Silhouette Saturday


Hope your weekend is sunny and mild-a major storm has been forecast for the 303 so we snuck out of town to see my parents. Sam’ll let you know just how much of the white stuff falls once the winds die down.

Live, love, bark! <3


30 thoughts on “Silhouette Saturday

  1. great picture! Our weather is perfect for a change. Gotta go get out in it while it lasts! Gave old king cole a muscle relaxant so he can walk today too!

  2. For us, it’s supposed to be a rainy weekend. As will be the next seven days. But we’ll be very happy with that. We need rain. We only hope we won’t have any damaging thunderstorms.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. Right now it’s a bit early to tell. I’m hoping we will have abundant sunshine. Temps don’t really matter tho upper 60s would be nice. Both girls are still asleep. Wish I was too! Have a great weekend, snow or no!!

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