Ding dong, DST is gone PSA

img_4018Well, at least gone until next Spring. Don’t forget to set your clocks back Saturday night and ‘sleep in’ an extra hour this Sunday unless you live in Hawaii, Arizona, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and parts of Indiana. I still keep wondering why the rest of us go through this reset twice a year. Sounds like something Facebook would do.

  • No one asks for it.
  • It messes everyone up.
  • Just when you’re used to it, they change it…again.
  • Besides, everyone just loves turning back their clocks and resetting watches so it’s dark by 4 pm. Said no one ever.


On the plus side, I think my car clock will be ‘correct’ now till next Spring. Does the return to standard time mess up your bio-rhythms? How do you and your pets handle the switch back to ‘regular’ time?

Live, love, bark! <3

46 thoughts on “Ding dong, DST is gone PSA

  1. Wow I loved this since my crew started giving me the stink eye at 3 p.m. today for dinner and NOW it’s pitch black dark when I would typically be taking everyone for evening walks and no one is interested yet I know they all need to go! I hate these changes twice a year.

  2. There is nothing good about this time change! All it means is the crew is up an hour earlier looking for breakfast, and I don’t know what time it is all day long. Actually though, this year is the first year I actually did get an extra hour of sleep out of the deal. The hubby gets up with the pets. However, I felt like I overslept and felt guilty! 🙂

  3. Oh boy do we not like time change. Dad has to mess with our grandfather clock to get it back to correct time. Spring is the worst but he still grumbles in the fall.
    As for me, MOL was hungry at 5:18 EST this am or 6:18 DST…I did a little complaining to the food service department…she finally felt sorry for me and my tummy at 5:30 am…now I’m napping she is not
    hugs madi

    1. We agree, spring is definitely the worst but it always takes several days for this upright’s internal clocks to get acclimated. Hopefully everyone in your household will adjust quickly and painlessly.

  4. I’ve done a few posts on DST and how unnecessary it is. it’s nothing more than a way to fool us into thinking it’s later or earlier than it really is. Since I work nights, and weekend nights, I’m always on the clock during the time change (haven’t missed one since Spring of 1999)… and it always creates a heck of a lot of confusion…. especially for rookie managers like the one we had last night who’d never had to handle a DST shift before…

    1. DST really messes with the body’s bio-rhythms. At one point I could see its relevancy but this patch, patch, patch system we have in a global society makes no sense. Everyone is going in 87 different directions. Europe changed their clocks back last weekend. It just makes no sense to me.

  5. It really is a ridiculous thing to do and serves no real purpose but at least this time of year we get an extra hour of snoozing. In the spring it is really nasty!

  6. You’re right, here in Arizona we don’t change our clocks. However it doesn’t mean we don’t make adjustments. Today we’re the same as San Francisco and tomorrow we’ll be the same as El Paso. New York will be two hours different not three. Football game will start at 11 instead of 10. We have to do a mental adjustment because everyone else moves.

  7. its the earlier sunsets each day that gets to me. no taking walks with lily and hubby each evening after dinner.

    1. Yes that’s the downside, but I’ve used a flashlight for years to navigate over uneven sidewalks and slippery paths. I don’t like it but it’s preferable to the bio-rhythm upset both me and the dogs endure. Happy weekend!

  8. Thankfully, Barley loves sleeping in regardless, so it doesn’t make much difference in her schedule. The kitty always gets shut out of the bedroom in the middle of the night when he starts begging for food around 3 a.m., so he’ll just get shut out at a different hour. At this point in the semester, I always love that extra hour we get–but it’s equally painful to lose one in the spring.

  9. Kloe’s up with sun so I guess we’ll be getting up an hour earlier for a while. Hopefully she’ll get to the point like Kali who stays in bed until I get up. I always wondered how they manage appointments and various events in Indiana. I guess if you’re talking far enough away you’re either an hour early or a hour late….

    1. When you’re trying to schedule conference calls throughout multiple areas around the country, you need to consult with NASA sometimes – it’s a nightmare, especially if some people don’t indicate which time zone the call begins. 😉 Fingers and paws crossed that Kloe gets on board with warm bed snuggles with you and her sister. Happy weekend 😉

  10. I wish we’d have standard time all year. I don’t see why these switches twice a year are necessary.
    Have a good weekend,

          1. Let’s form a “Verein” [club]. There’s a saying, that the moment three Germans get together, they form a “Verein”. 😉

  11. I love DST for the sunlight. Since I’m a night owl, I might not appreciate the extra light in the mornings as much as my husband who knocks around in the dark getting ready for work. The time change doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t resent it. On the other hand, the seasonal darkness is depressing to me, but that’s just nature playing with my head.

  12. The churches hate it because, depending on if it is spring or fall, folks show up early or after the service is over. You can count on it. I have never had a dog whose internal clock changed overnight. Lexi would either be thrilled she was getting fed early or p..ssed off that she was getting fed late. It took her a week or so to adjust to it. “Sounds like something Facebook would do.” Laughed hard at the truth of that one.

  13. I love it in the spring when there’s an extra hour of light after work. That I really don’t like about fall and winter is not the time change but the sun giving us less hours of light. We’ll be off kilter for about a week but that’s not unusual in this household.

    1. You’re right, retirement isn’t affected by it but families with school children sure are, not to mention employees. Oh and pets who thrive on routine and their bio-rhythms. Try to explain it to an accustomed dog brain he’s gonna be eating an hour later or earlier and we’re talking about major confusion!

  14. Mom won’t set the clocks till morning, so we will get an extra hour of being awake instead of an extra hour of being asleep. We both hate the dark, so earlier dark is not fun for us.

    Love and licks,

  15. Our farmers hate the clock shifting back and forward and I am not all that keen on it myself and I think it interferes with the dog’s internal dinner time clock.

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