Friday Rhymes

Any special plans?  Whatever you have planned here’s hoping some beautiful rhyming accompanies you along the way.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

44 thoughts on “Friday Rhymes

  1. Love the post and I just wish to say,
    A couple of reds is surely good everyday.
    Waiting till Friday would be my least favorite topic,
    Just need to make sure I don’t end up an alcoholic.

  2. The sun finally came out this afternoon, so celebrating with a glass of wine this evening sounds like a great idea!

  3. Yes I have special plans and they are as follows:

    Special Plan number one, stay out of this heat
    Special Plan number two, A/C will have it beat
    Special Plan number four, drink lots of fluids cold
    Special Plan number five, drink wine because it’s old
    Special Plan number six, I’m running out of rhyme
    Special plan number seven, I needs a glass of wine.

    The End.

  4. We hope that you 3 are well and we hope your mom’s peeps are feeling better.
    We had 7″ of snow on Wednesday…broke an old record of 2002 of amount of snow in one day.
    We rarely get 7″ in a one winter much less one day.
    Hugs madi andmom

    1. Thank you. We are doing well, busy as all get out. Today will be lovely and in the 60’s and tomorrow snow is forecast. Hopefully. We are desperate for some moisture this winter. Enjoy your snow, by it in it or snuggled up cozy inside.

  5. It also rhymes with sunflower seeds! We have a great relationship-the peeps and I. They get all the wine and I get all the sunflower seeds.

  6. I like your Sam heart widget.
    The hubby is picking up Despicable Me 3 – just out on video – on his way home, so there may be some rhyming tonight with the movie. (Yes, we love these Pixar movies!)

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