One of Those Wednesdays


Ever have one of those days? I keep asking myself why is it Apple has to ‘update’ its operating software all the time, yet it can’t seem to ‘fix’ the darn auto-correct function so I don’t look a moron half of the time? Hope your midweek is going well and is fast forwarding on toward Friday when our friend Wine drops by.

Live, love, bark! <3

41 thoughts on “One of Those Wednesdays

  1. I want them to STOP updating right now. I’m not sure which update it was, but I can no longer look at the pictures on my MAC in large size, they are large thumb nail size and it bothers the Bejesus out of me. PLUS, I can’t double click to open anything. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t do the updates. 🙂

    1. I only do them so everything runs smoothly. I end up calling the ‘geniuses’ if I get too cranked about the updates. The last one which took everything to the cloud really cheesed me off. Nothing synced. Made me crabbish, and nuts. Not something a genius wants to see or experience. 😉

  2. Ah a question of the grass and the colour green. I have a Windows 10 PC and I hates it with a passion. It crashes and freezes a lot. However I have some friends ( yes, Honestly!!) and one phoned me once and told me she had a word for me —- APPLE. Since then I have really considered getting rid of this thing and getting a Mac.. You are not helping my confidence any.. Oh and what do you mean “A cat with a sick sense humour”? I thought ALL cats had a sick sense of humour :o)

    1. Trust me, I’ve had Microsoft Windows and I’d take Apple ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over it. They are far more reliable and easy to use. That said, no technology is problem free. I think most of my problems are more ISP provider computer centric rather than related to hardware. As for cats, I believe you are correct. 😉

  3. Washing machine week here…the old one blew up its motherboard…new one worked in a mysterious way its wonders not to perform…the replacement had the same fault…waiting for the replacement of the replacement to arrive….

  4. Oh yes. I understand. On my old laptop, Bear would often “help” with the settings as he plopped down on the keyboard and it’d take me hours to try to figure out how to fix it (like the time he somehow rotated the display 90 degrees). He also was the expert at popping off the keys … so much so that the space bar no longer worked and I was without the “x” for a few days :p

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