Nope, not a typo, it’s #TBF (otherwise known as Throwback “Fursday”). Photo from early 2013. I like to call it Yosemite Sam…Muppet-dog. Man, did that guy need a haircut! 😉

Hope your Fursday is all it’s barked up to be. 🐾 <3 🐾

Sleeping Muppet
Sleeping Muppet

14 thoughts on “#TBF

  1. Oh I love that long poodle coat! Sorry but some of my friends posts aren’t showing up in my reader 🙁 Have reclicked on everyone so hopefully they will come through again….wordpress…..sigh…

  2. It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s SUPERMUPPET!! Faster than a flower delivery, more powerful than a get well card, able to melt hearts and make people happy in a single bound!

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