Word(y) Wednesday

Ah…if only Sam and Elsa would let me do something like this to them. Not the mean meme mind you, but the dress them up part. You’re half way through the week…now onward toward Friday. Woof!

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

68 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. Oh my goodness, you look super cute in curlers! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people at Walmart wearing those same rollers….. Don’t be miffed, throw the humans a bone & let ’em have their fun!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. I am a couple days behind–so it is Friday!!! Yay! That would be so funny if they let you do this to them, but they may not like you after it hehe.

  3. Love that photo… but… I actually am not sure that any dogs really like that dress up stuff. So, yours are lucky that you use other dogs’ photos for funny dressups rather than photos of them! I didn’t fully realize this until Shyla… all my others would stoically put up with it. Now I’ve stopped it with all of them. But those curlers are hilarious!

    1. My pups are definitely not fans of dress-up-so there won’t be any poses with sunglasses or the like. They do seem to enjoy bandanas. Sam in particular gets super excited whenever I put a fresh clean one on him.

  4. Hey, did you ever notice that peeps just don’t care what they wear in WallyMart??! It’s the strangest phenomenon!! BOL!
    Oh, and I won’t let Ma puts any clothes on me either!!!! Or hats, or sunglasses. The only things I’ll ‘tolerate’ is headbands, cause they don’t bother me much, butts that only lasts a few seconds. I do likes bandanas though. I will wear those for a good 15 minutes! ☺
    Ruby ♥

    1. I do’t generally shop Walmart but have seen photos from the website “People of Walmart.” There just are no words. Luckily Sam and Elsa seem to enjoy their bandanas but that the extent of dress up here.

  5. Arty and Jakey don’t mind…as long as they are well rewarded. Arty, like Dory, started dressing up when he was a pup! For Jakey, it was an acquired taste 😉

  6. This is so true. And I am sure all her puppies are going with her, and they will all be whining and barking.

  7. what fun… what would you put on them? A cowboy hat on Sam, a tutu on Elsa, a cowboy hat on Elsa?

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