Downward Facing Dog

Yoga - Downward Facing DogYesterday I decided to reintroduced myself to the wonderful world of Hatha Yoga which I’d abandoned but which I truly enjoy. The health benefits are too numerous to list in this post. Suffice it to say that if you’ve abandoned your practice for a while, you will likely be stiff. I was primed for that but there was something I wasn’t quite prepared for in resuming my practice.

The one thing I had forgotten about when trying to re-acquaint myself with in yoga was allowing the dog to stay in the same room while you perform sun salutations. A word to the wise…you might want to rethink about letting the dog stay in the same room unless you like interruptions. If not, you can no doubt look forward to said dog doing everything in his power to gain your attention. Like looking up at you when you’re in downward facing dog, wagging his tail furiously. Or worse, flicking his tongue in your face (picture toppling over when you try to shoo away the pest, shrieking/laughing hysterically). Then there’s always the possibility of said dog sticking his nose under an arm hoping for an ear scratch imagine a sprawled heap of upright on the floor. Then there’s the laying across your mat and refusing to move, acting as if he’s suddenly deaf. Downward facing dog with the dog can be such a treat.

It’s Friday and the weekend is within easy reach. May yours be healthy and fun. Now where’s my Aleve for those sore muscles I seemed to have forgotten about when resuming yoga which arrived along with the dog’s nose today?

Live, love, bark! <3

16 thoughts on “Downward Facing Dog

  1. In my small house, the only way I could do any Yoga would be to lock myself in the office, the dog-daddy in the bedroom, and the dogs on the porch. Just not worth the need for Aleve.

  2. Easy is not the best partner for yoga… he even starts to jump on me when I do sit ups… but that was good, so I have a good whitewasher to be lazy :o) Have a great weekend and a great mothers day sunday.

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