Tongue Out Tuesday

It’s not a full tongue out, I’m just practicing to get ready for my week at the hospital so if you don’t hear from us, you’ll know why. Today’s gonna be a hot one but I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at the hospital and hospice. Stay cool and look for us in a few days. 

Live, Love, Bark! ❤︎

43 thoughts on “Tongue Out Tuesday

  1. You are doing a wonderful thing, Sam, by going to the hospital and hospice to visit patients. I know that you make them feel a lot better.

  2. My boy has got the dark coat going for him and pants-a-plenty, even in the early morning summer heat. Fortunately he’s got a shaded path to enjoy his morning constitutional on but then there is the worry of ticks. It’s always something.

  3. Heat, warmth, nice…. It’s cold in the mornings and evenings here. Sometimes it’s nice during the day, but very cold in the dark. I feel for the Ninja and her dark fur coat but I have no doubt she will find a cool spot to occupy. Hope you have a good week. Take care.

    1. Luckily there’s air conditioning for the Ninja and we’ll need it. Bigger concern are the fireworks that keep going off in anticipation of the July 4th, our least favorite ‘howliday.’

  4. Sometimes we just like to give the humans a little Tongue Out Tuesday tease, right Sam? Have a great week bringing love and smiles to everyone at the hospital and hospice. You and your mom are super special!

  5. We think that is just the right amount of “Tongue out” for cheering up all your friends today!!
    Arty & Jakey

    1. Last Friday it was 48 when I walked the dogs (otherwise known as paradise) but now we’re back to typical summer temps (in other words, warm early and HOT, HOT, HOT the rest of the day). Mother Nature seems to be having hormonal issues. 😎

  6. have a super great time with the people at the hospital… we hope you can bring 87 smiles to the pees there. we got rain… fortunately… we felt live living in an oven…

  7. It’s hot here too. Milo would like to have the AC on while we are outside. In fact he won’t come on the porch with me, instead he lies on the cool entry tiles.

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