Flower Friday

It’s the last Flower Friday of August and much of the garden is starting to shift into autumn glory. In our urban neighborhood the lots generally tend to be on the small side and as we passed by one such a garden this morning on our walk, I especially wanted to stop and take in all of it beauty in this small place. Is that color just spectacular or what?

Mums and asters are beginning to take center stage as the garden shifts toward autumnal beauty. As we prepare for more hospital visits today, I hope you enjoy some of that  beauty. Have a beautiful Friday and an even more beautiful weekend.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

53 thoughts on “Flower Friday

  1. I like seeing your flowers. They have added colour to the week. Up here the soil is poor and thin – not very good for growing flowers. Some bushes but mostly paving, concrete or stones. I have stones – nice stones, but still stones.

    1. Stones are good too. And just for the record, my soil is terrible, very hard clay despite having added compost to everything for many years. It’s a wonder anything grows!

  2. Hi Monika,
    More lovely flower photos. I am always envious. However, I bought an azalea and dahlia for Geoff for Father’s Day so we actualy have some floral colour here for a change. We even had a daffodil flowering in our backyard, although it was in a sort of captivity. Geoff put a greehouse around it to keep the dogs out, but the poor thing looked like it was in jail.
    We’re just going into Spring here. Bring it on.
    xx Rowena

    1. Thanks Rowena. Summer blooms are beginning to wane as autumn is just around the corner. How lucky you are to have a greenhouse. Hope you have a wondrous Spring!

      1. Monika, my husband bought a couple of small greenhouses from Aldi with the hope of protecting our plants from the dogs. Our backyard has been a moonscape and he has built a great big square frame covered with chicken wire to get the grass to grow. I bought an azalia and a dahlia last week. We have flowers!!!
        xx Ro

  3. Do you actually garden? I am hopeless but in California it is easy to grow pretty much everything (unless they need shade). Congratulations on your new internet venture. I know I will be buying. And I am glad to see I can comment again – when you first made the transition, the comment button had disappeared (unless I wasn’t properly caffeinated when I was reading).

    1. I do garden, though I’m keenly aware of my limitations 😉

      There were a couple of issues with compatibility but believe those things have been resolved. So sorry. The shop is definitely working as I’ve processed a few orders. Holler if you have any questions or have any problems with the sight. Thanks!

    1. Purples (and blues) are my favorites when it comes to blooms. And then there are those gorgeous pinks. And sunshiny yellows. Oh heck, I love ’em all!

  4. Those flowers are beautiful and you captured them so very well.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. It should be an especially pretty view come winter when it’s all grey outside. 😇

  5. I planted asters this year and everyone of them died. They are hateful little plants. Daisies spit on them. Mums mock them. They deserve scorn. OK, perhaps I’m over reacting a little.

    1. I just picked up one at the greenhouse after we finished our shift. I love blue flowers!

    1. Asters are such a sweet beauty in the garden, even more so than mums in my opinion.

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