We’re baaacck…

Greetings and salutations, peeps! Sam here. IMG_1219 We’ve returned from ‘going fishin’ and can I just say best. week. ever! We did and experienced things we never thought possible. Everything was just perfect.

Mom and I were reminded by the expression “may you live in interesting times.” Certainly the times are beyond interesting these days, so I thought I should investigate and try to find out the what and from where that expression came. Many people have used it including some notably famous folks (Robert F. Kennedy, in fact) and it is universally thought to be some sort of Chinese folk wisdom. Some people think it’s actually a translation of a traditional Chinese curse though no actual Chinese source has been discovered. In any event, suffice it to say we think of it as positive and intend to view it on that basis.

So what did we miss? Mom made some feeble attempts to ‘try’ and keep up (if you ask me, she did a lousy job, because there were more than a hundred emails in her inbox, but hey…that’s just me, what do I know…I’m only the dog in this equation and clearly the only one on this team who never stops working). One thing is for sure though, she was thinking about you guys and hoping everyone was having as great a time as we were with perfect September weather. So dish now…what all did you do this past week while we were away? Hope you know that you were missed.

Live, love, bark! <3