Doglish 101- May 5, 2016

Sam here. Mom dropped the ball by not posting further Doglish posts. I got on her this weekend about it while we were shivering in the latest blast of Winter and she said I could do one. Yippee! Here’s a chart I recently saw that explains some of our facial expressions and what they mean to humans.


Here’s what each of them mean to me:

  • Dog looking straight at upright with ears up and tongue out. I think it must be Tongue Tuesday.
  • Eyes open, bright, unblinking. I really, really would like a piece of your cheese.
  • Ears perked up, whites of eyes showing. You mean, I’m not getting a piece of your cheese?
  • Rising bark. Woof, woof…that’s a mighty fine-looking piece of cheese!
  • Howling. I do. not. howl. so clearly this is imaginary on mom’s part aside from being completely undignified for a poodle of my stature. Don’t even begin to accuse me of howling. It’s totally beneath me. Uprights may snore but poodles never howl.
  • Low growling. This is the expression I assume when mom tells me not to bark at the serial killer mail lady. Well…she only said to stop barking, there was nothing said about using an indoor voice! And as soon as the door opens and he mail lady hands us our mail, I’m very happy and relieved to see that it is my friend Corrie, who loves me loads and gives great ear scratches. I don’t think that uniform does her any favors; it seems to camouflage her kind face and that mail bag hides those perfect ear scratching hands.

Next time we’ll I’ll cover dog postures. So what does your pup’s facial expressions communicate with you? Are your pup’s interpretations like mine?

Live, love, bark! <3

18 thoughts on “Doglish 101- May 5, 2016

  1. Ducky was in brat mode this morning, growling and snarling at Shadow. She got told off QUICK, too. Mama does NOT stand for it. Can’t blame it on a full moon, so as Jodi said to me this morning, it must be “something in the air”. Crazy dogs!

  2. The other night I had biscuits and Blue Cheese. I thought I would be safe – I thought Benji wouldn’t want any of that Blue Cheese – I thought he would turn up his nose at it. Yes well, , just shows you how much I know about dogs and cheese – any cheese! Back to the drawing board!!

  3. Life would be easier if people would take the time to learn what their dog is trying to tell them. Bentley is 8 years old and he is just now starting to howl. LOL!

  4. Delilah was a bit grumbly this morning, which I’m not fond of, especially when it’s directed at Sampson, so I told her to knock it off. 🙂

    The graphic is good, lots of people need to see and understand it!

  5. Snorts! Those are awesome my friend. I see a lot of those in Houdini. I have a pose where I look at mom sideways with this pleading look in my eyes… it’s me begging for a snack. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon

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