Fab Friday

It’s finally Friday and I confess some of this week’s encounters had me thinking this exact thought. Are you ready for the weekend as much as I am? Got any special plans?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

50 thoughts on “Fab Friday

  1. mommakatandherbearcat

    I’ve never heard that before … and it made me think … corn bread might just be the only food I’d rather have fully cooked than not quite done (my Mom burned the heck out of everything growing up – no kidding, we knew when dinner was ready because the smoke detector would go off). Corn bread is one of those things I can’t get enough of though!

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  2. somethingwagging

    Hope you make the most of your weekend.

    For us, weekends don’t mean much anymore. We work whenever we have good internet or time and that can be any day or time of day. Sometimes we avoid traveling on weekends with great weather because of all the other recreational boaters–we call it amateur hour. 🙂

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  3. edgar62

    It’s the Coffee Ladies Christmas Dinner tonight and I is the “Designated Driver” for “She who must be obeyed”. I take her there, come home and she phones me when she needs to be picked up again. Is good – me and Benji have the pad all to ourselves tonight.

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  4. tippysmom2

    I know some people who fit that description. hahaha I am hoping to get to meet my neice’s new puppy this weekend. She got a cute little mini-Aussie on Wed. Don’t know if Tippy will get to meet him or not. We’ll probably go to mom and dad’s, where the evil cat lives. Tippy doesn’t get to visit him. LOL

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      1. tippysmom2

        I guess I should have explained that the cat really isn’t evil (well, not all of the time), but Tippy thinks all cats are evil and, therefore, need to be chased away from everyone she loves. LOL I’ll give her extra ear scratches from you.

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  5. easyweimaraner

    the mama has an evil plan…she will drive to the shoestore later because there is happy hour… 50% and free drinks… my dad went on strike and guess who will be her shopping assistant? me! ha as if a striking dad can mess up a shopping trip… he is not even in da union.

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