Coffee and Canines

IMG_0831Move over felines…there’s some competition in the cafe business. Looks like someone let the dogs out in the Los Angeles Silver Lake neighborhood where The Dog Cafe recently opened and where you can pet pups and get your caffeine fix at the same time. Local resident Sarah Wolfgang (no pun intended, that’s really her name) was inspired by animal cafes she noticed when she lived in  South Korea for a number of years. In the Korean version, the  dogs were originally from puppy mills and in her cafe, the dogs will come from shelters.

The Dog Cafe the first of its kind in the country, will focus on rescuing dogs from nearby shelters and they will be separated according to age and personality. Employees trained in dog body language and behavior will be on hand to observe interactions. You can sip a variety of coffee, tea or flavored lemonades and spend time with the dogs in the separate dog lounge area away from the stress of an overcrowded shelter. All the dogs will be available for adoption. According to the cafe’s website, they are focused on “rescuing dogs who have been at the shelter the longest due to health or behavioral issues and are at the highest risk of being euthanized.” Ms. Wolfgang compares it to drinking your Starbucks at a kennel. Health department regulations require separating the service area from the dog area and no food will be served. Other safety restrictions include no children under 8 are permitted and an adult must accompany all children. A merchandise area is also a part of the cafe.

The logic behind this new concept in rescues being these dogs are socialized in a less stressful setting while potential owners get a feel for the dog’s personality. The website says, “We want to provide you with the opportunity to see these pooches in their true light.” For patrons unable to adopt a pup, they still can receive all the puppy kisses they want. Coffee served at the cafe comes from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., a Fair Trade organic coffee company who donates a portion of its profits to rescue organizations.

Many areas around the country have cat cafes, in fact there is one in the trendy Tennyson District a few blocks away. Now there is at least one dog cafe and hopefully more will spring up around the country to give our canine buddies one more opportunity of finding their own fur-ever loving homes.

Would you support a dog cafe? Lattes and laps seems like a pawsome idea to Sam and me.🐾

Live, love, bark! <3