Ok, now what?

When you give birth to a baby, you go through all kinds of hell with excruciating labor pains etc. and creating this blog has been pretty much like that.  I’m totally tuckered out to the point my brain hurts to even think about creating clever posts.  While I was setting up hyperventilating over the details relating to the blog, I had tons of ideas on what I thought would be fantastic posts.  Now that we’re out of the delivery room so to speak…I got bupkus. I mean where in the bloody blue blazes did all those great ideas and stories go?

Maybe hypnosis can get this baby back on track? For now I’m sleep deprived and brain dead just like any new mom. I sure hope that numskull dog does something adorable, inspirational or funny or this will be the shortest lived blog in history.   Fingers crossed that some sleep and/or alcohol will rejuvenate the creative process. Till then what do you want to talk about?  Anybody…somebody?



3 thoughts on “Ok, now what?

  1. Just write it!!! It’ll come. You have one blog in today, WTG!!! Expressing this resonates with all of us. For sure the pooch will come through for you, too. Eugene inspires me everyday. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. Truly appreciate it. After my mini-melt-down, I realized there were things to write; I’m feeling much more confident now. Hitting the “publish” button is truly the scariest thing ever! 🙂

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