Can I get HBO or Showtime?

720108139_17013699719566836879Sam here. I’m trying my best to catch up on some great shows on HBO and Showtime but so far nothing seems to be coming through. Can anyone tell me what’s up with that?

You probably heard that I had my teeth cleaned yesterday. I was a little loopy last night when mom picked me up. My eyes were very bloodshot and I looked like I had been crying with huge wet tear stains down my face. Mom thought I looked more than a little punch-drunk. My teeth are all sparkly now and nice Dr. Erickson removed a small cyst-like tumor on my front leg (yup, the same one I hurt last week-what were the odds?!). Mom noticed it when we were in California and knowing that I’d be put under for the teeth cleaning, opted to do both at the same time. If this is what getting old looks like, please unsubscribe me from that list.

See my blood-shot eyes? The third eyelid looks pretty gross, doesn’t it? Ick!IMG_2634

When I got home I was a ‘starving Marvin’ and ate like I hadn’t eaten in 87 days. Then I slept like a log all night long once I figured out how to navigate with the cone of shame HBO receiver on my head. Mom used one of those travel pillows to help me get used to the cone but has been watching me like a hawk so I don’t lick my foot. She doesn’t seem to understand it itches. Dr. E said I can’t go swimming or take any baths (yeah…doing the happy dance about that!) and must take all the meds they gave me to fully heal.

Anywhooo…I’m ok though it’ll take a few days to get all the anesthesia out of my system and get the pathology report back so we know more about that little nodule on my ankle. Paws crossed it’s nothing serious.

In the meantime, I’m gonna work the pitiful angle. Think it will work and I score extra treats with this look? I’m counting on it.


In the meantime, I’m gonna take a lots of naps while I’m recording “Homeland” through this DVR cone. Maybe this stupid thing will keep my head upright since I can’t seem to lay my head down and get any rest today. Have a groovy Tuesday.

IMG_2639 2

Live, love, bark! <3