Flower Friday ~ September 21, 2018

Well here we are…the Friday before the arrival of our good friend, Autumn. Summer has stayed too long in my mind and has acted much like an unwelcome rude guest. So today we join Rosy and the Boyz for another Flower Friday. While summer yawns and relaxes before (hopefully) exiting for the year, let’s pause to check out a few garden plants who always perform admirably in hot temperatures-some annuals.

You may remember when I stumbled upon a secret garden a couple of weeks ago that featured some adorable “bathing beauties” (in case you missed it, read it here). With a simple annuals including petunias and a bevy of zinnias to complement the water fountain in separate alcove of that garden, it’s easy to contemplate the ‘complexities of life’ in a place like this. No wonder the tiny sparrows filled the various corners with their antics. Whether to just enjoy some fresh air or escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this respite easily transports visitors for a few moments and allows the mind to relax and savor a pretty side of Mother Nature. 

So as you welcome the official beginning of Autumn this weekend, don’t forget to take a moment to savor those hardworking but simple heroes in the garden: annuals. Here’s hoping your weekend is ‘pawsome.’

Live, love, bark! 🐾

52 thoughts on “Flower Friday ~ September 21, 2018

  1. Beautiful flowers. Our annuals are but a memory now. Several nights with the temperature in the minuses fixed them for this season. Flowers blooming always make us happy.

    Shoko, Tyebe, Budd abd Jean

    1. It got down to 48 yesterday but mostly it’s still in the 50’s at night. Sounds like it’s time for some blooming plants for the house. ☺️

      1. You got that right! Blooming plants in the house would be super but not at this time of year they won’t. We’d have to buy cut flowers. I like getting cut flowers in January when all one can see is snow.


    1. 😊 Best 48 degrees this morning on our dog walk in a long while. Bring on sweater weather!

    1. It’s such a peaceful spot. I’d love to have something like that in my own garden. ☮️

  2. Oh, that looks like a lovely place to chillax! Ma is sad to say that the 90’s are back, and our AC broke again. sigh. We are not happy campers, cause the soonest they can come is Wednesday. sigh. Good news is, it isn’t 100 degrees! yeah ~ doesn’t make it better. sigh….
    Ruby ♥

    1. So sorry you are also experiencing hot temps…still. After one nice emerperate day, it’s back to the broil setting. Summer just can’t seem to let go. Stay cool and good luck getting your AC fixed.

  3. Every year we blow $20 or so on annuals…”oh let’s have a little extra color”…and the darn things turn into annuals! They refuse to gracefully die like s nice annual should do. So our planned garden spaces are now infested with stubborn annuals that simply will not go away and let new plants in.

    1. Not at all. I feel the same way. 😊 That fountain was quite striking. Think it was made of iron. Soooo beautiful.

  4. Much as our summers have become hot and humid, so are our winters cold and humid. Autumn is my most favourite season of all… nothing better than needing a sweater in the crisp air…
    I’m not a fan of petunias, myself. Find they stink to high hell… but hey are pretty to look at 😉

    1. I only like the spicy scented ones (usually the purple ones). Yeah I’m over ‘endless summer’ and am looking forward to cardigans and turtlenecks on crisp mornings. The light in autumn is the most beautiful of the year with a wonderful golden glow. Photos look fantastic in autumn 🍂

      1. Yes! Just what I was thinking too as I went for walk with Zeke and my camera in hand… but it’s been a weird and violent-rainy-windy day – surely the tail-end of Florence – so the light was not what it could have been,
        Bring on the soups, sweaters, stews, pants… I’m done with sweating (because of the heat, that is)

        1. Steaming soups, chili and fresh baked bread. And a great wool sweater. Add my pouches and I’m a happy camper. Plus there’s the smell of fallen leaves to go with that golden light. Ahhhhh

          Till then stay cool 😎

          1. Yes! Me too… smell and crunch of leaves underfoot… Yes. chili, fresh baked bread, casseroles (things I refuse to make in summer because, once spring has arrived, I’m fed up of those!) Then starts the summer cycle – of which I am now fed up. 😀

    1. Zinnias and petunias offer such vivid color all season long. And a few petunias actually have a nice fragrance making them even nicer. Zinnias however make nice bouquets. 💐

  5. In true New England fashion, fall arrived all at once here! That would be fine if only the sun would shine, but all the clouds just make it feel cold and dreary! I’m sure we’ll have some enjoyable weather soon though. We’ve had some late petunias that I didn’t even plant making an appearance in one of my pots recently….I love the unexpected flowers especially!

  6. We started with a lot of wind and rain today and the temperature got down to 15° Celsius, so Autumn put a paw in my garden…MOL 😀 That picture is really pawsome! Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend 🙂 <3

    1. It’ll only be in the 70’s F today, yay…no 90’s but alas no rain is forecast so we stay dusty and dry. Have a cat-tacular weekend, Binky!

    1. Oooh, how lovely to see their bracts this time of year. Hard to believe Christmas is only a few months off especially when it’s been so hot! Have a lovely weekend, Helen and give the thugs extra ear scratches from me.

  7. I’m so ready for fall. The mornings are cool here, but the days are still hitting 90. Oh well, I’m enjoying this chilly morning wearing my jacket.

    What a beautiful garden and fountain.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ❤

    1. Spring never bothered to show up here either. The hot temps wouldn’t be so bad if it had rained a little.

  8. I hope the annuals are relieved to see the high 90’s go too. I think they can thrive now in my yard for a while longer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those sun rooms that were protected from harsh heat and cold, just letting the sun in? I’ve thought about getting one of those lemon trees for the family room for the winter!

    1. A friend of mine had one-she grew veggies all year long in hers. It was lovely to see geraniums in January!

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