Monday Musings ~ October 23, 2017

Holy cow, last week was a blur of daily commitments (about which we’ll hopefully have a post to share soon). It looks like this week is going to be almost as busy with more hospital work. Whew! Hopefully the parking lot will be completely repaved now so we don’t have to walk a marathon after parking. This parking experience has been a real “adventure” driving around from building to building to find a spot during the construction project that repaved the lot in sections and has been going on for the past 2 months. Ok, enough whining, we’re off to get ready for today’s hospital work but before we go, here’s a little smile to begin this week. Watch out for those clippers and where you park. 

 We hope life at your end of Blogville has been treating you well. Make it a great one!

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

31 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ October 23, 2017

  1. Oh, don’t show Ma that sign…it’ll give her ideas!!!! You knows how DANGEROUS she is with sharp objects!
    I hopes that project is finished soon too! Ma says too much unnecessary walklin’ just sucks! BOL!
    Ruby ♥

      1. I am so very sorry, I didn’t mean to spoil the fun and I did think it was great. Your grooming skills couldn’t be any worse than mine – which is why I get other people to do it :o)

        1. No worries. We know there’s a difference between criticism and observation. ☺️ Besides, we tend to take for granted the lack of parking fees for institutions like hospitals when all over the world it’s standard.

  2. there even was a song about this topic… for a reason LOL it sometimes is like haunted… we had an appointment with our lawyer at a super unchristly rush hour time and I walked the street up and down for 15 minutes while mark waited with the car far away… I jumped in the next available lot and called him while parking myself there till he arrived… embarrassing but the only chance ;o)))

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