Traveling with a dog

It’s no secret that Sam loves the idea of traveling but actually hates the travel part. Our cross-country odyssey was no exception so I decided to try a holistic remedy to ease his anxieties. Enter ‘Licks‘ Zen formula:


This product is a calming aid for stressed-out, anxious or aggressive pets. 100% natural with active ingredients of chamomile, tryptophan (precursor to neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin also found in turkey-think Thanksgiving food coma), L-Theanine (another amino acids which increases levels of dopamine), organic Eleuthera root (shown to lower blood sugar levels and boost immune function), and organic Ashwagandha root (an Ayurveda herb known to inhibit anxiety). It takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to act and lasts 4-6 hours. Dosages can be safely doubled or tripled if need be and the other bonus is it’s made in the USA. Color me happy!

Sam is kind of picky about food, often amiably grazing throughout the day and rarely eats his kibbles when first served. This was his reaction as soon asΒ I applied a dose. He absolutely loved it! On the road he even ate it directly from a napkin!


Was it effective? Yes, to a degree. The first day, completely. The second and third days slightly less so but still better than the excessive panting/shaking bundle of fur he would normally have been. I highly recommend it for pups who don’t fare well car traveling and other anxious moments (i.e. fireworks, thunderstorms).

Live, love, bark! <3

29 thoughts on “Traveling with a dog

  1. I count myself VERY lucky that my dogs are car-lovers. Driving anywhere (even for 5-minutes) is like heaven on earth to these two. But let’s never talk about thunder, okay? Or fireworks. Not ever. So we’ll definitely be giving this stuff a try. Thanks for the recommendation and happy travels!

    1. Knowing how your guys react, I hope it works on the fireworks/thunder thing. We will probably pick up a Thundershirt too for all long distance trips to see if that in combination with the Licks will make a difference. Though totally smooth roads would make a difference. I’m also considering buying stock in a lavender farm! πŸ˜‰

  2. we will look if we can find it… Easy loves travel-adventures too, but not with using the car :o) I’m sadly not rich enough to buy him a concorde, so I will try to use some magic potion for a trouble-free travel :o)

  3. Good to know. I LOVE the car and am not bothered by firecrackers or thunder at all. Mom’s friend has a dog who needs this badly for thunderstorms and 4th of July. Thanks!

    Love and licks,

  4. Being all natural, this looks like something the whole family could tuck into, although maybe not the driver of the car! I could have used some over the last couple of days with the kids going back to school and getting everything organised. Would be great to combat he fireworks. We had more fireworks this week for Australia Day and she was much better. On NYE, we flew outside to look at them and we suspected our excitement triggered her fear as she wasn’t fazed in the past. Here’s hoping hse’s over it.
    Lady has jumped up on me twice now telling me to hurry up with that cup of tea and get moving. Not sure what I’ve done to signal beach walk but they KNOW!!
    Enjoy your travelss and hope Sam succumbs to chill out time xx Ro

      1. A good park with a fence is a friend to all children. No way us adults could ever keep up with the wee folk. My son was extremely active when he was younger but now when he’s not scouting, seems to be on his device much of the time.
        I was chatting to some grandparents the other day who have been staying with the grandchildren for 3 months and are about to go back to the UK. I watched the 4 year old run ahead with such energy. They said they’ll miss them but they clearly need some slow time.

          1. I don’t know how we adults were ever meant to keep up with kids or indeed we weren’t. What I have worked out is that you need to start life out with a lot of energy so you have any left towards the end.

  5. Chienne hated the car. Just taking her to the vet was a screaming match – very painful on the ears. The Vet gave us a drug to calm her down which was only partly effective. I could never take her anywhere because of her fear of the car – of being in the car. Sadly she was never at the beach and she was always left at home when we went out. Benji loves the car and comes most places with me – depending on the heat of the day.

  6. I love that it’s holistic, and especially that it’s made here in the USA!! Thankfully, all of my girls have always been good car travelers. Enjoying your Travelogue series!!

  7. Awesome, I will have to remember that. Miley HATES car rides, she is all up in my face trying to get out! LOL Enjoy your trip, give the little ones big hugs from me!

  8. Oh, I want to try this one! I mean, I love the one I have now but, hey, I’m game for trying everything once. Glad it helped Sam. I completely understand about car rides. *ear licks*

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