Wish You Were There Wednesday

I’ve been day-dreaming a lot lately. About traveling. Oh, to pack a bag and freely roam the world. Ok, cue the skid mark sound of reality now: Two dogs, one who freaks out when he’s in dog prison kennel care and another who has health issues which may be exacerbated by being cared for by strangers. Not to mention airline companies who make travel ridiculously unpleasant, not to mention absurdly expensive airfares.

Still, there are fewer places I’d rather be than here. Neuschwanstein. That magical castle located in Bavaria which was the inspiration for Disney’s fairytale castle. We’ve all seen views of the castle from the Marienbrücke Bridge in summer or in autumn, but to see it shrouded in winter snow is just magical.


Have you ever been there? Did you surrender to its magic and charm?

Live, love, bark! <3

69 thoughts on “Wish You Were There Wednesday

  1. Only in dreams Monika!!!!
    And you know I’ve never left Siddhartha Henry for more than 5 hours & never overnight either. I think he’d go to pieces w/out me….
    So I’ll just keep on dreaming, lol.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  2. Well, in Germany employers have to pay part of the health insurance premiums for their employees. And this system works!

    1. But I’m guessing there are as many plans as there are employers who only want to keep costs down. I might as well have been self-insured for the lousy plan I used to have at the firm. I’d prefer a single payer system.

  3. I’ve never visited Germany but I’d also love to see this castle one day! I live in Littleton near the foothills. After living in NYC most of my life I’m loving all the new adventures I’ve been having in Colorado!

  4. We lived in Germany for several years and we fortunate enough to visit Neuschwanstein. We trekked ourselves all the way to the top of that mountain (with a baby) only to find that there was a tram that would have taken us up!!! One of the most beautiful places, definitely should be added to your bucket list!

        1. Linderhoff is amazing!! I’ll be featuring it sometime soon too from my last trip. So spectacular and more lived in than Neuschwanstein. I also liked Hohenschwangau. He had a knack for sprucing up hunting lodges, didn’t he? 🙂

  5. I was there in May of 1997…along with every other castle in Bavaria and Germany LOL. Everything was lush and green when I was there. I loved visiting and hope to get back to Europe again some day….

  6. My son did the “Grand Tour” two years ago – UK, Europe Morocco ( Casablanca) I am certain this was one of the castles they visited. I did have some photographs he sent me but I cannot find them. I will ask him tonight after he comes home from work. I know they also did a tour of the Eagle Nest, designed by Albert Speer for “you know who!”
    PS: remind me some time to tell you about the Casablanca visit.

  7. I have been there! Long ago with my friend – we were there in April and it was FREEZING. There was a light snow on everything and some ice – I remember it being very slippery walking around there. But it wasn’t covered in snow like that lovely photo!

    I wish someone would get busy and invent that beam-me-up technology already! Then we could just pop over there for an afternoon. Be home in time to feed the dogs!

  8. I have four nights off this week and am relishing in the fact that I have no commitments and an mostly stay home! Traveling has always been a pain for me, and when I do travel I rarely look forward to it…

  9. I keep daydreaming about travelling, too. Just now, we’re thinking about some days in Galveston, for my 70th birthday. And all the time I’m blogging about our “RailTrailsRoadTrip” last October, I’m thinking about where to go next for another of those trips.
    As to Neuschwanstein: that’s where I took Mary in the winter of 2007. We had a fantastic tour then: Nuremberg [with the Christkindlmarket], Fuessen [with Neuschwanstein & the Wieskirche], and Passau. If you ever get a chance, try the midnight mass at the Wieskirche at Christmas! That, and the concert there before the mass, was a most wonderful experience. Just the inside of tha church is fantastic. As Mary said, “It blows your socks off!”
    Of course, we’re luckier than you re animals. Normally, when we’re not here, our housekeeper comes by once a day to feed them. We used to have them at a truly great kennel just up the road, but that became too expensive: $30 per cat per day! Maybe we should get into that business. Well, as I said, it’s easier for us to travel than it is for you. Anyway: keep dreaming! And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll manage.
    Have a great day,

          1. That’s one of the many points which are wrong with American health insurance: Mary’s will not pay for costs incurred in Germany. My German health insurance refunds me for all costs here – if they don’t exceed (too much) what the costs would be in Germany.

  10. Magical, isn’t it! I saw a TV programme about Ludwig’s castles last year…and would love to see them in the flesh as it were.
    If we wanted to travel together we would have to get house and dog – lamb, sheep, chicken, duck – sitters. There is an organisation called Trusted Housesitters which friends have used and say that the people concerned are checked. But with Elsa even that might not be a solution.
    I visit my mother in England twice a year – and the price of flights is becoming a nightmare, as is the quality of the service.
    I won’t use American companies any more – and certainly not American airports with the bullying ‘security’ staff – so it’s lucky for me that more European lines are serving Costa Rica these days…

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Costa Rica is beginning to look more and more attractive as a permanent home. Airlines have made traveling miserable and we shan’t get into the issue of security. This is a PG rated blog! LOL

      1. It’s not a paradise…there are problems….but we haven’t regretted our move here.
        We often think it as well that mother is too old to make the journey….one encounter with American airport security and she’d be at them with her zimmer frame!

          1. She might be one hundred years old, but she still remembers what she was told when in the army during World War II when there were fears of a German invasion….’take one with you’!
            Good luck to the first Homeland Security person tangling with mother!

  11. I had a private tour of a castle on the Rhine once… that was magical. I couldn’t take in all the history but it would be grand.

  12. I was there some times…it’s a magic world and the grotto and the poi around the castle are great… the funniest visit was a class outing where one of my classmates sat on the royal toilet… (without using it lol)

      1. yes… they even had central heating and floor heating… after we were there my bff and me tried to solve the mystery around the death of king ludwig… we even bugged my father to go back with us for some investigations…. sadly the police wasn’t interested to close the case finally and they laughed at our wild guesses …;o(

                1. I always thought his cabinet conspired against the king, in particular, Count von Holnstein with Herr Dr. Gudden (who was justly rewarded). So sad-Ludwig just wanted to live in a fairytale world and listen to Wagner.

                  1. there are a lot of people who want exhumation and autopsy to prove that he was killed by a bullet of prussian intelligence… I liked his way to think and how open he welcomed new things what were not common for this time… sadly the cabinet feared for the money he spent…. and they feared his free spirit…

                    1. me neither… but we all know what bad things politicians can do, so we can imagine what happened inside of the bavarian cabinet……that’s probably something what belongs to politicians … to walk over bodies :o(

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