Move along little doggie…

A quick look on the calendar and you realize it’s the middle of winter but let me assure you that does not mean migrations don’t continue to trek across the landscape.

In this case though, the migration takes place at my house. Several times a day there is a migration of toys from their spot in the living room to the kitchen, courtesy of one silly Ninja.

Exhibit A


They start out looking like this…don’t they look all nice in a pile?

Yeah…not ten minutes later, this.

Exhibit B


Not sure if Elsa’s migrating them away from Sam, hoarding them in the kitchen or just bringing ‘her stuff’ to the room where there’s radiant heat under the tile. #cozyheat

We’ll play this game countless times throughout the course of the day. And each and every time, it cracks me up. I’ll see her carry one hoof in, then another, and of course every girl has to have toys with her hooves, right, so in comes a couple of toys. It’s like watching those circus elephants make the same path round and round in the center ring.

Any ‘migration’ going on in your neck of the woods? A little more than a 100 miles away my mom said she was visited by a Robin so hopefully that welcome sign of spring will arrive here shortly. Hate to break the bad news to him but typically the snowiest months are yet to come in the Mile High City, but maybe he’s yet another transplant from far away regions fresh to the Front Range. Goodness knows we can always accommodate one more, right? As long as they don’t have a car, I’m ok with that.

Live, love, bark! <3

65 thoughts on “Move along little doggie…

  1. Right now it’s snowing pretty hard out, with up to or over a foot expected, so no sign of robins around here! Our toys migrate around a lot too. The favorite places they end up are in the dog beds in the dining room, on our bed, or sometimes they just get dropped in the middle of the hallway between those two rooms!

  2. Oh yes. Portia is a big believer in dragging pillows everywhere, or just rearranging them to her liking. Some stuffed animals in my office have also been re-housed in various random spots.

  3. Elsa sounds adorable! We know that migrating behaviour would make our mama’s heart melt 🙂 Wilhelmina loves her bones and the cat toys so they tend to migrate in our home. We have lots of “big dog” toys but she loves the cat toys and Duffy’s toys :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. Mew mew mew Elsa mee doess this all so. Toyss go frum livinroom to bedroom an then to bathroom….keepss LadyMum on her toesiess!!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  5. The dog toys in this house mostly stay on the dog beds where Ducky hoards them. Shadow prefers to play with the toys on days when Ducky’s at daycare so she doesn’t have to deal with her little sister’s compulsive possessiveness.

  6. Those toys look very tastefully arranged in exhibit B!

    We thought that Spring was on the way but it’s snowing today.

  7. A robin?! Definitely not yet, though I can hope!

    And Choppy used to migrate her toys everywhere (to the point where I put a toy basket on the second floor to save me the regular trip downstairs). Now, not so much – though an occasional toy does still get the urge to travel!

  8. I let the toys the cats play with migrate wherever they want and decide not to interfere with nature. Every few years I might move the chair or a section of the sofa and free those that wound up missing in action…

  9. maybe the robin is as confused about the weather as we are.
    tue. an wed. its 64 and no wind. today its 34 with gusty winds.they are calling for warmer temps this weekend, 50s.
    its been a wacky winter thus far in DE.
    as for toys Lily perfers chew bones to toys. around here the only thing in our way of walking is Lily. aways falls a sleep in the middle of the pathway where we are walking back an forth getting stuff done. hubby calls her speedbump. lol

    1. We saw our first blooming crocus today! No doubt, there will be some snow (at least I hope so) before too long but it’s supposed to be in the upper 60’s today and low 70’s tomorrow! Elsa LOVES her hooves and those suckers hurt when you step on them in socks!

  10. Those toys and hooves have a busy life. My toys stay in the toybox until Mom shows them to me one at a time and says, “How about this one?” – over and over. When I like one, I run around with it and throw it to myself and chase it – over and over. At night, they all go back into the box to start again the next day – over and over…..

    Love and licks,

  11. Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! One of my cats likes to snatch small things from around the house, hide them, and then randomly show up with them weeks later. His favorites are those round cord keepers that are inserted into some desks/office furniture and my husband’s guitar picks, which now have to be kept in covered boxes.

  12. I bought myself a sofa – secondhand, comfortable, to use to stretch out on in the afternoons.
    Fat chance…it is occupied by the puppies and their treasures…a jaw bone, a shoe, an old palm frond, assorted corks…
    Gather them all up and a few minutes later the pack are scrabbling them out again and returning them proudly to base…

  13. I have so many thoughts about this. Firstly, it’s adorable! Then I wonder if she’s just so gosh darn happy to have toys, that this is how she shows it. Next, I wonder if these actions are, in part, ‘memory behaviors’ back from the days in the puppy mill. Perhaps she’s use to having to wrangle puppies? Either way, this is very sweet!

  14. I wish Kloe could be so organized. She takes her toys out of the basket in the kitchen, pushes them in Kali’s face for awhile, and then randomly deposits them throughout the house. I think her strategy is to have two or three in every room for convinience sake. Smart girl I guess…

  15. Wish Dakota played with his toys like that! I just donated a TON of toys of his to one of my friends dogs…..Dakota has like 2 toys that he plays with regularly and that is it!

    1. Sam doesn’t care about toys much at all, but Elsa carries them around like babies…just before she pounces and/or chews. I found her barking at one the other morning before the pounce. Apparently they ‘speak’ to her and she definitely speaks back!

  16. maybe her pile belongs in the kitchen… hmmm…. Cole moved his toys around, and sometimes he’d come down from upstairs, having found a toy up there, give me “such a look” and put it next to the family room bed. I can see Elsa writing a dog blog next to you,”can you imagine??? I no sooner get these toys back in the right place then she moves them to the living room. Can you imagine??? Barking out loud!” ” I love her, but she’s so hard to train” said E.

      1. ooooohhhhhh she needs a purse! Maybe a Birken bag would be a nice V-day gift for her. Red might look good with her hair.

  17. Plenty of robins in the garden here in France all winter and spring is definitely around the corner. But the dog toys, yes little Evie moves here around permanently and then decapitates one and pulls the limb off another, it’s a very motley collection!

  18. Great post – makes me realise I am not alone!! I collect up the toys and put them in the toy box. I leave the room for a few moments and return to find they are toys over the floor, toys out in the hall, dinosaurs on my bed and – surprise, surprise – an empty toy box and him on his bed looking totally innocent. Perhaps we have a poltergeist. I asked Annabell – : Who we gonna call?”

  19. we have a toy migration too, I’ve try to make it to a game for Phenny with finding a special toy or with bringing a special one… either I’m the worst teacher ever or Phenny is kidding me… I only get yellow monster, seems they are soulmates somehow…

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