We’re Back Wednesday

Sam & ElsaWe’ve been MIA now for a week but are finally getting back to our normally scheduled programing. Sam came down with a nasty bug and also seemed to have injured his back. He’s been treated with lots of rest and antibiotics and more than his fair share of ear rubs and attention while he recovers. While not quite 100%, he has vastly improved and is s.l.o.w.l.y returning to true knuckleheaded form. I just need to get his appetite back from ‘meh, not at all interested’ to somewhere close to normal (for Sam that will probably be somewhere in the vicinity of ‘well, it’s not prime rib but I’ll try to choke it down’ category). He’s always been fairly picky discriminating but when he’s under the weather, even more so. In his old age, Little Lord Fauntleroy has become downright difficult to please palate-wise. He seems to think hand feeding 5-star restaurant quality food is the norm and clinging to me with absolutely not a speck of space between us must rule the day.

Naturally Elsa has had her nose out of joint since she wasn’t the sole focus on the ‘Ranch’ universe.Β  I’ve had work through the canine healthcare system getting her meds this week which will no doubt likely result in aΒ rant new post. I’m beginning to think the universe is conspiring to make things more challenging.

But we are back in the saddle and trying our dog-most to slog through the obstacle course otherwise known as life. Coming across a few late blooming pretty tulips seemed like a good sign that better days are ahead. I’m beginning to think we are on the high hurdle course lately but are grateful we still seem to be able to clear those jumps. Adding to the mix, the weather went from snow last Thursday to mid-80’s F this week. I just love Springtime in the Rockies, especially with these two Knuckleheads.

So…have we missed any exciting happenings? What’s new with you?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

83 thoughts on “We’re Back Wednesday

  1. Clever posts. I hope you don’t mind if I ‘borrow’ your photo to share with a friend? She started the Capital Poodle Club in Sacramento and her standard poodle is named Blanche. She didn’t have quite enough money to buy her so I chipped in to help. She says I can have the back half.

    I will reference your blog, I think they will love it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a photo with your friend. These guys are such precious dogs. Love the name Blanche. Very fitting for a queen-like poodle 🐩

      1. If you are on FB look up Capital Poodle Club of Sacramento. It is right up your alley. Blanche stands out from her poodle friends, she is very ‘colorful’.

  2. Glad Sam is recovering. Sorry I didn’t send him good wishes when he was sick, but then I too have been away and my mail box is still almost full. Glad you are well, Sam….

  3. I was glad to read that Sam has continued to do better. There are just times when life seems to be way more difficult than it needs to be!
    All of our dogs seemed to get more and more difficult about eating when they got older, especially breakfast. We’ve gone all the way to fresh food now, and if Luke does that when he gets older, I’m not sure where we can go from there! πŸ™‚

    1. Luckily he has bounced back surprisingly well. I discovered he loves vanilla yogurt. Never liked plain whenever he was on antibiotics before but I realized I inadvertently picked up the wrong container this time. Who knew?! 😊

    1. Thanks! Seems like things are back to normal which means the dogs are winning. 😈

  4. Deerest Sam mee not know you were sick. Mee sendss you lotss of **Purrsss of Healin*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~. An you have to eat sum guud nomss!!! They will help you feel much bettur. An keepin snugglin Miss Monika; shee iss such a sweet purrson…
    Elsa yore Brothur DOESS NOT have ‘cootiess’….mew mew mew….yore so cute!

    Miss Monika yore rite that THE meddycal system there an here iss inn what LadyMew callss a ‘shambullss’ an thingss are more complee-cated than efurr! FISHSTICKSS!!
    Thanx fore comin to cellybrate mee Birfday with mee yesterday! Wassn’t it fun???
    ***purrsss*** an ~~head rubsss~~BellaDharma~~

    1. Many thanks, sweet kitty. I say keep celebrating, make it your birthday month not just a day! Hope your mum is well on her way to feeling better. The whole healthcare thing for critters and peeps is the pits.

  5. I am so glad that Sam is getting better. That must have been incredibly scary. I’m glad that he has you and Elsa as nurses. I am sending POTP.

    We fight the healthcare system too when it’s time for Shyla’s epilepsy meds. I get so frustrated… so I get it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I share in your frustration. Went through absolute hell this week getting Elsa’s refill. I’m trying to draft a post about it but all the HBO words flooding in the text are distracting from the message. *Sigh*

  6. OH NOES! That’s no funs Sam! Wells, I am glads you are feelin’ better, and I see NOTHING wrong with bein’ hand fed! When I was a wee lass, that is the only way I would eat! Nows that I am,um…older….I eats as much as I can get! BOL! Anyhu, I hopes your hand feeding lasts, and your Moms doesn’t think it’s too much like mine did. ☺
    Sendin’ lots of POTP and healin ‘vibes and margaritas for your Moms…..
    Ruby β™₯

    1. Thanks, Ruby. Maybe with a few ‘ritas, I won’t mind Little Lord Fauntleroy’s hand-feeding insistence. Maybe. BOL

  7. Oh, no, poor Sam. You still look very handsome. Your admirer, Lucy.
    Our Aunrg got piglet! Check our last post. Lucy said he’s our cousin, and cousins don’t eat cousins. I hope Morty the piglet knows that! Xox Xena

    1. I’m sure you’ll be fast friends with baby Mortie, girls. 😍

  8. Welcome home, friends. Hope your appetite comes back, Sam. If it doesn’t please send all extra foods over here to me. But don’t tell Mom. She wants me to lose a pound and a half!

    Love and licks,

  9. Welcome back! Poor Sam!! Hope he continues healing! Give him a belly rub from me and applause to Elsa for being a good nurse!! With Elsa and you, he was in Awesome hands!! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much, Dakota. He’s doing so much better today; in fact, he’s returning to his knuckleheaded ways. 😍

  10. Oh no, that is too bad about Sam. We hope he is A-1 very soon. And Elsa, you know Mom loves you too.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. Thank you, guys. He’s doing so much better and his sister keeps reminding me I need to make sure she’s well loved while he recovers. Never fear on that count!

    1. Thanks for the pup hugs. Locals know all too well about the yo-yo weather. It’s the newbies moving in that I almost feel bad for. Unless they’re in the left lane at the traffic light. 😈

    1. Thank you, Binky. He’s feeling much better. It was such a pretty morning and a nice surprise to still find some tulips waiting for their closeup.

    1. Many thanks for the well wishes. I can tell he’s feeling better, he was a bit of a pill this morning on the early walk. And of course, there’s Elsa who is generally always a pill. They decided to tag-team me. 😈

    1. Thank you, he’s quickly returning to true his true form which means I’ll be pulling my hair out for it. 🀣

    1. Thanks for the well wishes; he’s doing so much better and seems to be enjoying being a pill again. πŸ˜‡

    1. Yes, it is very rodeo-like. Right now we seem to be competing in the bucking bronco event! 😁

  11. Good to see a post from you. I didn’t know Sam was sick. I’m glad he’s on the mend.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. β™₯

    1. Thank you, Sandee. It was a bit touch and go but he’s much better today.

    1. The weather seems to be all over the place and the seasons just can’t decide which direction to take. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a hot summer here.

  12. Good luck for you all, and especially a speedy full recovery for Sam. Give him a nice hug and a scratch behind his ears from me, please.

    1. Thanks, Pit. Sam is grateful and hopes the ear scratches don’t stop for a long time. πŸ˜‡

      1. Well, since you should be able to do most of your (daily) tasks with one hand, there’s no reason why those scratches behind Sam’s ears can’t go on, isn’t there? πŸ˜€

        1. And use the other hand to buff my nails, right? Ha! Elsa is not happy with the extra attention he’s getting and keeps pushes him out of the way. Nothing subtle about that girl!😊

  13. Awww… poor Sam (yeah, you probably have overheard that already, eh?) And bummer for Elsa, not getting what she thinks she deserves.
    Zeke is a fuss-ass when it comes to food. And now I have an aged cat who is giving me an obstacle course to run. Sigh. I swear, they are worse than the two-legged kids…
    Hope all is back to snuff sooner than later!

    1. Thanks ever so, Dale. He’s always been fussy eater but since Elsa joined us, he’s turned the volume up. Waaaay up! He seems to be milking this recovery for all it’s worth. 😏

        1. Yup, think the Y gene has some serious wuss qualities in its DNA especially when it comes to being sick.

  14. a virus? well, no wonder he wants ginger ale and chicken soup. I like the term obstacle course that is life. so true. Elsa this is your chance to get big sister points and to wear a nurses uniform. Take care of brother… best to all of you…

    1. Infection, actually. She never left his side when he was the sickest and is now trying on nurses caps to alternate with her crown. LOL

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