Happy Father’s Day

On this Father’s Day weekend, Sam and I send our best wishes to “effurry” Dad out there, whether he has two or four-legged kiddos. Whatever you have planned, we hope it’s a super-duper Father’s Day for your Dad.Happy Father's Day

Heartfelt greetings to my own Dad (with whom I’ll be spending time visiting this weekend), the best father a kid could ever have. He taught his family the kind of values that have served us well over the years. Our entire family is so lucky to still have him as a towering beacon of strength, integrity, love and respect as the perfect example of what being a Dad is all about.

To the man who showed me how to cast a fly rod as a kid, it’s ‘o’fishal,’ you’re #1. With hugs and fishes…love you to the moon and back.

Live, love, bark! <3

8 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Happy Father’s Day to All Dads with all species of kids, here on Earth and up in Heaven. My Dad passed in late 2005, 10 days before the 24th anniversary of Mom’s passing. We all miss him and love him.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Father’s Day weekend with your dad!

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