Good Monday morning peeps

Sam here.  imageWe mom worked very hard in the garden over the weekend (and of course I snoopervised her work-she’s getting a little better at it since I took over on that front) but she conveniently neglected to mention that she’d be taking a few days off so color me super happy.

Yesterday morning she took me for a ride and guess where we went…Grandma and grandpa’s house!! Woo-hoo. Man, I can’t believe she didn’t tell me we’d be coming down to visit them for a few days to celebrate Grandpa’s ‘bark day’ tomorrow. The ‘big dog’ turns 85!  ♪░HAPPY BIRTHDAY░░♪ Grandpa, we <3 you!  And can I just say I’m in bunny nirvana? They are EVERYWHERE, hopping hither and fro but always away from me [cue the sad puppy face].


With all the monsoonal rains, the prairies are covered in glorious sunflowers providing loads of hiding places for those bunnies. Mom tried several times to hold me back take photos of them but they keep scurrying away from this great fur-hunter’s grasp. Those wily rascals just won’t cooperate by posing for photos or letting me check them out up close and personal if you can believe that?! So she decided to take photos of the 87 jillion sunflowers instead. At least they don’t run away from her like the bunnies do.

image  Hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend. With all the forest fires in the western US, our skies have been smoke filled so if there’s any kind of positive to be taken from that, it does provide some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. What exciting things did you do over the weekend?

Live, love, bark! <3