Tuesday Trivia ~ June 23, 2015


Sam here…after last week’s edition of trivia from mom about Paul McCartney and his pretty OES, Martha, I thought I could do this week’s installment of Tuesday Trivia. So here goes.

  • This one is especially near and dear to me and mom’s hearts. One of the Michael Vick dogs, Leo, went on to become a therapy dog who comforted children suffering from cancer. Although Leo passed away a few years ago, he was a big-hearted sweet dog who gave his all with love and compassion.  Big woof out for Leo.
  • Did you know that seeing eye dogs pee and poop on command so their owners can clean up after them? The command is usually “Get Busy” and male dogs are trained to not lift their legs! WTH is up with that? [Mom: That alone would disqualify Sam because we all know about his propensity for inane sniffing and circling.] “Mom, go away and stop crashing my pawty, you said I could do the post this week by myself!!” Sheesh.
  • In ancient China, the emperor’s last line of defense was a Pekingese dog hidden up his over-sized sleeves. As a big dog, any punchline about little dogs and that bit of info probably would be in bad taste so I’ll keep it to myself. I don’t want you guys to think I’m an elitist.
  • Did you know we dogs have 3 eyelids? An upper lid, a lower lid and the 3rd lid known as a nictitating membrane which helps to keep our eyes moist and protected.
  • Continuing on with the mucus membrane vein, dog’s noses secrete a tiny layer of mucus that help us absorb scents. Licking our nose allows us to sample the scent through our mouths.
  • Dalmatian puppies are born all white; their spots begin showing up as they grow older (take that Cruella DeVil, you mean old bat!).
  • And finally, this piece of trivia about a dog from Colorado named Naki’o who lost all his legs to frostbite when he was a mere puppy. With the help of a local company in the Denver area, OrthoPets fitted him with prosthetics, and Naki’o is walking, even running and jumping like any bouncy pupster.  He’s my kind of bionic dog except for that whole chasing balls thing. I. do. not. chase. balls. For anyone. Period.

Here’s to a safe and happy Tuesday. Mom thinks her office building will probably be the scene of a surprise evacuation drill to be called by the fire department some time later today. As the floor warden for her floor, she’s super excited about shepherding the lawyers down 30+ flights of stairs. See…things could always be worse-there’s nothing quite like trying to herd lawyers.  I think she said something like she’d rather set her hair on fire, but I could have misheard because I was howling so loud at the thought her trying to get all her bosses to go downstairs without whining complaining about the whole drill evacuation. When she gets home tonight, I think I’ll give her extra puppy kisses and love because she’s gonna need it. 😉

Live, love, bark! <3