Totally Tickled Tuesday

Elsa has now been with part of the Ranch pack a little over 9 months. And yes, it rather does feel like birthing a new kid. Her transition from a shut down, puppy mill survivor to a quirky poodle has been filled with tears and smiles. The tears from the fact that she didn’t even know how to take food from my hand initially and from her diagnosis of canine idiopathic epilepsy shortly after she arrived. Loads of patience and love have been in her life since she joined our merry little band. Even with a big brother who at times has been slightly unkind, she is morphing into a bona fide poodle. The smiles show up nearly every day as she discovers that being a poodle in Denver isn’t a bad life after all and one who has now found her barking voice and speaks in a poodle dialect of Yugoslavian whenever she looks at something and barks. We still have no idea as to what she’s saying but it must entertain her fancy because it gets her wound up and most definitely animated.

So what’s a bona fide Standard Poodle like? Compared to previous contenders I’ve owned over the years, these dogs are brilliant (ok, that might not accurately described Sam but for purposes of this post, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s sort of clever). They are athletic and can bounce and jump with the best of them. They are quite affectionate. And yes, very fun-loving. All my poodles have been sweet dogs and Elsa is learning that snuggling can be very reassuring and comforting. Plus there’s that whole thing of us uprights having nice cushy furniture they seem to relish.

While she still has a looong way to go before I could pronounce her a full-fledged “Standard Poodle,” and who knows, she may never make it all the way, she does continue to make progress.

Take a couple of mornings ago (but please disregard the clutter ok…remember it was early before I had a chance to pick things up). We rise early so we can enjoy our walks in the cool morning air. While waiting for my first cup of coffee to brew, little Miss Ninja went on a zoomie terror around the house for several minutes. She became transfixed with a tug rope that the sheepdogs used to play with. Sam was never interested in it but Elsa will occasional pull it out of her toy basket and ‘floss’ her teeth on it once in a while. That morning, she barked at it, pounced on it, repeatedly zoomed from the living room into the kitchen with it hanging from her mouth, play bowed repeatedly before attacking it and tossed it repeatedly. I was laughing so hard I could barely get a picture with my phone on the QT. She  enjoyed playing with it for an unusually long time and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that this ‘baby’s come a long way.’ It may not seem like a big deal, but when you’ve been a puppy mill survivor who only knows a small cage for her entire life beforehand, it seems like a mountain of progress to me.

May you continue to blossom into a marvelous Standard Poodle, sweet girl and may you continue to keep tickling me along that way.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

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  1. It’s hard to believe it’s been nine months already! And if someone only read your most recent posts, they’d never know she was a puppy mill survivor. Amazing work.

  2. So happy for you all.
    I too didn’t understand how to play or receive affection & my way of showing trust of any sort was to lean on you or sit on your foot; very terrier. 😉
    Now I love receiving my kisses & hugs. Although, I only give nose nudges, no kisses.
    Enjoy life Elsa, you have a pawsome family.

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  3. Love this post. It is so good to hear that Elsa is learning how to become the poodle she was meant to be, thanks to your kindness, love, and patience. I know it is very rewarding for you to see. And, it has only been 9 months. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

  4. Nine months already?? I remember saying that about Ducky! But some of our most rewarding moments come when we realize how far our challenged pups have progressed. Your Ninja girl and my little demon dog give us so much joy, laughter, and love in return for the security of having a loving fur-ever home. Indeed, who DID rescue whom? ❤️❤️

  5. Oh, that’s so nice to read. I’m so glad she’s well on her way to becoming “Standard.” She’s so lucky to have found you guys – just like you’re lucky to have her. Oh the many smiles she’ll bring you over the years!!

  6. God bless you for rescuing this beautiful girl and giving her the best chance for a happy, normal, healthy life. She is making amazing progress under your wonderful care. Seeing her play bow is definitely a smile moment.

  7. Love how you captured the play bow. And glad to see Elsa recovering her poodle nature under your loving care.

    Poodles are such delightful dogs. I participate in groups for people who sail with dogs and I can’t tell you how often people say they want to get a golden doodle or labradoodle because they think they’d be good boat dogs. I always reply that they should consider a poodle–they are charming and water loving. I bet they’d make great boat dogs. They’re certainly excellent companions on land.

  8. There’s nothing quite like seeing your fur baby blossom into her own. I used to dogsit professionally, and I have to admit my favorite was a standard poodle named Sassy. She was black like Elsa – and had been abused at some point. Her people warned me that she’d test the boundaries and be stubborn before she trusted me – and winning that trust was one of the happiest days of my life. Seeing her push her Airedale brother out of the way (when she usually cowered behind) for my hand was something no words can describe.

  9. How awesome to see how much Elsa has blossomed over the past 9 months!!
    Jakey & Arty

  10. Hi, Ms. Monika! I haven’t been to visit blogs lately and I’m so happy I chose today to check in. This is a wonderful update. We’re so glad Elsa is continuing to let love in and her puppy out. *ear licks* Noodle

    1. Thanks, Noodle…so pleased to see you drop by. We’re pretty pleased with Elsa’s progress. She’s come a long way. Kind of like your sister…without the adorable ears. 😇 Hugs and tails wags from effurryone at the Ranch!

  11. Now that sounds like a happy dog who is completely comfortable in her surroundings. I’m so glad for you that Elsa is coming along so well!

  12. Elsa, you sweet girl. Annie and I have been on a similar path together for the past year and a half and she still shows progress and surprises me. It’s such a wonderful thing to gain the trust of a dog that had a rough start in life. What a lucky pair you are!

  13. Thank you for a great post. You have an easy, pleasant way of describing things. I become engrossed in the story of Elsa, and look to hear more. It’s wonderful that you rescued her. My neighbor has a female dog named Starla that came from a puppy mill. When they first got her, she didn’t even know how to chase a ball. With a lot of love and patience, she’s doing well.

    1. Many thanks for the kind words, Patrick. Trying to help these poor broken dogs is not for the faint of heart but the rewards…immense! I’m sure there are loads of stories in that little Ninja just waiting to come out. 😁

  14. I’m so happy for her to have made such a good progress, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will go on. She’s so lucky to have found you. Thanks you for your kindness.
    Have a wonderful week,

      1. Elsa’s story reminds me somewhat of our Sally, who came wandering by totally neglected, full of fleas and worms, and just skin and bones. It took her a long time to trust humans, especially males, but finally she did and became a wonderful companion.

          1. It was just Sally’s good luck that she wandered by our place, where Mary – with her kind heart – took in all strays – even this one here from Germany! 😉

  15. Your photo perfectly captured Elisa’s playfulness. I can just see here zooming. What a special gift you have given her. ❤️ {{{HUGS}}} ❤️

    1. Aww, thanks. She’s a real hoot in the mornings (heck, she’s a hoot all day, but especially in the mornings). It makes me giggle when she wags her tail. A small gesture sure, but one she’s had to discover over the past few months.

  16. She’s lucky. I can’t understand why anyone who wanted to breed dogs would do so in such a despicable way. (Yes I know it’s about money but if you love dogs, you want them happy.) May other dogs from puppy mills find such happiness.

  17. She really has settled in so well. I can totally understand the emotions when seeing a dog, who was hitherto very “guarded” and “flat”, start letting go and showing his/her personality. Good job all three of you!

          1. It’s sad to think of all those dogs who are abused and/or abandoned, when they all have the potential to produce such glowing personalities if somebody just gave them a chance!

  18. Nine months already and a lot has been achieved in such a short time. Love and patience can and does work wonders and the Ninja has been very fortunate that she was rescued by people who have love and patience in abundance – even Sam……We don’t have puppy farms here and I have only ever bought one dog who was a puppy rather than a rescue dog. The Wawa in her nine months has gone from sinking her teeth into my hand if I went near her to being my BFF. We cannot get her to accept Benji, so it will be good if and when Sooah returns.

    1. Some dogs must live as a singleton. At least she has learned to accept your generous care and respond to you and Annabelle. Not doubt Benji will look forward to the days he too becomes an only child. 😇

  19. I can’t believe it’s been 9 months already! Sounds like Elsa is making fantastic progress, and she’s in the perfect place to do it. She’s one lucky lady, to get all that love and cuddles and companionship. May she go from strength to strength, surrounded by love…

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Susan. It is hard to believe it’s been so long since this shut down little black ball of fluff arrived. Each day is quite the adventure with her and she learns more.

  20. Ha! Well done, E. Morning zoomies are the best fun. Every doggie should start his or her day with a zoom. And every mom should start her day with a smile and a giggle. Good job.

    Love and licks,

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