Clean Up Tuesday

You can tell once spring has definitely arrived. The fair-weather peeps come out after hibernating in front of fireplaces all winter long and start to take their pups for walks now. They are out in full force in my ‘hood these days but many of them seemed to have left a couple of very important things back at home. Their consideration and their dog bags. 

As our friend Jodi from Heart Like a Dog so aptly refers to them, the DADOs (dumb a$$ dog owners) are out in full force now that spring has finally sprung. What the heck people…were you raised by wolves? No, of course you weren’t. Wolves are raised in highly social and respectful packs. Growl!

Are the DADO’s without poop bags out in force in your ‘hood?

Life, love, bark! 🐾

67 thoughts on “Clean Up Tuesday

  1. The dog owners in our neck o’ the woods are very, very good about scooping and bagging accordingly. It is discouraging to hear that respect doesn’t replicate itself everywhere. Common sense, common courtesy!

  2. We walk the neighborhood greenbelt, which has poop bag dispensers and trash cans strategically placed along the trail. And yet, they still can’t pick up after their dogs. Really? I’m scrupulously picking up every little turd an inch long that my small dog leave, so no one steps on it, etc. But somehow owners of large dogs don’t feel the need to do anything with huge piles left behind. Yuk!

    1. I wish I knew why people feel compelled to not pick up after their pets. Yesterday I encountered a little brown ‘present’ strategically left upon a short front yard retaining wall. Come on people!!

  3. Because I live in a fairly rural neighborhood with no sidewalks people feel free to not pick up their dogs’ poop. I think I am the only one around here who does. Drives me crazy.

    1. It really cheeses me off…those peeps who don’t pick up after their pets while on leash as well as those that are let to run wild while they’re checking their phones. Grrrr.

  4. It’s amazing how many people are still so clueless – or just plain inconsiderate – about this. Luckily our hood is pretty quiet so we don’t deal with it much.

  5. EWW! The last couple BlogPaws Conferences, they’ve had to remind people to clean up after their pups. You’d think people attending a pet conference would know. Apparently they just don’t care which is even worse than not knowing to begin with.

  6. Even worse, there is poop every few feet on public nature trails, even though there are bag dispensers available. These are the same people who complain about the lack of dog access in popular/tourist destinations,, which is happening in more and more places. Even Carmel, dog-friendly with a water bowl at every other business, bans dogs in some of its parks. Who wants to do yoga on a law with poop and pee?
    I guess they are too oblivious to figure it out, grrr

  7. All the time!!! We carry poop bag holders on our leashes so we are never without our tools for clean-up.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. At the ball field across the road from our house, and at the park closer to downtown Greenville, are ample supplies of poop bags. Do you think anyone uses them? Heck no! Maybe me and one other responsible dog owner. So, hubby and I stopped taking the girls to the park a couple of years ago – which is fine since Shadow struggles getting in the car at times – and last year when hubby was having hip pain from walking, we stopped walking around the ball field. Now I put the girls on the treadmill once a day in addition to letting them run around the yard. And we clean up the yard at least once a day. Thankfully, not too many people are crazy enough to walk their dogs on our road since it’s almost as bad as the interstate.

  9. As you know we are in a pretty rural area. No one walks their dogs except us in our hood. I often wonder if people driving by seeing us bagging our girls poop along the walk think we’re crazy or just city slickers. Living in a forest there is a lot of other critter poop all over but we still do our duty and bring ours home with us.

  10. We don’t worry about it-the dogs stay on our property. My peep’s dad had a solution. He’d scoop it up in a bag and go to the home of the DADO, ring the doorbell and when the DADO answered, he’d give the DADO the bag and say “your dog left this and might be missing it”.

    1. I LOVE it! My Mom dropped Our across-the-street neighbors’ dog’s poop on their front porch, right in front of the door, one day (having decided she’d finally tolerated enough of their letting the dog run across the street to poop in our grass). The kid got home from school that day and in his usual rush to get inside, stepped smack in the middle of the “pile” and tracked it in the house, across the light-colored carpet. We could hear the mother cursing all the way from our kitchen (at the back of our house). The dog never pooped in our grass again.

  11. I live in a low income townhouse and there is always poo on the ground here by other peoples dogs. Grrrr! I get so frustrated and usually pick up all the other piles because I don’t want to chance walking in one, or having my dog do it.

  12. I have gone out and not realised my pocket is empty, so I go back and get bags. Gives Benji a few extra minutes to his walk. Some people don’t care, so we all get blamed

  13. Ha! Yes! And I’ll be honest, there have been a couple of times I forgot to re-stock my purse with bags. Happens to everyone. But it should be a very rare exception to the rule.

  14. The hoosier redneck town I live in must have become a bit more refined since I was a kid (Or maybe it’s because I moved to a somewhat better part of it), but it’s a big step up that I actually see more people walking their dogs these days…. with or without minesweeping equipment. Back in the day, most dogs got the cat treatment and were just let outside to have the run of the neighborhood. Yeah, I had a few scary encounters with a loose dog before…

  15. That was me one day last week. However, I redeemed myself by returning to the “scene of the crime” with a bag and cleaning up. 🙂 I do know what you mean, though. Hey, maybe we should all install poop bag poles like what the dog parks have, at the bottom of our yards!

    1. I have a poop bag dispenser installed in front of my house and keep it supplied with bags for passersby and still have found piles at the base of the pole! And have also left without a bag but went back once I got one to clean up after I got home. People thought I was weird having no dog with me but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving it.

  16. Luckily. not many Dado’s in this area.
    I’m not sure what people are thinking when they do that! Oh that’s right, they’re NOT thinking. . .

  17. Agreed, I recently posted a blog about my own dog’s poop entitle ‘Good Job Well Done.’ Mine was admittedly more light hearted, but I hear and share your frustrations….

    1. It’s been a constant battle over the years. Some people don’t think they “have” to clean up after their pet. And then there are the dogs that are walked off leash and poop and pee everywhere while their DADO is checking their social media feeds. Awk!!

  18. yooooo they are everywhere… I feel like a minesweeper sometimes… I would like to grab the piles to throw them at this people…. they have no clue how it feels to remove poop from a running shoe….;O(((

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