Gone Fishing

cairofishPF1_zpse589c5a5  Hey there sports fans…Sam here. Mom has been super busy of late and I had to beg her to give me the password to set this up (what is it about humans taking things so seriously-I keep telling her to tell those lawyers to chillax but does she listen to me?).

So what does that mean? Well…it means we are gonna ‘go fishing’ by taking some time off from work during Labor Day week…but I promise you, we’ll back soon with more fun adventures. Trust me…we really aren’t going fishing, but it had rhythm to it, so sue me. Hope you’ll check back after next week to see what we’ve been up to during the Labor Day week.

[P.S. Full disclosure…that photo is not of me…I HATE water and you wouldn’t catch me that close to it for anything-fish or otherwise.  Just didn’t want you all to think I’ve had a change of heart on the H2O thing because that’s not ever happening.]

Be well and keep smiling! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Now where is that pumpkin spice latte mom is always crowing about in September?

Live, love, bark! <3