Trot, Trot Tuesday

Single digits are not stopping this dynamic duo. Hiya, Elsa here. We finally got some snow with a couple of days of bitter cold. Mom hitched us up in our paw mittens and coats and then spent 87 hours putting gloves, hats, mittens and boots on herself before we could go galloping out in the elements. Snow? We don’t let a little stinking snow stop us.

We traveled over hill and over dale like jackrabbits hopping along, dragging pulling mom along our walk. Sam is headed over to the hospital today while I stay home practicing my Olympic skating skills. I swear, I don’t get how he can get all tangled up in his leash, come to a complete screeching stop and then look up so pitifully at mom with a H-E-L-P me look on his face whereas I can skate at full speed, perform a double Lutz jump into a full-on poop stance in the blink of an eye. Boys…sheesh. Talk about snowflakes!

While Sam is putting smiles on patients faces over the next couple of days, I’ll have a few hours of peace and quiet each day watching the snow accumulate and our evil squirrel. He better hope he doesn’t slip off his branch while I’m outside. Stay warm and we’ll be back soon.

Live, love, bark❣

66 thoughts on “Trot, Trot Tuesday

  1. Elsa gurl yur a *star* fur sure!
    An you both look pawsum inn yur Winter jackitss an bootss….
    Wee had a lot of rain today an it melted a lot of snow 🙁
    Now wee are hopin fur MORE snow!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

  2. Apparently, our pawrents are not as hardy cuz the cold temps stopped them in their tracks! Yous sure have some cool boots BUTT I would NEVER wear boots. Stanley might but I hate anything on my body. Mom is hoping it warms up. We think she is a wimp butt do NOT tell her we said that!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We got snow and bitter cold too – it is hard on us pugs when it is single digits
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. You both look extra adorable and fashionable in your coats and boots!
    Our Mama laughed about your Mama having to get you both as well as herself all bundled up before leaving the house. Our Mama goes through the same ritual but with one extra little dog, Duffy! By the time everyone is ready to face the elements, our humom needs a nap! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I know what it’s like to have to hitch up 3 dogs. Back when the OES’s were still alive, we had to do this at o-dark thirty before going to work. AWK!!!!! Those were some ‘good’ times. Not! 😂

  5. stylish!
    It was so cold this morning we pulled out one of Cole’s sweaters for baby Milo, and pulled on some booties, and he wore them like a champ. He is foolhardy and will bolt and slip and skid and fall and jump back up. Funny he can’t hear us saying, QUIT THAT! (his sweater is in the laundry now getting the peepee washed off)

  6. Y’all are so stylish in your snow suits! I hope Sam has a safe trip to brighten the days of patients and hope the squirrel slips! BOL!

  7. Wish we had some snow to romp in. We just have ICE!!! If there is snow on the sidewalks, then we don’t get to walk, Mom worries too much about falling and breaking her old bones. But we can still have fun in our yard running and doing zoomies.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. You look soooo cute in your skating outfit Elsa, love the boots. You’d love it here today because we have even more snow. It’s very cold though. Have fun. Gold would suit you. ❣️

  9. Elsa, your Mom is more die-hard than moi. And why is she not using your front hook, no pull halters right? It’s made a world of difference with Lucy.

    1. We call Mom Nanuk of Denver. Actually I am wearing a no-pull halter. It clips on the back by the shoulder blades or can clip on the front (when I pull, it tightens around my chest and allows mom to control me better). Because of my epilepsy, the vet suggested we not have have any trauma around my neck. 😊

      1. Yep, Lucy’s got one, so I recognized it. Just wondered why it wasn’t clipped up front. No trauma around ANYONE’s neck is the best. 🙂

  10. And it’s almost 70 degrees here this morning… weird!

    Evil squirrels never slip off of branches… unless they do it intentionally. A squirrel never makes a mistake…

  11. Enjoy your snow adventures, Elsa. And your “just me” time. I’m sure the patients will be very happy to see Sam over the next couple of days – he is quite the therapist!

  12. I was listening to a radio show recently in which they were talking about dressing your dogs up in cold weather and how most dogs appreciate it. I mean . . of course they do! They’re people too!

  13. guess what? after the weather kidded us with t-shirt temperatures for one day Jack Frost is back today… I’m glad the mama didn’t sort the summer clothes like Humphreys mom… she probably will think twice today about the white bermudas and the new polo shirt hahahahaha

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