Flashback Friday

In an effort to get out of the Bah-Humbug funk that has continued to have a stranglehold on me, I went through some old photos and came across these gingerbread houses, some of which I made with one of my sisters a couple of years ago. I gave them to my bosses as gifts. While I may no longer have bosses to build houses for like these, I kind of wish I’d put one together this year, though no doubt, a certain Ninja Elf who shall remain nameless would try to nosh on them! Are they fun to put together? You bet-cha! Just be forewarned…they do take some assembly time (what was I thinking making a tile-roof of sliced almonds?!) and you WILL be sweeping up candy pieces over the next 6 weeks because those little balls bounce everywhere! But all in all, not a bad first effort. While I may not be much of an architect, who can resist cute gingerbread houses to amp up the decorations?

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What creative things do you make to get into the ‘howliday’ spirit?













Live, love, bark! <3