or maybe you just don’t want to see it. Sam never had a problem understanding me.

Elsa: Yeah, that’s why Mom called him a Knucklehead.

Norman: You cut me to the quick, sister. I try very hard to understand you but am not 100% convinced you reciprocate the notion of understanding.

Elsa: Guess that’s your cross to bear. Tough biscuits, Bucko. I am what I am, deal with it.

Norman: {Sighing} I still love you, little sister.

Elsa: {umm, erm, stuttering} Now don’t go all sweet on me, dude. Let’s wrap this up before I get misty-eyed. So, you got any plans for this weekend?

Norman: Well I heard Mum planned to go to the Iris Farm to check out the iris bloom with a good friend. It wasn’t open last year because of the pandemic so they’re very excited about seeing the flowers this season. Should be quite amazing and I hope Mum takes lots of photos for our next Nature Friday. How about you, little one?

Elsa: Well, like I said, I plan to be ‘monitoring’ the squirrels in our big maple tree, catch a few Zzz’s and just generally be a regular dog. Whatever you do, both of us hope you have a super weekend and take Ansel Adams’ advice to heart. Because it’s a holiday weekend (Memorial Day is Monday) it’ll be fun and we hope a safe one for everyone.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ May 19, 2023

Ranch HandsWelcome to Friday, mates. Norman here, with my Ninja sister, Elsa and we’re ready to share some slices of Nature from around our neighborhood that we saw this week. As always, we’re joining Rosy and Sunny from the LLB life. Be sure to click on the link to see what others have shared.

Elsa: {excitedly} Yo, dude…what was your favorite piece of nature this week?

Norman: Easy there, little one, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay?

Elsa: But…but

Norman: {interrupting} No need to get excited yet-there’s loads to share, despite a continued cycle of cloudy days and intermittent showers. The weather is mild and our walks have seen how gardens around the Ranch are enjoying the moisture.

Elsa: The coolish days are great to walk in. My black fur coat gets too warm for me to go any length of time. I keep trying to pull Mom into the shade.

Norman: Tell me about it. Mum has been threatening to shave my fur coat down to less than a inch long. She could probably make a sweater out of me with all my hair.

Elsa: I hear that brother. She took the clippers to me this week but being a black dog in the Mile High sun still is too much.

Norman: Right-o. So let’s start sharing some of the smashing late spring foliage, shall we? First up, we came across this unusual Bearded Iris yesterday. Normally Mum is drawn to the deep purple/blue specimens but this one caught her eye. Rather different, isn’t it?

Bearded Iris

Elsa: It’s like someone splattered red wine all over the edges. But you’re right, it is pretty unusual. While I was trying to find some shade, I managed to spot this bright Delosperma (commonly known as Ice Plant). They’re beginning to start taking off around the ‘Hood. This one warms me up just looking at those bright hot colors

Ice Plant

Norman: Too bad the sparkle doesn’t come through the camera. Those beauties have such a sheen to them in the right light. But no matter, they still are lovely, and can provide anyone a run for their money in the beauty department. How do you think they stack up against this Veronica longifolia, often called garden speedwell from our own front garden?


Elsa: Oooh, pretty bluish flowers. Our garden is always late in blooming because of the large shade trees so seeing these now is great. With all the rain showers, things seem to be very happy.

Norman: Indeed. Last autumn, Mum pulled out most of the Lupine from the garden. She said it had gotten a little out of hand but I know she was secretly excited to see some of them when they appeared this week. Here’s one she left in and she’s excited to see which color it is…purple, red or pink. Gardening is a lot of waiting to see what will happen but she says that’s the fun part. She thinks (or perhaps, hopes) this is one of the dark purple Lupine but it is likely the paler lavender color.


Elsa: I noticed she enjoys taking pictures of the leaves after a shower. She ooh’s and aww’s when water droplets form in the centers. She says Mother Nature is the best artist.


Norman: I’ve noticed she sure loves purple flowers. Did she startle you when she squealed out loud at this blooming Giant Allium?


Elsa: Nothing surprises me about Mom’s enthusiasm. She continues to embarrass me in public. I mean what do you imagine the neighbors think when they see her scramble over to a plant and take dozens of photos from every possible angle? And those squeals…sheesh why can’t she be a quiet gardener and admirer of blooming flowers? {head shaking}

Norman: Now, now, little one. She’s just enthusiastic and that’s a good thing although I could do without her dragging me hurriedly over to something to sniff and photograph. Like this bi-colored lilac, Syringa Vulgaris ‘Sensation.’ My goodness, can she move fast for an old upright, or what?


Elsa: You got that right. But I will give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. It truly is beautiful and boy does it have the most heavenly scent. Much more fragrant than the ones we pass a few blocks away.

Norman:  When she sees plants like this, it’s often quite funny how she turns into an excited little kid. It’s one of the things I love most about her. Mum is just a big kid when it comes to some garden plants.

Elsa: {thinking out loud} Hmm, it always makes me wonder if I should protect her or start to play with her.

Norman: Best to just let her enjoy from afar. I can attest that your version of play is rather rough and I’m sure she wants to keep her ankles intact.

Elsa: Oh man, you never let me have any fun, do you? Ok, I’ll just gnaw play with one of your stuffies instead. When she gets excited, it gets me excited and you know what that means?

Norman: Sadly I do. So what else did we find on our walk yesterday? I vaguely recall a bright Gerbera Daisy was on your side as we walked homeward.

Gerbera Daisy

Elsa: Yeah for a quick minute I thought it might be an artificial flower because it was so bright, but realized when we got up close, it was real. It was very cheerful but I noticed it was a little damaged, likely from one of overly bombastic thunderstorms this week.

Norman: Yes, those thunderstorms even startled me. I thought perhaps I was back in Kansas. Did you know you can’t have thunder without lightning?

Elsa: Yeah, I think I read something about thunder and lightning going hand in hand. Yesterday’s were just a bit out of my comfort zone. I swear that one where even you practically jumped out of your skin must have been across the street!

Norman: It sure was quite the boomer. It’s bad enough getting wet in the rain but to be out in a shower when there’s lightning and thunder…well just count me out. Because the speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound, you’ll see lightning first, followed by a delay before you hear the thunder, depending on how close it is. That one boom even made the house vibrate. Guess that old adage of “when thunder roars, go indoors” is good advice. Mum said you can estimate how close lightning is by counting how many seconds it takes to hear the boom? According to meteorologists, it’s approximately five seconds for the sound to travel one mile. If you hear thunder immediately after you see lightning, then the lightning is way too close and you need to get inside. Luckily we missed being out when that storm began but that clap of thunder even startled me.

Elsa: I’m just glad there wasn’t any hail. Man, I hate that stuff-it makes me very anxious and stressed out and that’s never good for an epileptic dog.

Norman: Good thing Mum knows how to keep us calm during these Spring storms.

Elsa: And with that ‘weather report’ let’s share one last pic of pretty purple blue flowers. Mom has a bunch of these hardy geraniums, known as Cranesbill. They do well in semi-shady conditions and make her happy due to their color. They are quite hardy.

Crane's Bill

Norman: Despite living on the Front Range plains, adding these to the garden will give it a woodland vibe. They’re easy to grow, tolerate drought conditions although that hasn’t been a problem yet and they make a lovely groundcover too. They provide tasty nectar for pollinators.

Elsa: Well brother, that wraps it up for this week. I heard you don’t have any fundraising plans for a change. You still tuckered out from last week’s event at the Kendra Scott event? I noticed you schmooze up the ladies big time. One of these days I’d like to be the center of attention at one of those events.

Norman: Oh dear sister, I don’t think you’d be mistaken for an Old English Sheepdog. But maybe Mum will let you be the center of attention closer to home.

Kendra Scott

Elsa: You promise?

Norman: Of course, I’ll even give up some of my Mum time so she can spend it giving you special attention. It’ll be nice to quietly nap hang out this weekend but we hope everyone will still try to get outdoors and enjoy being in the midst of  beautiful Nature scenes. From both Elsa and I, we hope you have a jolly good weekend!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ May 12, 2023

Welcome to a soggy edition of Nature Friday. Norman here  with my Ninja sister, Elsa ready to share a spot of Nature from this week. As always, we’re joining Rosy and Sunny from the LLB life. Be sure to click on the link to see what others have shared.

Norman: As the opening line suggests, it’s been as soggy as a London spring. Uncharacteristically soggy. Mum looked up and found the rain totals for the past couple of days range from 2.72″ to just under 4″ of the wet stuff. I have to hurry outside to do my business.  As you can imagine, I preferred the day before the rains began where the sun felt good enough for me to trample lay in the middle of the garden ground cover and rejuvenate after our successful fundraiser on Sunday. I’ve never done that before and Mum was kind enough not to disturb me. The day was lovely and I refused to come in. Luckily she had some work she could do outside and let me enjoy that Mile High sunshine.

Norman napping

Elsa: You were lucky. Mom knows I tend to guard wander the grounds looking for squirrels, bunnies or worse…some dog walking by so she wouldn’t let me snoopervise your nap. What’s a girl to do all cooped up in the house on a sunny day when you’re outside?

Norman: Umm…let me think…bark your head off?

Elsa: Doggone straight. That always gets Mom’s attention.

Norman: {clearing his throat} Indeed little one. It kept Mum from working without having to worry about one of us Ranch Hands who shall remain nameless.

Elsa: Well, {stamping her paws} I just wanted to be with my family too, you know. It’s not fair you get to stay outside without me.

Norman: Well I don’t go after dogs or critters or wander off, Mum knows I can be trusted to be on my best behavior and greet everyone politely.

Elsa: Politely….schmitely. Who’s going to protect us if it isn’t me? While wiggling your butt may be considered adorably cute, you just never know if someone plans to steal something or otherwise cause harm. I’m just a very good watchdog. I mean…somebody’s got to be on alert for the serial killer postal delivery person. {sniffling} I just don’t know how I could live with myself if I left that guy alone unsupervised around my family around.

Norman: {eyes rolling} Oh for dog’s sake…he’s a nice chap and rubs my ears quite nicely when I see him.

Elsa:  Nice chap? Ha…I doubt that…he seems pretty sketchy to me.

Norman:  Oh please.

Elsa: Well let’s get going and show folks something other than your lazy carcass squashing the ground cover, ‘kay? Remember when Mom decided to walk around that other lake near our house?  She found some cool looking birds while she walked around on the Berkeley Lake pathway.


Norman: Oh yes, that’s a Red-winged Blackbird. They’re one of the most abundant birds in all of North America. The males are marked with red and yellow “shoulders” that stand out amongst their black bodies. The females aren’t quite as colorful, being mostly brown with light streaks.

Elsa: One of these days, Mom is going drag out her good camera to catch the beauty of these guys. I mean, look at those mountains. She could have captured them so much better with that camera than with her cell phone. Does she even know where that camera is these days?


Norman: Of course she does but it’s hard to carry a big DSLR, our leashes, poop bags, house keys, etc., especially when you get scrappy with passing by dogs. She has her hands full enough just keeping you in line.

Elsa: Oh yeah. But still…cell phone pics never look great by comparison.

Norman: Sometimes compromises are more important to make. Necessity is the mother of invention

Elsa: Stop going all Confucius on me, Dog Breath. Besides, I’m just not very good with compromise, especially when I know I need to defend my family.

Norman:  Mum knows how to ‘protect’ us just fine and still manages to find some interesting things for us to share.

Elsa:  You know you’re right about that. I wouldn’t cross her. She can be tough as nails when it comes to taking care of us. In fact, I’d say too tough most days. Especially when she’s making me tow the line.

Norman: She’s just looking out at our best interests, that’s all. So have you noticed the Bearded Irises are in bloom now? These deep purple ones sure are lovely and no doubt have been enjoying all the rain this week.

Bearded Iris

Elsa: They sure are striking, brother. And one of Mom’s favorite late Spring flowers. Just look at that beautiful purple color!

Bearded Iris

Norman: Our Mum has good taste in flowers. That’s a real beauty. Another one that’s a favorite of hers is the Lilac. They’re just starting their annual show and boy do they smell great. Too bad, WordPress don’t have a plug-in for scratch and sniff. These things smell so heavenly and reminds me of my Nan. {inhaling deeply} Aaaah.


Elsa: They sure are and definitely a sign that we’re entering in prime garden season. Before you know it, we’ll be barking about the heat.

Norman: {shudder} I hope not too soon. In the meantime until all the showers move out, I’ll just chill here on the sofa-the perfect place to wait out the rain. Just a few more days according to the weatherman. I just came in from outside and it’s already tapering down with just barely a sprinkle. Bravo!


Elsa: Yeah, it’ll be nice to walk around outside without having to be toweled off every time we go outside. So Big Guy…what’s on your dance card this weekend?

Norman: I’ll be the sheepdog ambassador at another fundraiser at the Cherry Creek Kendra Scott Give Back Event this weekend. Those ladies are so nice and I’ll be there to greet Mother’s Day shoppers. I haven’t seen them since Valentine’s Day and they give the best ear rubs. Mum says you don’t even have to show up in person at the store for the Give Back to benefit Old English Sheepdogs. You can shop online here. Is this a great country or what?

Elsa: Right you are, fur ball. We hope everyone has a great weekend pampering and loving on their moms. We’ll do our best…in between enjoying some elements of Nature. That’ll make Mom very happy and she’ll in return make us happy with treats and ear rubs. Win-win-how cool is that?

Norman: Have a pawsome Mum’s Day!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ Cinco De Mayo Edition

Elsa, Cinco de MayoHola and bienvenido a la naturaleza viernes (welcome to Nature Friday). Me llamo Senorita Elsa with my oafish hombre brother, Norman to share slices of Nature around our hood. Today on Cinco de Mayo we’re joining the kids from Rosy and Sunny from the LLB life. Be sure to click on the link to see what others have shared.

There are some misconceptions about Cinco De Mayo that I’m gonna clear up today before we get started. First of all and contrary to popular belief, it is not Mexican Independence Day. Instead, it actually commemorates a battle during the Franco-Mexican War that took place in a town called Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexicans were severely outnumbered and under-supplied but they still managed to defeat the 3 times larger French army. While Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with tons of food, drinks, and partying in the United States, Mexicans celebrate somewhat differently. In Mexico, the holiday is mostly celebrated in the state of Puebla and while there’s food and drinks, local residents cheer the military with a parade with people dressed as French and Mexican soldiers, cheering from brightly colored floats, and there’s a reenactment of the battle on its original site.

Hombre Norman: Gosh, I didn’t realize that tidbit. You find the most interesting things to share.

Senorita Elsa: Hey, I’m not just a pretty face or can’t you tell from the expression in the photo above? Can’t believe Mom expected me to dress up for today’s post so I felt like I needed to find out what the dog all the fuss was all about.

Hombre Norman: Well, I do recall you were adamant about not being photographed with me. You acted like I had fleas or something.

Senorita Elsa: Nothing personal, dog breath, I just don’t like being photographed. Period. With you or anyone else.

Hombre Norman: {sniffle} I’m rather offended by your comment. I mean, look how Mum dressed me up. You don’t see me trying to hide my face.

Cinco de Mayo

Senorita Elsa: Bwahahaha…you probably should have. You look pretty…umm…how can I put this diplomatically-ridiculous?

Hombre Norman: {interrupting} Ahem, I. am. a. good. sport…something you might do a bit more often, {sarcastically} dear Senorita. No me gusta when you hurt my feelings {sniffling}.

Senorita Elsa:  Ha! Fat chance, eres un tonto (you’re a fool), Bucko.

Cinco de Mayo

Hombre Norman: Oh dear. Well, guess I understand better. Mum didn’t share that pic with me after she took it. She was laughing so hard no sound was coming out. I thought I’d have to give her CPR.

Senorita Elsa: {steamed} No me gusta indeed! Ok, let’s get on with it. Vamos amigo!

Hombre Norman: Aye, yai yai. Ok, let’s see what we’ve got from this week’s walks.

Senorita Elsa: Well it looks like the snow continues in our neck of the woods.

Crabapple tree

Hombre Norman: That’s not snow, Chiquita. That’s a crabapple tree in bloom on a windy day.

Senorita Elsa: Harrumph.Well it looks like snow to me.

Hombre Norman:  It’s just some of the beautiful crabapple trees in full bloom. Check out this pink one. Is that gorgeous or what?

Crabapple tree

Senorita Elsa:  Oooh, you’re right, that is a beaut. But when it comes to beauty, what about this Common Purple Rock Cress?

Rock cress

Hombre Norman: It sure is colorful! It was just a few feet away from this Golden Alyssum. It compliments that purple nicely.

Golden Alyssum

Senorita Elsa: Whoa…looks like it’s spilling out of that garden onto the sidewalk.

Hombre Norman: Indeed it does. Such a cheerful garden plant. And I didn’t even try to pee on it.

Senorita Elsa: Well that’s gotta be a first! Mom walked to a nearby garden center and found some blooming Clematis. When she came home she was very excited about those blooms but wished the white specimen had been flowering. She’s gonna keep checking on it to see what it looks like.


Hombre Norman: Boy, both of them are really gorgeous.I hope she gets some to add to the pergola. It’d be a perfect spot, don’t you think?

Senorita Elsa: It sure would. Let’s keep reminding her there are a couple of supports that need something that spectacular once she paints the wrought iron supports.

Hombre Norman: Deal, senorita.

Senorita Elsa: Well that’s it for this week So what are your plans for the weekend? What’s going on with you?

Hombre Norman: Well, our first big fundraiser for the rescue happens on Sunday. Our first annual Old English Sheepdog Picnic will be held. We managed to receive a bunch of fabulous donations of dog accoutrements, OES themed jewelry, sports items and some swank alcoholic beverages to auction off. Plus there will be a toss game of skill. Mum helped assemble the gift baskets a couple of days ago and came home super chuffed. It’s gonna be a great event in nearby Elizabeth, CO. I love going out there and schmoozing with my fellow sheepdogs among the pine trees. It’s going to be quite epic. Over 40 people have registered and there will be a big herd of sheepies like me. I’ll finally be around my people and we all get along. Mum will be taking pics and try to share them soon. She may even post some on Instagram. You do follow our Instagram account, don’t you?

Senorita Elsa: I confess I don’t but will be sure to check it out. I may not show it often but I do love ya, you big hunk of fur so I promise to start following. You know me, I’m not that much into social media but will be a dutiful supporter of my big brother.

Hombre Norman: Thanks, sister. I appreciate it. Whatever you do, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to get out there to check out wonderful Nature, first hand.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday-May Day 2023

Well…will you looky here. Time to turn the page on the ole paper calendar or for those who aren’t as old-fashioned as me, you can just swipe your digital device from April to May. Today is May Day, and is also known as International Workers Day around the world, which is a celebration of labourers and the working classes around the world and promoted by the international labour movement and occurs every May 1st, or in France, a big day to gather and protest the recently revamped pension system. I’d hate to be in Macron’s shoes these days.

In the U.S. May Day is a celebration of all things Spring and has its roots in astronomy with a touch of agriculture on the side. Being the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, it’s an unofficial holiday, marked with springtime festivities filled with song and dance celebrating the sown fields that are starting to sprout. Cattle were driven to pasture, special bonfires were lit, with doors of houses as well as livestock adorned with yellow May flowers. In the Middle Ages, the Gaelic people celebrated the festival of Beltane, the “Day of Fire.” People created large bonfires and danced at night to celebrate. May Day was a big celebration in England and ultimately migrated to the U.S. with the new colonists. Children would dance around the maypole, holding colorful ribbons. People would ”bring in the May” by gathering wildflowers and green branches, weaving floral hoops and hair garlands, and crowning a May king and queen. As a wee lass, I remember decorating May baskets in school, by making little paper cones, colored with crayons and filled with dandelion flowers or lilacs if they were blooming to give to  Mom when I got home from school. Being resourceful kids, we also decorated the tether pole ropes with colored paper flowers, and giving our best  imitation of dancing around the ‘maypole.’ Ah, now those were the days.

Fast forward and my ‘celebration’ of this annual date began by pulling weeds that I swear sprouted overnight from last week’s rain showers, otherwise known as fertilizer for weeds that germinate between the flagstone paths. Being a kid on May Day was a lot more fun.

But it’s still Monday, which means we need to start the week out with a smile, right? No point starting out the week with a grumble. So let’s see what the Ranch Hands came up with today to celebrate springtime.

Monday Musings

Don’t know about you, I think there might be a subtle message here indicating ‘somebody’ apparently isn’t keen on costumes for photo shoots, Luckily I’m not completely oblivious which means I should be visiting the Dollar Store to check out what junk inexpensive decor I can use for the next photo session.

Norman & Cinco de Mayo

Wishing you and yours a very Happy May Day.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ April 21, 2023

Ranch HandsBlimey, is it Friday already? Norman here with my little sister Elsa and we’re ready to share some Nature views from around our neighborhood. As always, we’re joining Rosy and Sunny from the LLB life. Make sure you click on the link to see what other slices of nature have been shared.

Norman: {shivering} Brr, it’s chilly out there this morning. Good thing I’m in Mum’s studio. I’m just not built for 29ºF (-1.7ºC).

Elsa: Oh jeez, you big wuss. It’s not so bad, think of it as ‘bracing.’

Norman: Bracing? Umm, I can’t get past the bone chilling part. Anyway, let’s get started, shall we? Nature has been having a party at our house. Or specifically, a pool party. Birds have been showing up every evening around 5:00 POM and carousing in the bird bath. Mostly in the past they’ve dropped by for “Happy Hour” but I guess the water was just too inviting and they started to dive in but first, a quick slurp.


Elsa: Mom seems fascinated by them as she watched for a long time. She said she was rewarded with their Mark Spitz imitations. {eyes rolling} I mean, come on…what’s so exciting about watching them dive in after drinking a Mai Tai? That’s what a lot of drunks do when there’s a nearby pool. Wait a minute, just because you called it “Happy Hour,” I distinctly didn’t see any little umbrellas. What a cheap dive bar!

Norman: Well aren’t you just precious? There were no Mai Tai’s, Ninja.

Elsa: Well, I know I wouldn’t hang out at that bar…swimming pool notwithstanding.

Norman: What are you talking about? You don’t go near water any more than I do and you have webbed feet!

Elsa: There’s a reason I don’t. I just don’t want to make you feel badly. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket…I’m trying to bolster your ego.

Norman: Okay, now you’re just being cheeky.

Elsa: {giggling hysterically} Umm, {stifled snicker} no I’m not. {bursts out in wild dog laughter}. Ok, maybe just a little.

Norman: Ahem…moving right along. Mum says ‘spring has sprung’ when the Eastern Redbuds start blooming. Check out this lovely little specimen. She’s not sure how well it’s going to do long term. It faces south and with the heat those rocks and brick will generate…who knows what its long-term health will be. It sure is colorful though. Mom didn’t recall it before, likely because they’re only stunning when blooming but once they’ve leafed out, they’re mostly nondescript as far as trees go.

Redbud tree in bloom

Elsa: In the past couple of days, flowering trees are popping out all over. It’s fun to watch the bees buzz from flower to flower. Mom had to drag coax me to move along our walk but I think I was hypnotized by their noise and watching the bees flit from one bloom to another. Boy, they sure are busy little guys, aren’t they?

Flowering trees

Norman: I’m drooling thinking of the sweet apples that will be forming soon on this tree. I hope Mum lets me carry a fallen apple home from one of our walks.

Flowering trees

Elsa: You…carry anything on a walk? Bwahahahaha! Don’t make me laugh.

Norman: {clearing his throat} That’s not very sporting of you. I’ll have you know I carry toys in my mouth all the time.

Elsa: I know you well enough brother that you’d carry an apple for maybe and I’m being generous here, probably only for 3 or 4 steps. At most.

Norman: {indignantly sniffing} I’m rather offended by your criticism.

Elsa: It’s not a criticism…merely an observation, dude. Let’s not give people the wrong idea-you’re not a fetch-n-carry kind of dog. But I promise you the next time Mom offers me a slice of apple, I’ll give it to you before I gum it into mush and then spit it out. I don’t know how you can eat those things. Give me a meaty piece of jerky any day over fruit and vegetables if you want to give me a snack!

Norman: Variety is the spice of life, little one. And you know what they say…”an apple a day…”

Elsa: I know, blah, blah, blah. Barf.

Norman: Heavens, sounds like one of those bees you were mesmerized by flew under your bonnet!

Elsa: Ha, ha, my brother trying to be funny. Hey, don’t quit your day job, Bucko.

Norman: Well, I think we should get back to the nature portion of this post. Mum was delighted the chilly night temperatures hadn’t seemed to bother the Magnolia tree down the block from us. It was covered with lovely soft yellow blooms. Talk about a beautiful sight.


Elsa: Well I know for a fact you tend to keep your nose more focused on the ground, like this Peony bush that is already forming buds. Can’t wait to see what color the flowers are. They always smell so divine.


Norman: I can assure you nothing gets past my sniffer. I’ll check it once it starts filling the air with some perfume.

Elsa: {eyes rolling again} You know you’re the reason why our walks take forever. Mom has to pull you along from Point A to Point B because you’re sniffing so much. Are you sure you’re not part Bloodhound?

Norman: {with dignified straightening of his collar} For the record I. am. 100%. Old. English. Sheepdog.

Elsa: If you say so. But some days, I have serious doubts.

Norman: This is not the place to discuss one’s ancestry, dear sister. We’re here to share slices of Nature from around our neighborhood. And with that pronouncement, let me share one last picture from across the street. Their Phlox are blooming so prettily but I found one with a special ‘flower’ in the center of it. Mum said what a shame and we’ll probably have an infestation of the yellow flowers but I think it’s quite lovely.


Elsa: Meh…I’m mostly indifferent. I know you really get into this whole botanical thing. I prefer to keep my eyes focused on the neighborhood squirrels.

Norman: Remember little one that “Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower. ~ John Harrigan. And with that we hope you have a smashing weekend. Don’t forget to get out there and check out Nature…right now she’s sharing loads of flowers. Cheerio, mates.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ April 14, 2023

Elsa & NormanWelcome to Friday, mates. Norman here along with my sister Elsa ready to share a few slices of  Nature around us. As always, we’re joining Rosy and Sunny from the LLB life. Don’t forget to click on the link to see what others have shared.

Elsa: Come onnnnnn, dude….ROAD TRIP.

Norman: Patience little one. Let me set the scene before you go sharing pics, okay?

Elsa: Jeez, you’re so prickly about procedure. Just get on with it, will you?

Norman: Ahem…as I was about to say before your interjection, we took a trip to visit with Mum’s Dad. Her sister from Maryland also came to visit so we had a nice family visit for Easter. Needless to say, we received lots of ear rubs and “Atta boy’s.”

Elsa: And “Atta girl’s.” Don’t forget I get lots of attention too, dog breath!

Norman: Yes, yes, of course, there were lots of “good dog” accolades all around. Now may I continue without further interruption?

Elsa: Sheesh, you’re kinda grumpy today. But do go on, brother dear.

Norman: {eyes rolling} As I was saying, we drove down to Southern Colorado but not before Mum got together with her friend from the new sheepdog rescue to discuss some fundraising business. They had a long conference call with someone who knows fundraising techniques that could be helpful to the rescue and hope to make more progress on fundraising future efforts. After their call, they decided to take a rejuvenating break and walk around the small lake across the street. It’s like a little oasis in the city. They took a quick walk around it on what was a beautiful day and the view of snow-capped mountains on the horizon was just what Mum needed to clear her head.

Snow capped mountain

Elsa: That is a gorgeous sight. But what Mom encountered around the lake…well I can’t stop giggling. I mean, look at this pups whose owner may be a ‘tad’ paranoid about wildlife encounters. She was even carrying a wedge golf club with her.

Dog with coyote vest

Norman: I’ll leave it to you to decide which would be more scary, seeing this or the golf club on a walk. Even though I’m a big dog and could likely frighten off any potential coyote, I don’t think Mum would walk us in an area where a pup might be snatched to begin with, and would likely just walk us on the sidewalk near houses. But that’s just me.

Elsa: {giggling hysterically} Oh my dog…I can’t catch my breath I’m laughing so hard. I guess there’s truth to the adage “it takes all kinds.”

Norman: Now, now, sister, no aspersions, okay? Not everyone is as…hmm…how shall I put this…brave as you are.

Elsa: Doggone straight, bucko. And don’t you forget it!

Norman: Moving right along. When you look around the lake (which by the way, is very low these days-much as it pains me to say this…we need moisture in the worst way), you can see lots of dried, crunchy vegetation that probably is wildlife’s  habitat. Mum saw a few birds along with other signs of wildlife traipsing through the area, providing water and cover to all the wildlife. Mum herself has seen a coyote on the other side of the park once when she drove by.


Elsa: By the time we arrived in Southern Colorado and got settled in, we marveled at the quiet plains and beautiful sunset which is so different from our city life.


Norman: It sure is a wonderful place to visit and not just for all the attention we receive. Just look at that sunset.

Elsa: You’re so right, brother. The sunsets ARE beautiful. No wonder it’s called “Colorful Colorado.” And the sunrises are very similar…ahem…when you actually get your butt out of bed and check them out when we go say good morning to the neighbors across the road.

Horses and donkeys

Norman: Hey, don’t look at me as the cause of us not getting out there to see the colorful sunrise which you can still see a glimpse off in the distance. Mum said it was a bit crisp for my old bones when it was brightly appearing.

Elsa: Those four-legged creatures sure were interested in you and they seemed pretty friendly.

Norman: I visit them every time I’m there, so yes, we’re old friends. I noticed you play bowed, wagged your tail and started bouncing around like you wanted to play with them. They do better when we’re not making sudden moves.

Elsa: Sorry, I couldn’t help it…I was so jazzed to see dogs even bigger than you!

Norman: Umm, dear sister, those weren’t dogs-they’re horses and donkeys, for the record.

Elsa: Whatever, I just wanted to play with them. Mom was afraid I’d start my play bark and at 6:30 in the morning, we thought people sleeping in might not appreciate my enthusiasm.

Norman: I don’t think people care for barking dogs at livestock any time of day. Just saying.

Elsa: Sometimes people can be such killjoys. But at least it was a good trip and I’m excited we will get to go back again in a couple of weeks.

Norman: Yes, we will be going back and will scope out more signs of Mother Nature when we do. Once we drove back home after a few days, Mum noticed signs of spring in our neighborhood.


Elsa: Those flowering Phlox sure were a shock of color but I’m partial to this little fairy house scene with a fabulous smelling Hyacinth. Oh man, was it ever fragrant, even if it didn’t have any horses or donkeys.


Norman: I don’t think the neighbors would be all that keen on the barnyard scents in the city but you’re right, Hyacinths are quite fragrant and that gorgeous royal purple color is just spot on beautiful. Well sister, that’s about it for this week. We hope our readers will get out and enjoy Nature of all kinds this weekend.

Elsa: You’re right, dude. Time for us to hit the road again. Next time though I get to choose the playlist. While the 70’s and 80’s music was ok, but I was hoping for more hip hop if I have to lay next to you in the back seat.

Norman: Best to cool your jets, Ninja. It’ll be next week when we’re on the road again. Until then, you’ll have to simmer down and enjoy urban Nature in the meantime. Cheerio and let’s hope we get some measurable rain later today and not just a cool front.

Elsa: {voice trailing as she bounces into the other end of the house} Pip, pip you ginormous bag of fur. I’ll race you to the toy box!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday ~ April 7, 2023

EasterHappy Good Friday peeps, pups and kitties. Welcome to this week’s edition of Nature Friday where we’re joining the cool kiddos over at Adventures of the LLB Gang. Hiya, it’s me, Elsa along with my doltish brother, Norman, sharing a few pics from our Easter ‘Hood. So put your Easter bonnet (or ears)  on and let’s check out what’s new this week. And don’t forget to click on the link to see what others have shared.

Elsa: It was another week for the books. Sunny but chilly with windy conditions and {gasp} a speck of the white stuff for Holy Week though Mom assured me we should be warming up over the next several days.

Norman: You have to agree little sis, Mother Nature is nothing if not cruel diverse with what she dishes out. Oi…my poor aching bones. On the bright side, it looks like Spring is doing its level best to wake up and well…spring forth. Even a couple of bulbs surprised Mum by making a colorful appearance. Take for instance this daffodil. Mum squealed with delight when she saw it peeking up in the blue grape hyacinths and dried leaves.


Elsa: More like shocked. She told me she didn’t plant that guy over there. This is either the work of a ‘helpful’ squirrel, which we all know isn’t likely because, I mean…a “helpful squirrel” come on, that’s just fantasy, am I right? It’s probably more likely to have been an escapee…that’s what Mom calls bulbs who migrate from their original planting spot.

Norman: I even had to go over and check it out, it was so bright in that area where dried leaves prevail.

Elsa: {interrupting} More likely you probably went to water it.

Norman: {Ahem} As I was saying, there was another bright spot in our garden, some deep purple hyacinths although they decided to appear on the first day it snowed. Mum was scratching her head about where it came from too. She didn’t remember planting it there but said it’s always possible. As you said, it’s not likely she got any help from the resident critters and we both know we didn’t get our paws dirty in the soil. Now that the snow has melted, it seems nothing worse for the wear. Hardy little buggers, aren’t they?


Elsa: Well they are native to eastern Mediterranean near Turkey so I guess that makes sense. I’m no botanist but I think a fair number of our spring bulbs originated in that region. Hmmm, and here I always thought they came from Holland.

Norman: Oh dear sweet Elsa…aren’t you precious, little one?  Another bulb that originated in Persia is the tulip. Mum’s have just broken ground but we found this one on a walk. From a distance it looked like a bright piece of rubbish but as we got closer, Mum was thrilled it wasn’t something she needed to put into a bin.


Elsa: They sure seem hardy. I know you wouldn’t want to have snow on your head.

Norman: Right you are on that, Ninja! Brrrr. The day it snowed Mum walked over to the Post Office and saw how the snow had swirled on dried leaves and branches and seed heads. It’s much prettier seeing it on screen than being actually there. {shivers}.

Spring Snow

Elsa: Ah come on…it wasn’t that bad? I mean if the Easter Bunny can handle it, surely you can. I swear I think these folks have one of those inflatable things for every holiday. This one is new this year.


Norman: It’s kind of noisy whenever we walk past; they’re nothing like real bunnies who tend to be very quiet and freeze in their tracks until we get too close for their comfort.

Elsa: Wait, I missed a live bunny? Where was I?

Norman: I think you were checking out a taunting squirrel.

Elsa:  Oh yeah, I hate it when they think they can get away with mocking me on our walks. Why I’ll show ’em…

Norman: Umm, sister, no need to get yourself all frothed up. We just need to learn to co-exist.

Elsa: Co-exist…ha! Not a chance.

Norman: {sigh} In your case, that’s probably highly unlikely. I just enjoy seeing them and as long as they don’t bother us, I say live and let live. I’m more about keeping ‘herds’ together rather than treed.

Elsa: Dream on, dog breath. Not as long as I’m around…I’m going to make sure those stupid tree rats don’t sully our garden or on our walks either.

Norman: Oh Elsa…keep your knickers on. Besides, during this special week, we must practice peace and love. All the major religions are celebrating this week. Passover began on Wednesday, Ramadan has been going on since March 20 and ends April 20, and Easter will be celebrated this Sunday. It’s a trifecta of holy days in religion, so peace should be front and center. There was even a blooming Pasque Flower on one of Mom’s walks. Just in time for the holidays. Known as Pulsatilla hirsutissima, Pulsatilla ludoviciana, Pulsatilla patens, Anemone patens) they have an undisputed appearance but a somewhat disputed name. It has been known as Pulsatilla hirsutissima, Pulsatilla ludoviciana, Pulsatilla patens, Anemone patens, etc.  “Pulsatilla” from the Latin for “pulsing”, “moving about”, plus the diminutive, “illa”: thus “a bit of quivering” (from the wind). Pasque Flower or Easter Flower is from the Hebrew “Pasach” i.e. “Passover” [the last supper was the celebration of Pasach] and so this plant is associated with Easter since they generally flower around the Easter/Passover season when winter snow begins to melt. The name most likely arrived through variations of French, “passefleur” and “passflower” both similar to the French word for Easter, “Pasques” which has its roots in the Hebrew word “Pasach” so it’s kind of easy to see how the common name morphed into “Pasque Flower.”

Pasque Flower

Elsa: Since you put it like that, ok, just this once. Besides, I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate, you celebrate Nature in some fashion as well. Have a safe and happy holiday. Mom told me we’re headed south to see our Grandpa and Mom’s other sister who is coming to town. Aren’t you excited? I get to sit up close next to you in the car! Woohoo-road trip!

Norman: Yes, I’m {almost} breathless with anticipation. Happy Easter, Chag Sameach, and Ramadan Kareem everyone.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾