Monday Musings ~ July 1, 2019

It’s a brand new week, month, and a fresh Monday-whoa…how’d that happen? You may have noticed our conspicuous absence last week. We were supposed to visit the hospital and West Pines but by Monday evening, it became clear that Sam was too sick to do any visits and needed to see the vet. Happy to report he has begun to rejoin the canine-race after a very rough week; this despite steadfastly holding on to the notion that he must be catered to every waking moment of the day. The boy has come to expect an on-call short-order cook now and someone to hand feed him.

Sleeping dogFor a few days, he refused to eat or drink anything, requiring subcutaneous fluids from the vet. By Thursday, he would only eat a couple of small (and I do mean s-m-a-l-l pieces of freshly cooked chicken breasts. If…mind you, they were hand fed to him. By late Friday, Little Lord Fauntleroy decided that chicken breasts were far too Plebeian for his tastes and with sad puppy eyes moved on to other heretofore unknown preferences, finally accepting venison and buffalo as a suitable meal fit for his Lordship. Elsa naturally stepped up offering to eat any chicken (or any other food her brother refused to eat) as her contribution toward helping out. She did seem to know something was up with her older brother and tried sitting on sleeping next to him all week long, which made him more than slightly adverse to the close quarters but too weak to move out of the way. Can you say gun-shy of the Ninja? What can I say about these two other than I’m very grateful things are mostly back to normal now for all of us. I no longer have to sleep with multiple rolls of paper towels and cleaning supplies at the ready and my bank account can finally take a deep breath after all the vet visits.

I still wonder however why, when you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep because of a sick dog, why the damn smoke alarm feels compelled to start chirping at 2:00 AM. Any explanations on that one? No…well then let’s just chalk it up to the universe’s many unexplained weirdness and instead start out the new week and month with a silly pun, probably spoken with a heavy Southern accent. Since we kind of went from chilly temps to broil, we can only hope you’re not sweltering too much and hope it’s a great week.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

82 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ July 1, 2019

  1. Ah Sam, see how the Ninja really lurves you. She was concerned for your well being. I am so very glad you are feeling better. Venison can work wonders. Smoke Alarms – ours are hard wired not battery and I have had one going off for no apparent reason. Mind you, that was a few years ago, nothing since.

    1. Those happenstance alerts are quite maddening. There was one of those malfunction alarms when I first moved it. Nothing would quiet it once it got going so I eventually disabled the whole thing. Mind you it was in a hallway, a mere 3 feet from one in a bedroom. Go figure.

      1. That’s so odd – the problem one we had was also in the hallway and we disabled it too. We figured that since there were three in the hall, one less would be ok.

  2. Cracka-lackin, BOL!
    Happy to read Sam is feeling betterπŸ’œgentle nose nudges πŸ’œ
    Q & I went off our food, well, not completely but we too had to be hand feed.
    HuMom didn’t make anything fancy for us though.

    Could Sam ate something or drank (pool/puddle,river,stream or pool) wine?
    Without a dog’s doubt his recovery was quickened with Elsa’s nursing.

    1. He had some sort of infection but seems better now. If only he’d eat on his own without being hand fed. Acting like Lord Fauntleroy, he is. πŸ˜‡

  3. So sorry Sam was ill, and the universe played its usual less-than-timely games with the smoke detector. Often wonder what is up with that! There’s so much truth to “when it rains, it pours!”. Glad Sam is on the mend and things are getting back to normal there.

    1. Just when you think things are moving toward ‘normal’ the Ninja is now experiencing digestive issues. *Sigh* #murphyslaw

  4. Glad to hear that Sam is on the mend now, we know how hard it is getting them to eat when they don’t feel well. We also think the smoke alarms are programmed to only chirp in the middle of the night
    Mabel & Hilda

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. He’s still recovering; it’s always harder on guys his age to bounce back. Wish manufacturers would program those alarms to notify you during daylight hours when the battery needs to be changed. When I’m half asleep, it would be so easy to fall off a chair trying to reach the battery slot!

  5. How stressful when our furbabies are sick. Glad he is turning the corner!
    Lotsa love sent over there from over here.

  6. I’m picturing you hunting deer and buffalo to meet Sam’s culinary preferences. Monika the Mountain Woman, trapper extraordinaire. Glad to hear that our favorite Spoo is on the mend. So darn frustrating because they can’t explain their problems to us, well, other than puking over everything. Elsa’s heart is in the right place even if her ass wasn’t.

  7. Oh No!! Poor, sweet Sam!! I’m glad he’s feeling better! It’s sooooo worrisome when they refuse to eat and drink to the point where they need fluids from the vet! With Shadow it was IV fluids; but I think she was just truly ready to be reunited with Callie. Elsa was just trying to help you help Sam feel better. Little sisters may be demon-like at times, but they do love their big brothers/sisters. Just ask Ducky. ❀️

    Oh, and that’s a pretty good pun. πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Thanks, I think everyone who knows him missed him but me probably the most.

    1. Thanks…he’s making lots of progress toward getting back to being a 100% Knucklehead.

    1. It’s a bit terrifying knowing vet healthcare is as expensive as peep’s healthcare. πŸ˜‡

      1. Yes, but thank goodness the services are available! When I was growing up, veterinarians didn’t have many tools to help them. I’m so glad they do now! I just wish that we didn’t need them as often as we do. I hope this was just a passing virus for Sam.

        1. I hope so too. You’re so right, there was little the vet could do for an epileptic spaniel we had growing up.

  8. Sam, I will definitely come and help Elsa to eat that chicken because I just love chicken and Mom says it’s good for me. Mom and I are just so glad to hear you are doing fine. When we get sick like that we do need lots of attention and yummy foods, don’t we? I can see your Mom is taking such good care of you. Aren’t we just lucky to have such great parents? Just get all better now and we will send that stomach bug to a place where it can’t bother anyone else every again! πŸ˜€

    You and Elsa must have a good one and I am sending you all lots of wet kisses and hugs.

    1. Thanks, Rambo. Yes, I was so sure that nasty bug got cleaned up with some of the paper towels but one or two of the rascals seem to hang on to cause problems. Hopefully we’ve got them on the run for good! Elsa says she’ll happily (mostly happily) share the chicken with you. She’s a BIG fan of that white meat!

      1. They are so nasty for sure! I am sure they are running very fast now and won’t bother you anymore. πŸ˜€

        I am very glad to hear that. I am also a big fan of that white meat. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. oh no poor Sam! Poor you!! I am happy to hear that he is ok now. Just saw your response above, Dakota had the exact same thing last summer. Poor Sam!! Give him kisses from us!! xoxo

  10. Poor Sam…and poor you, in more senses than one given the nature of vets’ bills. So glad that he is recovering, but not taking any bets that he will have forgotten the venison and buffalo parts of his diet…

    1. The venison and buffalo won’t be a problem. Just have no idea what to do with 4 lbs. of chicken breasts since I’m a vegetarian. Maybe it’s a good thing Elsa is like a garbage disposal. LOL

      1. It is amazing how dogs can put themselves out to help you…the self sacrifice involved in eating 4lb of chicken breasts is unbelievable, even looking as if they are enjoying it so that you don;t feel guilty…

        1. Alas, Sam is a bit more self centered and very discerning when it comes to food. In other words…p.i.c.k.y. Unlike his Hoover sister!

  11. oh sam… we are so sorry that you had such hard days… but we hope so much that things are better now and yes, we agree with yout thinking about chicken… lobsters… yes that is true food…

    1. Thanks! Lobsters are too rich for our constitutions, so we’ll just have to stick with venison, buffalo and lamb. If he were to eat lobster, he’d probably start having gout symptoms.

  12. Oh my goodness. I’m glad he’s back to normal. I hate it when they are sick. I can relate to the gastro-infection. I’ve all kinds of issues and have to be ever so careful what I eat.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday. β™₯

    1. Thank you, Sandee. He’s not yet 100% but getting close. Now if I could just convince him he doesn’t need to be hand fed for his meals. LOL

  13. It’s scary when our best friends get so sick. I’m glad to hear the knucklehead is almost all better. Wonder if the ninja was trying to comfort Sam, or taking advantage of his inability to get away from her..

    1. She was definitely concerned about him and seemed to know something was up. Dogs are amazing at picking up on illness for their peeps as well as among each other.

  14. So sorry to hear about Sam. I was hoping you were having fun, not cleaning up yuk! Glad he’s back to normal. Did you ever find out what it was? Maybe he ate some mystery food.

    1. Poodles are notorious for gastro issues and he’s suffered from colitis over the years. This was just a super bad infection that really laid him low. He’s not quite 100% but improving each day. 🀞🏼

  15. I hope Sam knows how lucky he is to have such a wonderful mama! And his sister is pretty awesome too . . picking up the slack by eating the chicken, now that is love! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, she’s full of it. “It” being any number of things. This boy (ok, even his sister tooπŸ˜‡) will always be at the top of my priorities.

        1. You’re too kind. I’m the blessed one-this boy is quite remarkable and deserves loving care and attention. Especially during those icky, sick times. He’s making progress in getting back to full knuckleheaded-ness.

  16. Awwww. It is always so heart wrenching when our furry family members are feeling low. Hopefully things are looking up now and the bond is even stronger.

    1. It sure is. He’s relishing all my attention and I’m happy to be able to shower him in it.

    1. Thanks. It’s very lean and full of protein. Apparently it tastes great because he is currently chowing down on some right now.

  17. I’m so glad Sam is feeling better. Having a fur baby sick is the worst. Why these smoke decectors churp at 2:00 am is anybody’s guess. They all do.

    1. I don’t think any of the smoke detectors in this house has ever chirped during daylight hours. 😬

  18. I’m glad Sam is feeling better by now> Keeping my fingers crossed for a full recovery for him.
    Have a wonderful week,

  19. oh no, not again… illness affects everyone doesn’t it? I hope he’s recovering now. Our vet wants us to vaccinate VS lepto, is that what Sam has?

    1. Especially the older we get. No lepto; there was no high fever and his kidney and liver functions were fine. The final diagnosis was a severe gastro-infection.

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