Monday Musings ~ January 14, 2019

So THAT’S the issue? Guess it’s obvious now the problem isΒ I am owned byΒ I own a Standard Poodle, when what I really need is an automatic.

Standard vs. Automatic

Here’s hoping your week starts off with a chuckle.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

84 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ January 14, 2019

  1. Nothing about Elsa is standard πŸ˜‰
    Back when I pet sat for a company – I remember I went to a house to sit for a poodle. I was thinking toy poodle – and when I saw Sassy was a standard … I thought, “That isn’t a dog!” Not exactly what I expected – but she turned out to be such a sweetheart when you convinced her to trust you. I miss her.

    1. On walks, she actually is pretty ‘standard.’ It’s the Knucklehead who is the walking misbehaver. Elsa is just a stealthy Ninja. LOL

    1. Heh, heh. Yeah, it’s the only thing I drive too, Ruby. Four on the floor, wheels and paws. Well actually five on wheels, but who’s got time to quibble when you’re constantly shifting? 🀣

    1. You certainly can finesse better with a stick. The lurching forward can be interesting. LOL

  2. Well, over winter, I have boots, heavy jacket, reflector vest, gloves, beanie, plastic shopping bag, pocket full of poop bags, two leashes and two dogs. However to be fair, I have automatic dogs – Benji & Yogi so it’s not a problem, except taking off said gloves to separate poop bags. Oh and BTW I have never driven a standard car – I wouldn’t know how to :o(

    1. Separating the poop bags is my worst nightmare. As for “automatics,” I’m just the opposite, I’ve never owned an automatic! They’ve always been ‘standard.’ 🀣

    1. I think so too, better traction, better mileage. But here everything must be done for peeps. *Sigh* My car is a standard and with traffic, sometimes I feel like I have Popeye syndrome-one leg is more muscular than the other from shifting. LOL

        1. 🀣 I love it. Kalle! Just got through reading the latest Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book. Kalle Blomkvist!

    1. That’s right…so squawk away, Kismet. But sadly the header photo has disappeared. Ugh.

    1. And to you as well! We’re almost ready to go out in 4-paw drive on our morning constitution (somewhat delayed due to the 21F degrees-awk!). πŸ₯Ά

        1. Hate to break it to ya, but with high humidity, it is. Sorry. Luckily hot chocolate helps. Stay safe and warm.

          1. Nah…
            OK. Yeah. But seriously… before I became a wimp (about 2 years ago), Zeke and I would go out in -30F for decent walks. Now? Not so inclined…

            1. Umm, no thanks. My coat and boots may handle a short walk, but the gloves…wild snickering would ensue. I have yet to find a pair that I can wear where my fingers aren’t pre-frostbitten as it is. Let alone try to hold two leashes, a couple of poop bags, be able to retrieve a diversionary treat when needed, etc. We look like a low-rent circus as it is.

              1. Oh no gloves for me. Must be mega thick humongous mittens for me – I have Raynaud’s Syndrome so… can’t chance anything puny like gloves.
                And I am mean. I carry no treats. Though I do have the poop bags and put on the small glove in my pocket to duly scoop…

                1. While mitties are warmer, I have less dexterity than with gloves and I already look like a moron trying to separate the bag. The dogs seem to know to take full advantage of it, too. πŸ˜†

        1. He’s such a chucklehead, his tail wags furiously whenever I call him sub-standard. A total dimwit, but sweet as pie.

    1. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Well, ok, I wish they were automatic on sidewalks that are iced over, but that’s a whole different enchilada.

    1. We’re firm believers in starting out the week with a chuckle. And with my two chuckleheads, probably a good guaranty.

    1. Yes, automatics only on icy sidewalks. The cold weather makes Elsa in particular extra frisky making for some interesting outings. She makes me giggle trying to keep up with her, Sam is the real wildcard. I think he’s deliberate with planning his ice carnage. πŸ˜‚

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