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Well the countdown is on and not a moment too soon. After months and months of the absurd, the sleezy, the insane, the end is in sight. While many of us are beyond disgusted at the gutter tactics being used by candidates of all stripes, we know there’s another election for mayor over at Blogville that has ‘Candy-dates” of exemplary moral fiber and ‘paws’ guaranteed to do the right thing by its citizenry who we can wholeheartedly support. Both have what it takes to govern Blogville thoughtfully, with grace and dignity befitting the ‘pawsition.’ So don’t furget to vote for (in alphabetical order) either Arty or Christmas November 8.


And yet it would be derelict of me not to encourage and pled with everyone to vote in the national election too despite the well exposed shortcomings of both candidates. While neither major party candidate is perfect, far from it in some cases, our duty at citizens of democracy are to elect someone who will do the best possible job for the greater good of the country, not for themselves. Remember, it’s not enough to complain, if you don’t participate. That’s why I turned my ballot in 2 weeks ago.


Have a great weekend and remember, it’s Friday…wine could be making an appearance later today, just make sure it’s not a whine version. In other words, keep the cheese on your cracker, sports fans!

Live, love, bark! <3

32 thoughts on “Upcoming Election(s)

  1. I wish we had early voting here in SC; but the state government is too damn cheap to pay the extra expenses for it. Sad that some feel like they’ll have to vote for the lesser of two evils. But I’ll be happy to vote in the Blogville mayoral election…the problem is who to vote for, they’re both great candidates!

  2. Wow…that said it perfectly, we have sooooo Kardashian-ized our candidates in the US…But, as painful as I may find it, I will be out voting on Tuesday.

    As Dory’s Backyard will in the Blogville Election too ;-)!

  3. Finally! An election I can really believe in. No mud slinging with these candidates. Rolling in mud sure, but no slinging of mud, LOL!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. People are risking their lives in some parts of the world for the right to vote. I think it’s my duty to vote. I’m from Sweden and I vote here and when it’s election for EU parliament

  5. Jeff and I both voted earlier this week. And we stood in line about 20 minutes to get to the ballot box. Every day we go by there, the line has been the same or longer. I hope that means that there is a huge turnout on Tuesday and that level heads will prevail. And that we don’t have to move to Canada, LOL!

  6. we stood in line to vote early. I am not conflicted actually and am glad for American values of the right to state my opinion. I think America is still great.
    Can you believe it was less than a hundred years ago women were finally seen as people and “allowed” to vote? Imagine not respecting women! Crazy!

  7. One can hardly criticise, given what the U.K. threw up as candidates in the last General Election: Cameron a loud mouthed bully and Milliband, a well connected idiot, but if Clinton and Trump are the best the parties can do it is well and time people thought of alternative ways to choose a President.
    I’ve always voted when I have been eligible to do so, if only from respect for those who fought to give us the vote, but am coming round to the idea of not doing so, to refuse legitimacy to worthless candidates.

    Give me dogs any day…

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