Non-Stereotypical Pitstops

Before mom abandoned us went on vacation, one of our daily walkabouts included a decidedly non-stereotypical stop for girl dogs. Hi, it’s me, Sam. My sister always makes a pit stop in pretty much the same spot every day and nowhere near this spot. But on that day, look where she chose to ‘leave a message.’ In front of a hydrant! My favorite bulletin board. Hey Ninja…not. cool. one. bit. That’s my spot. Now that you’ve erased watered down my message, I’m going to have to find a new place. Can you say cooties?! Don’cha know…none of the boy dogs will bother replying to me over a sister’s text? Ugh…how embarrassing. How in the world will I ever be able to show my snout in the neighborhood now?

On the plus side, we managed to survive the past week without our mom. She is supposed to come home tomorrow afternoon. Yay…color us both happy-go-lucky pups. Here’s hoping you have a weekend full of tail wags and face licks.

Umm, a little privacy, please.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Non-Stereotypical Pitstops

  1. Snorts with piggy laughter. Privacy?! I don’t think the humans know that word, right? I mean if they would give us some privacy then maybe when they used their giant litter box we would do the same…. NOT! HAHAHAH! I know you can’t wait for your mom to be home. Soon I hope – soon. <3 XOXO – Bacon

  2. We hope your Mom made it home safely! Cricket used to do that to Luke all the time….it’s a typical sister thing, Sam! 🙂

  3. Bentley and Pierre take turns peeing over the others pee. It will come down to who has the last drop. LOL! I hope you had a wonderful time visiting.

  4. When the Foxy Lady and the Maltese Terrorist were still (Before Benji) here, I had similar problems – one would wee and one would wee over the top then the first one went back and wee over that then – and so it went on until I decided this could probably go on all day and insisted that we continue on with our walk. :o)

  5. You will be glad to have your mom home. Unless I have to really go, I always wait for Hazel to go and then I try to pee right in the same spot

  6. Sam I’m sure Elsa was trying to reach mom via your message board.
    You can’t blame her; my dog, your mom has been gone forever!
    Thank paws she returns tomorrow.
    I’m sure you can be the bigger dog, forgive Elsa & recapture your message board 😉
    Remember to knock mom over when she comes in, cover her with love & to get even, ignore her for the rest of the day 😉 if you can 💜

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  7. My female cattle dog marks just as often, or perhaps even more, than our male Indian pariah dog. She follows him, covers his scent, sniffs out her own, and about half the time raises her leg high. My male dog certainly raises his leg to mark a lot of the time, but when he’s just peeing, he squats. I have alway heard about female dogs marking similarly to their male counter/parts, but until Daisy, I’ve never really seen it.

    1. I’ve been told dogs who mark high are leaving a message of all powerfulness. 😆 Haven’t seen that marking with either of my females that I’ve owned. Elsa just pees when she’s relieving herself. And almost always in the same spot or vicinity. Rituals are very important to her.

      1. I was surprised to find the Tippy marks her territory all of the time. I thought it was just a male thing, but nope. She does it all of the time. Especially when we walk back in the cow pasture or when some other animal has relieved itself in the yard. She will pick a spot to actually pee and use the same area for a week or longer and then moves to a different place. It wasn’t good when she chose my phlox patch. It killed most of it, but was glad to see that little sprigs bloomed this spring.

  8. You can’t always go in the same place. It’s good to have a different place to leave your scent.

    I’m glad the mom is coming home tomorrow. I know you’re both be ever so happy.

    Have a woof woof day. ♥

  9. No one, but no one, is allowed to used Black Tot’s personal loo in the shrubbery. After use she lies on the grass nearby, ready to repel boarders…

  10. Sam,I’m sure if you had to “go” at the same time as Elsa, and you just “didn’t see her” there when you lifted your leg to leave a message…oh wait! Wait! Terrible advice (he, he, but you’ll be thinking about it!

      1. Lexi used to run under Riley’s leg for her “golden shower.” I never figured out why, since it always resulted in a bath as soon as we got home.

  11. it’s always like that with siblings… she’s touching my stuff! Moooooooommmmmmmm!
    Monika, does Elsa pee on her front legs? Milo still does whether he squats or lifts a leg, it goes all over the place! Sheesh

  12. I wish your mom a quick landing in Denver. Mary’s take off last Tuesday was delayed for more than 4 hours because of a SANDstorm! Can you believe that? A sandstorm in Denver! Where are you living? In the middle of the Sahara perhaps?! 😀 She told me that the plane even rock-and-rolled at the gate, and that, at the height of the storm, they could not see for more than 50 – 100 yards. Luckily, the storm abated after a few hours and she was able to fly home to San Antonio.
    Have a fine weekend, and enjoy your time with your Mom,

    1. The wind has been very pronounced this year. Seems it has replaced another 4-lettered weather word-snow. A number of trees were downed earlier this week in another super windy day. Glad Mary arrived safely. I’m leaving tomorrow and some sort of weather event is forecast. 😇 It remains to be seen if there’ll be moisture with it or just wind.

  13. Oh, Sam, get over it. 😄 A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when she’s gotta do it. Other boy dogs will still check your messages; and maybe some pretty little girl will too and want to go home with you. 💗😍💗

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