What a difference a day makes

Two days ago we received a surprise snow storm. While it was very welcomed, news reports yesterday suggested Denver will have the driest winter on record since the late 1800’s. To all those worried about the tulips, here’s what a day later looked like in the Mile High.

Happy Thursday. Our close personal friend Friday is just waiting around the corner to put more smiles on our faces. Make it a great one!

What a difference a day makes

Just in case you forget what springtime in the Rockies can look like. Love this state.

Springtime in the Rockies

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

43 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

    1. We’ve had snow up to Mother’s Day in Denver and this year it would most likely be most welcome since we’ll be breaking a record for least amount of snow this season. Thanks for swinging by the “Ranch,” we love visitors. ❤︎

  1. Tulip bulbs seem to love the cold. The tulips in our garden bloom in abundance after we have had a particularly cold winter! Love the tulips in snow photographs 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. Oh my gosh! There’s something so beautiful about the color of those tulips against the white snow. Just gorgeous!! Tulips are my favorite flower too.💗

  3. Wow. The pictures of the blooming flowers are absolutely stunning. The set with snow are bittersweet … the snow adds something, but you can’t help but fear that the flowers will suffer for it. Happy Friday!

  4. The answer to the age old question: What do you get when you plant kisses? Tulips.

    Awwwww….well. I could have gone with the roses on the piano version 👿

  5. Great photos. Mother Nature can be fickle that’s for sure. We had mid seventies Tuesday and today it’s all about the cold and rain. The girls are agnostic about the weather but for different reasons. Kali is just as happy sleeping in front of the [insert just about anywhere in the house here] and Kloe is oblivious to wet, cold, warm, hot, dirt, mud, etc. Here’s to drying out and getting our Spring on soon! ☀️

  6. Today was crazy! The air temp most of the day was 60•, but the wind made it feel more like 30•! I had to wear my winter jacket each time I took the girls out to play.

  7. Winter was dry here as well, but lately I think we’ve turned into Seattle…

    My tulips look sad this year, though maybe they haven’t all come up yet since they have no idea what to make of this weather either…

  8. Spring sure is fickle. We’ve had a cold rain all day. Yuck! Supposed to be in the 30°F’s this weekend. We’re going to freeze after having some 70°F weather last week!

  9. The tulips look so pretty, even in the snow. 🙂 We hope we’ll be seeing flowers here pretty soon too, but it’s going to be a while I think!

  10. you sure have it all there! Tulip love! I have a new bouquet of pink ones in the vase. LeeAnna

    1. Too bad it’s the one bulb I have terrible luck with. Mine always flop over with the slightest drop of moisture and unlike daffodils, they never recovered. I have one bunch of miniatures that only get about 3″ high. I would soooo love to have these beauties in my yard. Swoon.

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