Monday Musings

Is it really Monday again? Seems like Friday was here a second ago and poof…now it’s Monday. Guess extensive gardening in nice weather speeds up time. While the dogs ‘snoopervised,’ the garden got spiffed up nicely. Now if only I could find the BENGAY® and Icy Hot for the aching back! Did you do anything fun over your weekend?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

47 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I took a mini vacation to Hot Springs, Virginia. It was wonderful, except I had to leave Tippy behind. She didn’t mind though, as she got to go to what I affectionately call, Camp Addie. (My trainer keeps Tippy when I am out of town and Tippy loves to go there. She gets to do agility training and interact with other dogs. Hence the term, Camp Addie.)

  2. Yup, a little garden work too, and some painting as well. We did even find some time to relax outside on the deck and enjoy the sunshine too though! We had to make the time slow down a little bit somehow. 🙂

  3. OMD, they go WAY too fast!!! I thinks this weekend is gonna be a doooozy! I’m sure glads I don’t mind fireworks, butts I worry abouts the doggies that do. Then again, there will be lots of foodables! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  4. Nothing too exciting – Benji and I went for a walk around the Wetlands on Friday and on Saturday we went down to the Foreshore and had a walk along the beach. We decided to have lunch there at the Foreshore Cafe. By 3pm the heat had started to go out of the sun so we came home. We also had a wander around the monthly market and I bought some cake and chocolate and a treat for the Benji – which we shared with the WaWa.

  5. Maybe you could teach those “snoopervisors” how to massage your aching muscles . . . and if you manage to do that, Mommy wants to know if you’ll teach us. 🙂 “Happy” Monday or, as we call it, one day closer to the weekend. Love, Harper Lee and Tallulah Bee

    1. Now THAT’s optimism…one day closer to the weekend! Love it. Tell your mum the dogs weren’t all that keen on learning massage. Sam flat said no and Elsa acted like she didn’t hear me. 😉

  6. The weekend was over before we knew it. There’s so much to get done in the next couple of weeks and a short time to do it. I hope mom/dad are ready for everything. XOXO – Bacon

      1. She was floundering this weekend and having a southern ‘moment’. Hopefully she returns home from work today in a better place. XOXO – Bacon

  7. We’re in a heat wave so the weekend could not have gone fast enough …reading under the AC was our activity

  8. Oh my back…we have a rental house that we’re getting ready to rent, and I had to do windows. I swear the previous tenant didn’t do them the entire five years she lived there. We had to take the windows OUT and I put them in the tub and scrubbed them. Oh, and did I mention it was HOT. I was so hot, it took my face over 24 hours to cool down. Send the Ben Gay.

  9. Love it!! We were gone for one night at a wedding in Grand Rapids, had a great time but I feel as if I was gone for a WEEK! lol!! And my email is like I was gone for a week! OH NO!! xoxo

  10. we walked in an older area of Annapolis, went into an antique shop, the owner had a year old mini greyhound who played and played with Milo! The two of them were so cute playing boxing games. We went to four open houses and none were right…

  11. our monday started with a surprise, phenny is a kind of service dog now, he can bring the mail in…well… seems someone send me a jigsaw and some confetti LOL

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