Monday Mischief

Remember that ad? 🎶Maybe she’s got it…maybe it’s ‘panda-line’ 🎶 Heh, heh. I know…groan. Sorry, couldn’t resist, mostly because I identify a little too closely with the ‘without’ mascara eyes image. Even with, you can still barely tell.

Happy Monday. Hope you had a ‘pawsome’ weekend. We may be posting sporadically this week as we’re reporting back for duty at the hospital. Wish us luck at West Pines. You can read all about our first visit here.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

28 thoughts on “Monday Mischief

  1. Hysterical. And I do remember those ads…. For me, it’s concealor I never go out without – perpetual dark circles under my eyes.

    Good luck at West Pines!

  2. I don’t remember that ad. Is it because I’m too young? (ha ha – just reaching here).
    Good luck at West Pines – hope all goes well. ♥

  3. We hope the therapy sessions go well this week! We hope to do therapy work with Wilhelmina when she is older and has less energy! How old is Sam now?

    the critters in the cottage xo

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