Nature Friday ~ January 18, 2019

Welcome to today’s edition of Nature Friday where we join our fur-iends Rosy and heNature Fridayr brothers from LLB in Our Backyard. Click on the link to see more Nature Friday posts.

The weather been in the mid-50’s the past few days but winter is expected to do a quick drive-by sometime today. Yes, that is unusually warm for January, but particularly during the National Stock Show when the temps typically hover in the frigid zone. Our forecast calls for rain mixed with snow but since temperatures will be somewhere in the upper 30’s or low 40’s today, but I only expect a sprinkle or two, but not much in the way of snow accumulation. Monday, winter is expected return with a higher chance of snow so we have our fingers crossed. The dogs would love to run Iditarod style, in the white stuff. Me, I just hope to hang on while staying upright laughing at them when they go snow crazy.

Ok, enough with the weather reports. How ’bout some Nature? A trip to my parents house in Southern Colorado allowed me to see these precious little things. Living in an urban environment, birds like this are as rare as hens teeth so can you imagine how thrilling that was. Generally seen on the Western Slope of the Rockies, these  little guys flit to and fro in the pine and pinion trees looking for insects.

The Centennial State I learned is home to three species of bluebirds; Western, Eastern and Mountain bluebirds. A bit bigger than a sparrow, these guys can be found in fields, open woodlands, and in some suburban locations near open areas such as golf courses. Mountain bluebirds (which I have encountered when my daughter lived in the foothills west of town), are found at higher elevations in open meadows.

I could have watched these little guys all afternoon if they’d have let me. They seemed cautious, even a bit shy while I photographed them from inside the house but then again I know I’m not thrilled when someone watches me eat either. They reminded this city girl, there’s a whole ‘nuther world out there that I’m missing.

We hope you get the opportunity to see some unique elements of Mother Nature this weekend and make it a great one.

Bluebirds Bluebirds

Live, love, bark! 🐾

53 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ January 18, 2019

  1. I’m glad to find a birdie here on your bloggie, as they don’t come into my garden…even not while it’s furrezing here….sigh… 😺Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞

  2. That little bluebird is beautiful, Monika. No doubt you remember the bluebird jewelry from the 1970s and 80s. However, I’ve never seen the actually bird before.
    Having the dogs go crazy in the snow must be a sight and so much fun to watch.
    We had fun watching a pelican yesterday when we drove over to Patonga to photograph the car. They’re such an intriguing and striking bird. When I was a kid this movie Storm Boy came out about a boy who adopts a pelican called Mr Percival and I still think of pelicans as Mr Percivals. That movie has been remade and is about to be released and I’d highly recommend it if you get it over there but it is terribly sad.
    Best wishes,

    1. I’m a huge fan of pelicans! Must have seen a jillion of them when I was in Mexico a couple of months ago. Fascinating!

  3. They are so cute!! I love to watch birds. Chickadees are my favorite because they are so active and have the cutest little calls. We only have Eastern bluebirds around here and don’t see them too often.

  4. Supposedly there are bluebirds around here but I’ve not seen one yet. Maybe if I put a bird box on the fence? Nah…I’d probably attract Netflix subscribers. :snorf:

    1. Bwahaha! In my neighborhood, the squirrels would likely filch any birdhouses. They’re absolute hoodlums.

    1. Our geese don’t seem to migrate, the city parks are such great food sources for them, they have it made here. Stay warm this weekend.

  5. I love the Cardinals – I was so happy when I came to the Midwest from Washington State and saw they were common here too. Thanks for sharing the pretty photos.

  6. We’re supposed to get the white stuff on Sunday. Not sure how I feel about that. So you saw the bluebirds of happiness. I just love them. Occasionally I will see one in my backyard, but more frequently their evil cousins, the blue Jays.

    1. Blue jays are really scrappy birds, aren’t they? I love it when the mountain hummingbirds chase them off. They may be tiny but you don’t want mess with them! I hope just the right amount of the white stuff makes it your way. Whatever that may be. 😇

    1. Thanks; the header is done with an app. My watercolors aren’t nearly that nice, at least not the big ones-I stick to greeting card size. 😊

  7. Wagnificent 🐾
    HuMom loves to watch the birds. She says they are way more entertaining then 📺
    The funniest are the family downie woodpeckers that nest in the front yard but the friendliest are the chickadees, red breasted nuthatches & juncos who wait for huMom & the big bowl of black seeds to arrive. The blue jays are cautious birds🐾
    Winter is coming at us full force this weekend with temperatures at -33C, strong winds & potentially 30cm or foot of snow❄️
    Enjoy your rural experience 🐾
    💜nose nudges 💜

  8. They are indeed lovely…

    It’s snowing here, today and not overly warm neither… Oh well. Zeke and I shall go exploring nevertheless!

  9. Awh! Love the bluebirds! We are getting the snow now, still remains to be seen at how “big” of snowstorm we actually get for Saturday is when they are calling for the most of it!

      1. You are sweet! 🙂 If we hadn’t had plans to go away this weekend I would have loved a huge snowstorm! But oh well, if we get a lot of snow I will appreciate the beauty of it and maybe build a snowman. 🙂

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