It’s National Mutt Day

While Sam is a purebred, he’ll always be my special “mutt.”  Special in that he’s not too bright but also special in the way he interacts with people and other pets. Today on our morning run we stopped to visit one of his neighborhood friends, a chocolate Lab, named Moxie. She is very sweet and when she saw us, she began racing back and forth along the fence line trying to get Sam engaged. He was so excited by her running back and forth but just stood there, tail wagging furiously like a flag.  Moxie was showing off to her buddy and Sam loved the show!

What did you do with your ‘mutt’ this morning?  Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy National Mutt Day.

Who's a mutt?
Who’s a mutt?

6 thoughts on “It’s National Mutt Day

  1. Happy Mutt day 🙂 well I love me a mutt…mine stayed put as the weather was very cold and light snow flurries…they may be mutts but they aren’t dumb hahaah 🙂 I did manage to wrangle two mutts today playing mid them safely back home…so happy Mutt day to them! Fozziemum

  2. I better let them know it’s National Mutt Day and concoct something special for them. Neither of them is a mutt but I suspect Ottie’s small stature for a boxer makes him a runt…today we all tried to stay out of the heat, waiting for the sun to go down and eventually let loose!

  3. Happy Mutt Day back at ya! I took the ruff-tuff ball of fluff around his usual haunts but it’s been muggy so he’s got a case of bad attitude and just wanted to go home and nap.

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