Can I get HBO or Showtime?

720108139_17013699719566836879Sam here. I’m trying my best to catch up on some great shows on HBO and Showtime but so far nothing seems to be coming through. Can anyone tell me what’s up with that?

You probably heard that I had my teeth cleaned yesterday. I was a little loopy last night when mom picked me up. My eyes were very bloodshot and I looked like I had been crying with huge wet tear stains down my face. Mom thought I looked more than a little punch-drunk. My teeth are all sparkly now and nice Dr. Erickson removed a small cyst-like tumor on my front leg (yup, the same one I hurt last week-what were the odds?!). Mom noticed it when we were in California and knowing that I’d be put under for the teeth cleaning, opted to do both at the same time. If this is what getting old looks like, please unsubscribe me from that list.

See my blood-shot eyes? The third eyelid looks pretty gross, doesn’t it? Ick!IMG_2634

When I got home I was a ‘starving Marvin’ and ate like I hadn’t eaten in 87 days. Then I slept like a log all night long once I figured out how to navigate with the cone of shame HBO receiver on my head. Mom used one of those travel pillows to help me get used to the cone but has been watching me like a hawk so I don’t lick my foot. She doesn’t seem to understand it itches. Dr. E said I can’t go swimming or take any baths (yeah…doing the happy dance about that!) and must take all the meds they gave me to fully heal.

Anywhooo…I’m ok though it’ll take a few days to get all the anesthesia out of my system and get the pathology report back so we know more about that little nodule on my ankle. Paws crossed it’s nothing serious.

In the meantime, I’m gonna work the pitiful angle. Think it will work and I score extra treats with this look? I’m counting on it.


In the meantime, I’m gonna take a lots of naps while I’m recording “Homeland” through this DVR cone. Maybe this stupid thing will keep my head upright since I can’t seem to lay my head down and get any rest today. Have a groovy Tuesday.

IMG_2639 2

Live, love, bark! <3

55 thoughts on “Can I get HBO or Showtime?

  1. Oh Sam that cone of shame looks like it is no fun. The neck pillow looks lots better 🙂 Glad your teeth are nice and that cyst is gone though. Kisses sweetie 🙂

        1. Beyond sad and pitiful. Poor thing has crashed into every possible angle in the house and has freaked out with today’s windy weather with it on him. Feel so bad but devised a suitable hack that seems to work and keep him from wigging out. Good luck to us! 😉

          1. Awww…just read the latest post about Sam’s ordeal! The hack sounds like a good one. I’ve seen articles about alternatives to the cone of shame and people definitely recommend covering the area instead. Good luck…can’t take many more pics of Sad Sam :o(

  2. Poor guy. Sampson hated the cone of shame, his whole demeanor would change when I put it on him. I hope the cyst is nothing and you are back to being Mom’s shadow in no time! Hugs Sam.

  3. aaww poor buddy. I just know everything is going to come out fine my friend. You can’t keep a great pooch down – no way! And yes – suck this attention up for all that you can while you can. A little whimpering helps – looks innocent – not that any of us here know that from personal experience – snorts. And hey, don’t worry about that cone. You make that cone look awesome! XOXO – Bacon

      1. aaww – give him some hugs from us. He needs some major TLC. Wish I was closer – I would try to cheer him up 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  4. Oh Sam, first you hurt your foot and now this – what a week you’re having! Take care – loads of naps and extra treats will definitely help! 🙂

  5. Poor Sam. Hope you get to take that “receiver” off of your head soon and that everything is okay with your leg. I have my fingers crossed and Tippy has her paws crossed for you.

  6. What a good boy! Portia cannot wear the “cone”, no matter what I do. She thrashes around, bumps into walls and gets crazed. So I resort to the watching like a hawk.

    1. Those travel pillows work great in that case, though to be fully effective, they need to protrude 2″ longer than the nose. At least with that on, he can get the rest he needs while the anesthesia clears his system. 😉

  7. It’s gonna get better fast, Sweet Sam. I had my teeth cleaned last fall and some bumps removed. The biggest one was over my tail and I had a pretty big one on my eyelid, too. They were just plain old poodle bumps. There was a different bump on my paw that turned out to be skin cancer. The vet called it a basel cell carcinoma but I wasn’t worried because Grandpa has had lots removed – easy peasy. Love from Jolie Amie and Granny

  8. Hi Sam,
    I feel with you. I still remember our Sally [now sadly gone over the rainbow bridge], how afraid she was when our vet had to put such a collar [] on her. Glad you can bear it with some good humour, when you call it your satelltite receiver. 😉
    Have a good time, and speedy recovery for your foot,

    1. Thanks, Pit. We looked at our Sally’s cone picture. Oh my gosh, she really didn’t understand it, did she? They do seem rather frightened by not being able to see peripherally. We’re hoping the 2 weeks in the cone will pass quickly.

      1. Thanks, Sam, for looking at Sally’s picture. Yes, she was scared at that time. We tried to help her as much as possible, and the vet took that contraption off as soon as he dared. When we were sure she wouldn’t tear the drainage thingies out of her wounds.

  9. Heal fast Sam! The cone will be off in no time. You can follow all the ins & outs of the Broncos and Free Agency. Von Miller was franchised. He wants to play his career with the Broncos. 💙

  10. Awwww such a sweet face – I’d give you treats Sam. Chienne (RIP) had one of them cones and she also complained about the poor reception. Hope you are better soon.

  11. It could have been worse. Kenzie the Westie (RIP) went in for a teeth cleaning and wound up having three teeth extracted in the process.

  12. Whew! I’m glad the cleaning and removal went well. Sorry you’re stuck in that TV signal-getter. I’m crossing my paws that the pathology comes back negative and that the itchies stop asap! *ear licks* Noodle

  13. there should just be another way…maybe a cone for the leg. Cole has so many lumps and I beg the vet to remove them but they all say no. Leave them. He has had two removed however. Fast recovery Sam

  14. Sam you are your own dolby-surround-system now with that loudspeaker… but I hope you can put it away soon and all that bad things from the vet are forgotten soon… if you ask me, milk it as long as pawsible :o)

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