Monday Musings

Yesterday was just shy of 70 and today’s high will be in the mid-20’s with fresh new snow. Elsa however seems to relish it, munching as much of the snow that was left earlier on the north side of the street as she can. She will no doubt dash about like a gazelle doing leaps and bounds in new fresh stuff. Stay warm out there this week.

Live, love, bark❣

67 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. WOOHOO!! Wee gotted yur luvley card today Lady Monika an Sam an Elsa! LadyMum laffed when all thee hearts fell out of it!! Iss a purrty card an you put a big 🙂 oh her face!!!
    Fank you so much.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

      1. Hi Monika: I had a very rough day today so your card was extra welcome! Thank you for your thoughtfulness….
        I found out today I can’t just go into a Nursing Home but have to apply & be on a waiting list. The lists are very long all over town so it looks like I’ll be here for foreseeable future! I feel very unsettled about everything. So it is one day at a time….. Thank you again for your kindness <3

  2. Those roller coaster temperatures make it harder. We’re going to be warm all week here – in the 70’s for most of it. It’s feeling like spring, and I’m ready for it. Hope you stay warm and Elsa enjoy’s her frolic in the snow.

  3. Ohhhh! We have snow here too! And all the pups love it! Elsa, Wilhelmina and Avalon would love to eat snow with you and to play in it with you, too! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. Yep, we had the warm here over the weekend, and the cold came back today. 61 when we got up this morning, now down to 32 with some rain. We Sibes don’t mind the cold, but we sure would love to see some of that snow. But it looks like it may get a bit icy.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. We had some rare icy snow here on the Northcoast of California..Rosy also enjoyed munching on it. Luckily the sun is out and the ice is melting, but the temps are suppose to get down into the 20s this evening…BBBBBRRRRRR!

  6. Oh no. It’s 70 here and cloudy-threatening -rain, and last time I looked it was supposed to be 77 and sunny tomorrow. I hope that hasn’t changed. I’m about to dust off my sandals and check my toenail polish.

  7. My girls love the snow, too, when we get it. And I just dress accordingly so I can enjoy it with them. Usually, once Ducky starts shivering she’s ready to go back inside anyway. And Shadow waits patiently for us.

    “Ah, the things we do for our furry kids!”

    1. 8 paw mittens, 2 coats, then 87 minutes to dress myself in similar outerwear. Outings on cold snowy days are always and adventure. Indeed ‘the things we do for our fur-kids,’ yet I feel blessed to be able to do it with and for them.

  8. The climate is going crazy! What to do when you can go from swimwear to mittens inside of a days time?

    At least Elsa is digging it. 🙂

    Peace and sun drenched snowballs!

  9. yes, she and Milo are two of a kind. The joyful enjoyment of youth and snow…. what are we missing? Should we run out and take a bite?

    1. Enjoy it while you can. I found fresh green leaves on some perennials Saturday and noticed the hyacinths and tulips are about 3-4″ tall. Some daffodils are beginning to bloom. Weather keeps getting crazier with each passing year. Mother Nature is a bit psychotic these days.

  10. Still waiting for our first snow here T the agolden K. There was snow in the forecast for overnight but too dry. Too bad -we have some weekend guests here from the Bay Area and they were hoping to see a dusting. What a swing in temps for you, 70 to 20 in less than a day, wow. Have a great week and holiday. Today we celebrate our 44 (not a typo) presidents. 😉

    1. Some dogs just don’t get it. With her life so full of past trauma and heartache, I let her enjoy that white stuff as long as she wants. And shiver like a maniac in the process. The things we mums do for our fur-babies.

      1. My mom says that all of the time “What we do for our fur babies!”. It’s so true and we are so thankful for our loving humans <3 XOXO – Bacon

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