Traveling with a dog

It’s no secret that Sam loves the idea of traveling but actually hates the travel part. Our cross-country odyssey was no exception so I decided to try a holistic remedy to ease his anxieties. Enter ‘Licks‘ Zen formula:


This product is a calming aid for stressed-out, anxious or aggressive pets. 100% natural with active ingredients of chamomile, tryptophan (precursor to neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin also found in turkey-think Thanksgiving food coma), L-Theanine (another amino acids which increases levels of dopamine), organic Eleuthera root (shown to lower blood sugar levels and boost immune function), and organic Ashwagandha root (an Ayurveda herb known to inhibit anxiety). It takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to act and lasts 4-6 hours. Dosages can be safely doubled or tripled if need be and the other bonus is it’s made in the USA. Color me happy!

Sam is kind of picky about food, often amiably grazing throughout the day and rarely eats his kibbles when first served. This was his reaction as soon as I applied a dose. He absolutely loved it! On the road he even ate it directly from a napkin!


Was it effective? Yes, to a degree. The first day, completely. The second and third days slightly less so but still better than the excessive panting/shaking bundle of fur he would normally have been. I highly recommend it for pups who don’t fare well car traveling and other anxious moments (i.e. fireworks, thunderstorms).

Live, love, bark! <3