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Hope you had a ‘wagnificent’ weekend. Sam here. The weather was amazingly gorgeous. We love this time of year…the bright blue Colorado sky with the amazing light of autumn is just beyond gorgeous. Both of us pups are extra frisky on the morning walks. But not too high spirited to engage in some pup training with Ms. Elsa to build up her confidence and to get her used to commands. We’re hoping she’ll end up becoming a zen master like this soon.

Courtesy of Bark Post
Photo courtesy of Bark Post

Stay, sit, roll-over. Elsa is getting better with the “leave it” command when it comes to squirrels though she just lost it yesterday morning when a raccoon ran out of the alley and across the street. She seems to have a high prey drive so it’s back to square one on critters. What IS it about squirrels that make dogs nuts? Sisters…ugh!

Live, love, bark! <3

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    1. Elsa tried climbing up one especially large maple the other day and I thought she was going end up doing a back flip she got so far up! I’m afraid squirrels will always captivate my girl. Sam could care less. ღ

    1. She’s been remarkably responsive to it. As long as I give it early on and before she’s actually seen the offender. We’re working slowly with her since she has all sorts of issues but she’s been impressive for just being with us for 3 weeks. 😉

  1. Elsa will grow out of the squirrel obsession. I used to bark and try chasing squirrels, but I don’t do it anymore. When I see one, I look at Mom and she gives me a treat and says I am a good girl.

    Love and licks,

  2. You’re a good brother, Sam. Just be patient – Elsa will get the hang of it. Those squirrels are a little bit evil sometimes…they like to tease and taunt and get dogs into trouble. But they sure are fun to chase, aren’t they? Sometimes its worth getting in trouble over. ~ Wags and woofs, Kona

  3. Lexi enjoyed chasing squirrels. but when they quit running, and said something like “wanna play poker?” she and they lived peacefully in the back yard where we used to live. I think they might have won a few nuts off of her, LOL!

  4. Great to see you’re enjoying a beautiful fall. We are also enjoying those beautiful blue skies you see at higher altitudes.
    Bear, our youngest is actually preparing to do what a Golden Retriever is bread to do, hunt pheasants. Sorry if hunting offends you. I could never do it, but if you want to stay married 45 years, you make peace with one week of it. I did grow up with a father who hunted.
    Bear did have to go to 2 beginners dog training and one for the next level to become a good dog. We don’t have squirrels near us, but we do have rabbits. Why they are stupid enough to come into a fenced yard with dogs I’ll never know?
    How is Elsa feeling after her seizure?
    Namaste 🙏🏼

    1. Nah, hunting doesn’t bother me (even though a vegetarian, I’m totally cool with the whole circle of life phenomena). Where hunting dogs are concerned, it’s hard to deny their genes. Makes you wonder about all kinds of little critters that come into a yard when the dog is around.

      Elsa seems to be doing well and has no more episodes. She seems to be feeling quite comfortable with her surroundings. See tomorrow’s post to better understand that. 😉

  5. Mee-you Sam mee goess crazy fur squirrless an chipmunks all so! An mee a KAT!! Gof igure!
    Wee LUV thee Namaste, Namasit an NamaRollover doggie!!! Berry kewl mee furend!!!! 😉
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  6. It’s not her fault. The squirrels are known to stick their paws in the ears and wiggle them at any dog. They also yell “You can’t catch me. Na na na na na!” What’s a dog to do?

  7. Cole had it too. I used to say he’d do well hunting in the wild. DH said, he couldn’t live in the wild because there would be no one to do his hair.

  8. great that “leave it” goes better&better :o) specially when we keep in our minds that poodles are a hunting breed :O) we work on this front for 7 years and we still hope that it works once :o)

  9. To answer your question, Sam, I don’t know. We don’t have Squirrels in this little corner of the universe. I am glad that you are well and I am so glad that Elsa is recovering and is much better.

  10. One of our Jack Russell’s is Australian, he was imported by a breeder in Florida from Sydney when he was six months old. He has no hunting desires whatsoever, quite unlike his little French companion here! Instead if he sees something that moves he just walks straight past. However, there is one exception, squirrels, for the first four years in Florida he lived outdoors in a kennel, he was the stud dog and the squirrels lived in the pine trees right above his tin roofed kennel, making a dreadful din when they dropped things. We bought him when he was 4 when he had outlived his usefulness. He of course now lives in the house with us, but if he sees a squirrel to this day it is the only thing he will chase!

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